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Well, our wedding was beautiful! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Pics are as follows:
Bridesmaids' Luncheon - my pics, my sis-in-law, Amy's pics
Rehearsal Dinner - my oldest brother, Mike's pics
Wedding and Reception - Mike's pics, our photographer, Lori's pics

As for the dress, well, I got the neckline trim and piping sewn to it, finishing at 2am on Friday night. I had the bright idea that I'd just quickly tack and/or pin the belt to the gown as I was getting dressed on Saturday. No such luck. First, it wasn't going to pin to the dress easily at all. So, with the help of one of my bridesmaids, we were going to sew it onto the dress with me in it. With my too big dress form, I didn't take that into account when cutting the trim for the belt, so it turned up a little too long to be laced up in back as it should have been. So, she had to get creative and wound up having to sew me into the dress in the very back. It worked out ok though, but took about an hour longer to get dressed than I anticipated.

Here are a few of the better pictures of the dress. )

A little note, if anyone decides to buy some of the hand dyed silk ribbon from M&J Trims, be forewarned, it is VERY delicate. Very beautiful, but very fragile.

And since there was such talk about it, here's the "whale of a wife" cake.

I made Marge's bouquet out of some tiny clay calla lilies I had.

Oh, and I guess by ignoring Miss Erin, she thought perhaps I didn't get her email. She sent me the same exact email she sent before (probably a couple of journal entries back,when she asked what she did to make me so mad). Still ignoring. Just deleted and went on about my day.
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*yawn* I didn't get home until 11pm last night. Couple that with the awful sleep I've been getting lately and I'm one tired cuckoo. Went to Pat's house (my volunteer wedding coordinator) to work on wedding day schedules (when people need to get there, list of things to be done and in what order, when the vendors are showing up, how people will walk in/out for the ceremony, etc.). When I left the house, I thought, 2-3 hours would do it. Over four hours later, I was on my way back home. *sigh* I suppose we got a fair amount of loose ends tied up and details worked out though.

I got my trim yesterday as well. It's very narrow. I'm skeptical on how well it's going to work, but it's so pretty! I'm wondering if I could put it on something just a bit wider perhaps (like 1/2" wider) and make it look a little bigger. I don't know, we'll see. I'll just have to play with it after the wedding and see what I can do.

Today I ordered the buttons, cording and some lovely hand dyed silk ribbon from M&J to finish up the embellishments on the wedding gown. I want to try to have everything ready for that stuff by the time it gets here (in other words, finish up the beading and get the trims on the gown). Since they only use UPS, it'll be at least a week. I still need buttons, snaps and buckles for the vests. I'll probably run to Handcock's tomorrow or something. On the lookout for some fabric to drape off the mantles, too. Otherwise, I'll be stuck with the horrid looking pale yellow table runners Pat and Martha had planned to use. Oh, and a shirt for the ring bearer. I'm thinking anything I need to order should be done this week, just in case, you know, shipping snafus.

I keep forgetting to size our fingers for wedding rings. My sizer is at home, but I always think to order rings at work. The plan is to buy sterling silver ones for now (since the ones I want only come in silver or yellow gold). Then, after the wedding, I'll start working with metalsmithing and get some white gold bezel and remake them. Might be 6 months before I feel comfortable doing it, but at least we'll have the rings we want, and even better, they'll be made by me. I'm not sure why the jeweler doesn't work in white gold, but she doesn't. And that way, we can take all the "artsy" rings on the hands pictures and you really won't be able to tell they're not the finals (since they'll look exactly the same).

Oh, and Maggie, you'll be happy to know, we're actually going to do the "To a whale of a wife" groom's cake, complete with Sunday Best Homer and Marge figures on top. Marge is on the way and the Homer auction ends this week (*fingers crossed*). I found a screen cap, I just need to meet with our baker again and make sure she can do it (I'm sure she can though).
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I had that stuck in my head all day Saturday while we were hiking. Seven miles and it just kept playing in my head. Our friend Doug later said he had "My fat baby loves to eat" from the Family Guy episode To Live and Die in Dixie. Didn't throw my back out this time, but I am rather sore and picked up a slight cold from camping in sub-freezing temperatures. Won't do that again! We were standing around a campfire Friday night eating fire grilled salmon fillets and it started to snow. But anyway, I'll write all about our trip in the journal that's intended for. . .

