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We had an amazingly wonderful weekend in Asheville, NC a couple of weeks ago about a month ago (9/17-9/20). We went for the Brewgrass festival, but since it was a three night rental for weekends on the cabin, we made it a long weekend. As soon as we arrived at the cabin on Friday evening, I kind of didn't care if we went into Asheville at all. I seriously did not want to leave that place! We will definitely be back. This place is well worth the extra 30 minute drive up windy mountain roads. It slept the 5 of us very comfortably (and economically) but would sleep up to 8, I think (2 queens, a double, plus a sofa sleeper).

Pics and a recap. )
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After my costume journal post this morning, Semagic helpfully notified me that there's a new version of it available. I naively downloaded and installed it thinking all my old drafts would remain untouched.

Goodbye beautifully pictured and formatted NC trip post from a month ago and god only knows what else I had stored away. I know, it's my fault for procrastinating and not posting this crap. But who honestly thinks that when they update a piece of software that the update is going to completely wipe away all data from the previous versions? Well, I didn't, so there!


Anyway, for anyone who missed it, we went camping in North Carolina about a month ago. All the pictures are here. I'm not writing that shit up again though, sorry. But I will give a brief synopsis.

It was a trip like most of our trips there: we set up camp in the same area (our super secret spot within like a quarter of a mile of the car), took the same hikes (mostly), got rained on a bit (only on our way out, so not really that bad), this time Jonah did quite a bit of hiking on his own (made it up the 1 mile/500-something ft ascent to Sam Knob), he got to eat marshmallows and chocolate milk for dinner because we forgot his hot dogs, drove into Asheville before heading home and got some pizza and beer and mead at Barley's Taproom, stocked up on stuff at Bruisin' Ales, checked out French Broad Chocolate Lounge (cayenne brownie and coffee, YUM! but pricey truffles of which we did not try), remarked on how we think we'd love to live in Asheville until we visit there and realize we'd probably grow tired of it very quickly (but you gotta love a place with Old Crow Medicine Show graffiti), got stuck in traffic on the way home, praised the gods of technology that we had a portable DVD player and a binder full of DVDs to keep Jonah entertained while we were on the road and finally arrived home safely and sufficiently exhausted and stinking.

Why I didn't just write that to begin with, I don't know. But it was going to be pretty! And with pictures!
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Fri: Spent much of the day cleaning followed by a whirlwind packing session shortly before Chris got off work. Drove down to Huntsville (or rather New Hope) to stay in a tent in a guy's back yard. Stayed up waaaay too late drinking beer. Celebrated ingenuity, heh.

Sat: Awoke waaaaay too early to the sound of a rooster realizing we really need a new Thermarest. Fun-filled day of illegal homebrewing in Alabama. First brewer (that didn't spend Friday night) already there and set up at 6:30am. Could finally bring myself to have a beer around noon. Drank about a gallon of water that morning. Tongue felt like sandpaper. Feeling a bit comatose around 3pm or so. Hot sun and beer drains a person. Got my fix of Surin coconut soup for dinner. Was good to see Matt and Chris even if it was cut short with Jonah being fussy from lack of sleep (no nap, stayed up 'til ten the night before, woke up at 6 something that morning). Longest drive home from Huntsville ever (ok, maybe not, but still).

Sun: Woke up early-ish, finished the cleaning I didn't get done on Friday (mostly just floors) and prepared to host a sour beer tasting. Jonathan came over and cooked pork tenderloins on the grill and made some yeast rolls. We did grilled spice rubbed sweet potatoes with green onion vinaigrette, grilled squash and grilled corn on the cob, plus some stinky cheeses to go with our stinky beers. All the food was fantastic, even though I burned the veggies on the grill (mostly). The beers were superb! Mmm, sour beers. Once you get a taste for feet, cheese and horse blanket odors plus a sourness that will make you pucker worse than taking a bite out of a lemon, you can't get enough! It was a lot of fun, too. Everyone had a good time I think and Jonah had a little girl to play with, though they didn't really warm up to each other until about an hour before it was over. When everyone got here, Jonah was still asleep and she had just woken up so they were both a little clingy and Jonah even quite whiny. Subjected Doug to Yo Gabba Gabba (the one with Elijah Wood doing a "Dancey Dance" and also the "Party in my Tummy" song, see if you can find it on YouTube, it's disturbing). We proceeded to completely collapse and pretty much followed Jonah to bed that night.

