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I started work on Celeborn Thursday. But I quickly found out that I'm just not going to be able to drape this thing on my busty dress form (bustier than I am, for sure). I don't yet have a compression apparatus for my own chest, so I couldn't even really take accurate measurements to draft something. But, that didn't stop me from playing. I mocked up what I think is a good place to start for the front of the inner robe down to the waist seam.

Friday, I promptly ordered a compression shirt. ;)

I got an immediate shipping notice & it's coming priority from Miami. So maybe it will be here tomorrow or Tuesday and I can check my work and move forward on that.

In the meantime, I pulled out my Arwen Angel gown & I'm going to pin it to the dress form tomorrow and work on these in tandem. I've got it all cut out from way back in 2008 or 09 when I last worked on it and the lining is done. It's all the freaking handwork I have left to do on it that's going to keep me so busy on that one. Celeborn has a little couching to do, but not a million seed and bugle beads on his edges!

I think if I break both these projects up into tiny pieces and stick to a schedule, I might make it to an event where needles and thread are a precautionary measure, not necesities for finishing a costume. I will not be sewing on the riverboat at ALEP2! ;)

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Will you let me know how well the compression shirt works, when you get it, and maybe details of where you ordered from if you like it? I've looked into those but had to many questions to risk ordering one.
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It came in yesterday, so amazingly fast shipping! And the prices are very reasonable, so I didn't hesitate. I got the "Ultimate Chest Binder" from in the medium size based on my chest measurements. But I could probably stand to get the large. Or maybe I'm supposed to feel a bit like a stuffed sausage, I don't know. ;) The entire front half of it is powernet plus a mesh layer. The back is just a stretch mesh fabric. I have no idea how breathable it is, but it feels okay for now.

As for the silhouette, I think it works. I mean, my chest doesn't disappear entirely, but it looks like I have large pectoral muscles or am just really flat chested. It's sort of difficult to adjust, uhm, things, to make it look right. You want to sort of flatten them out evenly under the powernet so you don't accidentally create cleavage or push them up too high or something. Takes a little getting used to and some fiddling.

I might also consider getting the muscle shirt version instead. There's more coverage, which I'm assuming would mean more area to flatten stuff. I only have so much space before I run into the armhole and if I push too far in that direction, I wind up with weird bulging. If I had a full coverage t-shirt or even the muscle shirt, I might be able to push further that way and eliminate some of what is moving upward, if that makes any sense whatsoever. Another option would be the vest with the hooks and eyes. It might be a little easier to put on and adjust, I'm not sure. The only reason I didn't go for these was because supposedly this one had better chest compression. I don't know, you might email the company and tell them what you're wanting from it and they might be able to direct you to the best option.

If it helps to gauge how well this might work for you, I'm normally a 38-B or 36-C depending on the day (don't ask me how that works, I have no idea, but I have both sizes in bras and some fit better on different days).

Pro tip: step into it, don't try to pull it on over your head like a regular shirt. Will absolutely not work that way.

One last thing, and I have this beef with the body shaper I wear under my female costumes as well: It does have a tendency to roll, crease and creep up if I don't keep it in check, particularly when sitting.


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