The first thing I wanted to check this morning was if I heard back from Elnara, the lady making my headpiece. Sure enough, she had these pictures to share. . .

Pics of the crown base, and the beads she plans to add )
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Well, I did it, I bought a wedding gown yesterday.

The story, for those of you who don't read my other journal )

But, here's the dress, or at least a bad picture of it I tried to take last night:

My dress form is too big for it, so it looks kind of weird in the bust area (the back isn't zipped up all the way). The sleeves fall to almost my ankle, but the way they're split up to the elbow, they're not at all in the way. It's got a short sweep train, about the perfect length that I wanted. I don't think there's really even enough there to hitch up, but I might try it out, just to see how it looks (for convenience sake, and the sake of not having people stepping on my train every 5 minutes).

I'm going to put my trim on at least the waist line, but I'm afraid it might be to much to do both the waist and the neckline. There are 8 cloth covered buttons in the back, but they're just decoratively hiding the zipper. I plan on replacing those with something a little more elaborate (either metal, or I found some beautiful glass ones on M&J yesterday). I noticed yesterday while trying it on again, it's missing the eye of the hook and eye that's supposed to close the little piece that covers the zipper as well. No problem there though, I've got plenty of those on hand. I've looked at some other more narrow trims that might work as well. And there's always the Viking tree trim I have that I could bead and use. I did think what I could do is still do a belt like thing, but fake it. Put the trim on the empire waist, actually sewn to the gown, but have it lace up in back and leave long trails of whatever cords I use to flow down the back of the dress. I wonder how it would look to still try to do a similar effect as the other belt I designed (and had started working on) just kind of inverse it and do it on the empire waistline rather than a drop waistline. I'm just going to have to experiment with the trims I have and see what works I think.

But yeah, I feel pretty good about it. This means I'm not pressed for time on the gown and I can spend the next six weeks balancing my time between all the other things I need to do. Pat and Martha loved the gown on me, and I think Chris liked it a lot too (but you know how much emotion and excitement most men display). I have to say, it was pretty flattering. I was worried about the empire waist looking like maternity wear on me. But the way it's cut, the skirt doesn't exactly fall from the waistline, it's fitted down to a typical waistline and then flairs from there. Now I need to get proper undergarments for it and perhaps get some pictures of me in it. But I think I might wait to do that until I get the trim situation resolved.

In other news, I heard from the lady doing my headpiece and she said she was going to start on it last night (that she had some prior things she needed to finish before mine). She said by the end of the week, she should have some pictures for me to see at least all the wire parts and then we can decide on beads. I think next week I'm going to go ahead and order beads for everything else (the strands I'll do on the headpiece, my necklace and any extra beading I might do on the dress or trims).

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This is torture. Inspiration and motivation strikes in a huge way for jewelry work and I'm stuck drawing diagrams of where I want tables put for the wedding reception. *sigh* I haven't gotten a single moment to work on my gown and I'm getting really antsy about that. I was planning to work on it all day Sunday, but no, I wound up having to work with Chris on a carpentry project.

Explaining the carpentry project and rambling about wedding stuff )

So, ok, onto what inspired me to post. . .

I've been following a jewelry marketing class lately. Don Norris has generously offered a free "class" in the form of a Yahoo group called jewelrymakingforprofit. We're on lesson three right now, not sure when the next one will go up. It's a neat forum to use for teaching because people can discuss everything together rather than just filling in answers or doing our "homework". We can talk about what we tried and what worked, or brainstorm ideas for things to try. From this, he's writing a book and using our experiences as proof of his methods of selling. Thus far, he says, make a line of $20 pieces and make as many of those as you need to pay your bills. Spend only one day making them and only invest $5 per piece for materials. Then go out and sell those every chance you get during the week. These are your "living". Then he allows the rest of the week for "gallery" pieces or the higher end things that go for more than $100. Basically the pieces we're all doing this for anyway.

I've gotten so many good ideas and I just really want to focus on jewelry making now. But it has to wait for at least another couple of months. I just can't spend the time on it right now. I'm still taking the class and all, but I can't put anything into practice yet.

