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Momming is:
2 parts Martha Stewart
1 part Judge Judy
4 parts Bozo the Clown
6 parts zen master

I came up with that yesterday afternoon as I was attempting to wash dishes and clean the kitchen with two 3-year-olds running laps around the first floor of the house at top speed giggling and screaming as loud as their little lungs were able. Such it was for the last 15 minutes or so of a playdate/babysitting with the neighbor's daughter, who is about 3 months younger than Jonah. Since they've been out of school on break this week, Maitane (her mom) had the glorious idea to trade off a couple of mornings so the kids could play together and the two of us could have some time to get some things done.

Maya was awesome, as usual. But Jonah really had his spoiled brat hat on, which honestly, I've never seen him wear. I've never, ever seen him get possessive about toys and just be completely uncooperative about sharing and playing with other kids, especially Maya. But on more than one occasion, I had to take him downstairs and have a talk with him and he continued to be bratty for pretty much the rest of the day until he just wore himself out with it and lost some privileges. I had to stay absolutely hard-nosed when he finally decided to straighten up and kept asking to have said privileges reinstated. I stuck with it and made sure he knew I appreciated his conscious and positive change in behavior, but reminded him that I had told him earlier that he could not earn it back. I can not be a softy and go back on my word. That teaches him nothing, except manipulation. He threw a couple of fits because maybe he thought he could butter me up with good behavior and get back what he lost. But I was absolutely done bargaining for the day.

I have a few theories as to why he was acting up. For one, he's usually in school three days each week and I think being stuck with me all day, he's gotten sick of me. Also, he doesn't typically play with other kids one on one this much without having lots of kids or other activities to distract him and keep that impulsive nature moving. Also, also, he has been going through a kind of needy phase where he wants me to entertain him all day. This is not normal for him as he's usually very independent. Part of that phase may include more infant/young toddler type behaviors, like being possessive of his toys and such which he might not have shown before. From what I understand, right around this age, they're sort of confused on whether they're big kids or babies and might flip back and forth between acting like one or the other. He might be compensating for big kid responsibilities that we've recently added (like potty training, dressing himself, taking a shower by himself and being expected to pick his toys to earn an allowance) by dusting off some old infant/young toddler behaviors that we either thought were long gone or he hadn't displayed before. And finally, this might be the first of many manifestations of only child syndrome.

I don't know. I always want to try to figure out why he acts the way he does. Like if I can understand where the behavior is coming from, I might be able to find the antidote to it.

Anyway... all this on a Thursday. Thursdays are supposed to be my bitch. But once I finally sat down to dinner (at 8:15 *sigh*), I felt like the day had completely defeated me. Now today I'm in recovery, but really needing to get a whole list of things done, particularly because the time line for my major projects right now just got shortened by a week (I'll explain later... maybe, if there's time).

Despite the late timing on dinner, it was absolutely fantastic! I made what I might call a kitchen sink veggie lasagna. Had sauteed zucchini, mushrooms and eggplant as well as roasted red peppers, sundried tomatoes and marinated artichoke hearts and I added some goat cheese to the ricotta layer. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if I made my own sauce, but I was short on time (and it was still freakin' late). Totally worth the wait, though. I absolutely devoured it along with a salad and a pint of Chris' Scottish ale. On days like yesterday, I'm thankful for the many taps and the stocked humidor in the house.
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I was dreading this. Last year's was just kind of disheartening. But then again, last year's class was all around disheartening. He was in a class of all girls and accused of being overly rambunctious in that he'd snatch toys and run around without regard to whom he might knock over in his path. Yeah, uhm, HE WAS 2!

This year's class has been polar opposites on all counts. His teachers are laid back and have boys of their own. His class is all boys, so they're all kind of on the same level. And best of all, his teachers consider him to be in line with the rest of the kids as far as social development goes. I was so utterly relieved to hear that not only do they not have trouble understanding him but they consider him to have a fantastic vocabulary.

The only areas they said he'll need to work on over the summer to be ready for the next class is to stay the course with the potty training and transitioning from one activity to the next (he has a tendency to resist when he's not ready to switch to the next thing). They said showing him what he's about to do helps a lot. Like when they want him to go to the potty, they show him the Skittles he'll get as a reward for going and then he's willing to go. It's all in that realm of getting involved in play and not wanting to stop to do what he needs to do.

One area in which he's even a little ahead is that he can look through a book on his own and kind of knows the gist of the story from the pictures. Seriously, reading to your kids on a regular basis pays off! The most brutal punishment I've ever thrown down was taking away his bedtime story. You should have seen and heard the sobs and tears that night. He even tried to throw a guilt trip at me with "you making me sad!" between sobs and wiping away tears followed by "don't be angry, be happy." I made sure he knew I loved him, even if I was angry, but he went to bed without a story that night and it totally devastated him. He cried for like 20 minutes that night. We have not had a storyless night before or since, unless he was already passed out somewhere and I didn't want to wake him for one.

Anyway, I'm very happy with the report I just got. Giddy even. The week thus far had been pretty blah between the weather and the lull after [ profile] branflake left yesterday afternoon. Now I'm ready to bound up the stairs and start working on a bolero mockup. *digs through emails for measurements*
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Jonah peed in the potty tonight! Three times! And he kept a pair of underwear dry from the time Chris got done with his first potty time shortly after he got home from work to the time he went to bed tonight. HOORAY!
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I meant to post this yesterday, but I got a little busy with... stuff and live-tweeting the Olympic Opening Ceremonies (until Chris told me to stop, but then I started again when he passed out on the couch). More on that later. For now...

Wherein I attempt to find a silver lining, because gold is kind of garish. )


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