Something that's not helping on the recovery from last weekend: I've been getting up with Jonah in the middle of the night the past couple of nights. One night, I'm pretty sure it was an uncomfortable diaper rash that made him restless. He and I had several talks about how learning to use the potty would eliminate such issues. I'm pretty sure it must be something he's eaten over the weekend or something that's causing it because we just don't usually have problems with diaper rash at all. Only when he's sick has it been a problem before. He's also got either a bunch of mosquito bites or some poison ivy on his legs and of course you can't keep a toddler from scratching an itch, so they're all big welts now. I think that might have been the issue last night. I might slather him in Benedryl cream tonight and see if that helps. C'mon, I didn't want to have another kid so I wouldn't have to go through this infantesque nightly waking stuff anymore (well, that's not the only reason).

Tomorrow, Steffany and Lilly arrive to spend the next four days with us. The weekend is full already. Pickin' Party at Warner Parks Friday night, zoo on Saturday, ice cream festival on Sunday. Things I'm going to miss in this already jam packed weekend: Smial discussion of the first 5 chapters of The Two Towers and Ellie's Run for Africa.

How is it that the weekends as they come up appear to be empty but by Thursday are completely full?
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Firstly, my heart goes out to [ profile] sailingwest, who's had more than her fair share of sorrow in the past two weeks. *hugs*

Secondly, after spending way too much on costume pieces for Jonah and I at Target today (even though it was all good deals, it adds up), I started rethinking the financial reality of this trip. It seems like we're incurring a lot of extra expenses this month and I don't want to be the cause of a household financial shortage, especially, with the holidays around the corner. So, as much as it pains me to say, I'm not coming to Asheville tomorrow after all. I know, I registered, I promised people I'd be there, but I'm just not going to be able to make the trip. *super sad panda*

[ profile] petullant, keep me updated on fun things going on in Asheville or Greenville and I will definitely have to try to make it over there to meet you guys.

[ profile] jkg_vader, [ profile] lordofhaladin, et al, I'll meet you guys at Dragon*con next year, if not before, somehow, somewhere.

As a consolation prize, I'm tagging along with Chris to his brew day tomorrow in the middle of nowhere just north of Huntsville.

Sunday, I'm hoping to go for a hike in the Warner Parks.

And tonight, as a bit of retail and horticultural therapy, I bought a new orchid at the grand opening of the new Trader Joe's in Green Hills. Just over a year ago, at the Whole Foods grand opening, I bought the Aspasia. Now, I've got a cute little Paphiopedilum (one of the slipper orchids) to join the family. It's not green, but it does have some neat green stripes. In fact, I stood there debating between four plants. There were two green and white Paphs and two burgundy, green and white ones. I felt the burgundy had more personality. I thought about it and picking out a new orchid for me is a little like picking a new pet from a pound. They all look so sad and cute and you want to take them all home. I'm still tempted by that lime green Dendrobium at the Kroger by our house though.
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I realize I haven't posted an ALEP recap yet, but this is fresh in my mind, so here goes.

Our weekend )
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We're in Huntsville tonight for Flying Monktoberfest at Flying Monkey. If you like good beer or even just appreciate the freedom to brew it in the privacy of your own garage, you should come out and support the guys trying to make homebrewing legal in Alabama. We're bringing 4 kegs and a cask from our personal stash. It's a free event but donations are strongly requested.
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So, while I sit here and cool off and have a bite to eat. . .

We had a fun but busy weekend. )

My run today )
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Of course, the week I have a lot to get done, I wake up the second day of it and feel like I've been hit by a bus. My head is killing me, I'm achy all over, I might have a slight fever, my throat feels just raw and my sinuses are throbbing and occasionally bleeding. I've taken some Ibuprophen and a decongestant which will both hopefully kick in soon. The worst part is, being home with Jonah, I just know I'm going to pass it to him and we're going to play another round of sickness musical chairs. We all just got over this maybe two or three weeks ago. When we got back from Atlanta this weekend, Jonah had little bit of a runny nose and a kind of nasty cough. In all fairness, it could be him that gave it to me, whatever it is. Could have something to do with staying up until 1:30am last night, too.

Enough complaining, on to our weekend at the Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting. )
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Our Christmas Ale won 2nd place in category 21b (Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer) at Peach State Brew Off a couple of weeks ago. The results were finally posted today. Rocket City Brewers swept that category, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. It's the first time we've won anything. RCB came in second overall in the competition (a little less than 20 points behind Chicken City Ale Raisers from Gainesville, GA). Also, one of our members won best in show with a Belgian Specialty Ale (I'm not sure what exactly).


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