Also, on the Metal Clay group, Yvette, I don't know if you noticed the post today about "Priscilla's earrings" but what a fantastic idea! Here's the front and here's the back (to anyone else looking, I think you have to be a member of the group and logged in to see the photos section). What she did for the gold designs was took PMC Gold 22K and made it into a paste. Then, she painted it on (3 layers) using stencils that she said she found here. She painted it onto unfired silver metal clay, then fired everything together. I took a look at the stencils on that page, and there are several that are very Elvish or Rohirric looking. Just a bug in your ear when you're dabbling in PMC. ;]
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Yeah, I'm still alive. *Pearl Jam jumps to mind*

I finally got my pattern for v2.0 of the wedding gown. I emailed the girl I first bought it from four weeks after she supposedly mailed it. She replied apologizing saying she just found it in her mailbox returned because it was missing a zipcode. Two things are wrong with that, 1) there's only one zipcode in Owens Crossroads, AL and most of the time, they deliver it anyway (I've gotten mail without a zipcode before). 2) I seriously doubt it would take 4 weeks to return a package that was missing necessary information. I'm trying to decide if I should give her negative or neutral feedback on it. I don't want to assume she's lying in case she's not and needlessly ruin her 100% positive rating. But, either way, she still screwed up. Then there's the fact that I only paid $2 for it, so I just can't really be mad about it. Incidentally, I had given up on her when I didn't get it and didn't hear from her and hadn't received the pattern and I ordered it from someone else for $5. The two arrived yesterday.

So, last night, I cut out the pattern and started cutting out the muslin. I've gotten some new ideas in the four weeks I haven't worked on it. I'm not going to get into them all yet though. I'll see how they work out in muslin first. Another thing I'm contemplating is scratching the crepe and using white silk velvet. I wouldn't have to line it and therefore the cost comes out to about $.30 more than the cheapest place I could find the other two fabrics (which was Denver Fabrics and they're almost out of both of them and might not restock in time). In my head, it's starting to look like a white version of the Mourning gown.

My headpiece should have been started two days ago. I haven't heard back from her since she returned from vacation. I'll give her until Monday and contact her to see how things are progressing, or if they're progressing.

The jewelry set for the little girl went over very well with her parents. I've got pictures to post, but I haven't pulled them off the camera yet.

Man, it's really been two weeks!?
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In case anyone just really needs something else to spend their money on, I found an ebay seller that does beautiful LOTR inspired headpieces and even necklaces to match. In fact, I like her work so much that I've decided to commission her to do my headpiece (since I feel like I'm running out of time). I'm going to add the beaded strands to drape off of it, but she's going to do a sterling crown similar in style to this one. I'm working with her now to get her my measurements and a few special requests in colored beads (specifically for the front and back focal points). I probably couldn't make my own for much less than $100, so I might as well have her make it and not worry about screwing up my first soldering jobs.

Looking through her past auctions, she's done replicas of both the Butterfly crown and the Bridge hair jewels, not to mention tons of other beautiful inspired and original pieces. Check her out, the seller name is elnaraniall.

Just another addiction. ;]
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After a couple of months of waiting, checking weekly, hoping she'd get some more in my size, I finally saw the pair of khussa I wanted for the wedding gown today on ebay. Checking with Chris really quick to be sure it was ok I order them, I took the plunge and got one of two pair she had (the last two went so quickly, I had to grab them as soon as I saw them!).

Here they are )
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Man, you guys are too much! I'm just going to have to miss out on the past three days of posts. It's just too much for me to go back and read. I kind of skimmed it yesterday, got the gist of what everyone was doing, but just too much to go back and comment on everything.

So, it was a beautiful wedding. I'm really glad we splurged on the wool coats before leaving town (never got warmer than 15 degrees while we were there)! The velvet would not have been enough! And now I have this really nice ivory wool wrap. But now, coming back to 30-40 degree Alabama, a light jacket almost seems like overkill. As I said on the other journal, good training for Colorado. :]

Came back to find two packages from Dinesh in my mailbox. One large one, containing roughly 7.5 yards of that beautiful ivory trim (I'm not going to bother with any other pics of it, I think he covered it well enough with his auction pics that I posted earlier). The second package was a small envelope with a 3 inch sample of the sage green trim. This stuff is stunning! But, I can't buy any of it for now. Just beautiful work! Tonight, I think I'm going to go ahead and make a belt and the armbands out of this trim so that the alternatives are done. I'm still waiting for the new pattern to get here to start bodice v2.0.

Thanks for the feedback on the jewelry set! It's really helpful and encouraging. And of course I'll post pictures of it when I'm done. I'm expecting to get the orders from FMG and RG today. They were both sent USPS Priority and shipped out on Friday, so that would put them here today (given yesterday was a Fed. holiday). Too bad I wasn't a day or two earlier with the order on it or I could get the set to the father tonight (I'll see him at the brew club meeting). It would have given me something to do while killing time in the hotel room over the weekend.
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Ok, I give up on the princess seamed bodice. I'm going to have to recut it anyway, why not try a bodice without princess seams and see how that goes. It's just annoying to adjust and equally irritating to sew (and this is cotton muslin, can't imagine what it'll be like once I get to the silk!). Every time I think I have it, something else is out of whack and I'm sick of fiddling with it. I've got Simplicity 7964 on the way (actually got it for an unrelated project) and I'm going to give it a try. I think it'll look nicer without seams down the front anyway. Especially since it will be done in white (they won't disappear very well).

In the meantime, I guess I'm going to get some crochet hooks and thread and work on cords for the belt. It's something I could take with me to Indiana this weekend. Going back up, this time for a wedding just north of Indianapolis. We leave Friday in the afternoon, wedding is on Saturday and we'll come back Sunday, hopefully in time for my nephew's 5th birthday party. Man he's growing up fast!

I ordered this blouse from for the wedding this weekend.

It should be here tomorrow. I'm trying to decide if I should wear my brown velvet skirt or the black knit wrap skirt I have. I wish I had time to make that purple velvet skirt I have planned, but oh well. I spent so much on the blouse and that trim this week that I don't want to buy a pair of boots (nearly got a pair of black knee-high lace up moccasins on ebay for $40, an awesome price and they're my size, but I shouldn't spend the money right now). So, I might just polish the black boots I have and wear those (which answers the skirt question, black). Oh, and I have 3 yards of black silk velvet that I had planned to make into a mantle anyway. There's no way those sleeves would fit into a jacket or coat.
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I'm still not giving up on embroidery and beading for the wedding gown, but in talking with Dinesh lately, I went ahead and bought him out of this trim.

(click pic for more)

He had several that I'd love to get, but I really have to focus on just wedding spending right now. He's sending me a sample of a sage green trim in this same pattern, so we'll see. He gave me a bit of a discount since I bought all three pieces that he had in the above ivory and gold color. I got 7.5 yards for $75 + $4.95 S&H. That's a little cheaper than he usually lists these for, so I'm happy with that. I could do what I'm planning with the belt and the armbands with just one of the pieces (2.5 yards, probably much less actually). But then I thought I could make a mantle to go with the wedding gown out of either a pale silver or stark white silk velvet.

I really fell in love with this trim too, but he didn't have any of it left (hence why he's sending me a sample of the sage green color, so I can see if it's similar and get it as well). *sigh* Again, if I had $300 to spend right now, Dinesh would get every penny!

But this relieves some tension about finishing the beading/embroidery in time.
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Well, took two nights off from working on the gown for Chris' birthday. The cheesecake was delicious, and well worth the effort (not to mention I learned a lot for next time). And I grilled some rare tuna steaks on Tuesday night, mmm they were tasty. Last night Chris cooked dinner (a pasta frittata, really good!) so I got a chance to work on my fussy bodice. I finally got it fitted ok in the bust I think. I've also gotten it taken in at the waist and I think I'm ready to just sew up the side seams, true up the hem and call it done. I'll probably need to cut new front panels as a final mockup, possibly all three, but for sure the sides. I need to add a bit of fabric to the armscye where I've taken it in a bunch.

At that point I stopped to cut swatches of the organzas I got last week to try some washing tests. The metallic stuff will not be washed, ever! It curls up like crazy. I worked and worked and worked with it and an iron after even just a hand wash in cold water. Finally got it flat, but it looks kind of beat up. The stuff I threw in the washer in warm water actually looks a little better, but still, the wash did nothing for the feel of it (since the metallic threads) and just curled it up and shrunk by about an inch in the weft and 1/2 inch in the warp (probably has to do with silk shrinkage as opposed to metallic shrinkage). The two "sparkle" organzas did soften a bit, and only shrunk about 1/8th of an inch in both the weft and warp. I think I'm going to wash those with warm water in the washing machine. The metallic stuff (the green/gold) I'll just leave as is I guess. Though the effect was really kind of neat after washing. I might make my ties/ribbons out of it, then wash it and see what it does. Kind of a willowy effect I think.

The tambour frame should be here today. I'm still going to set it aside until I get at least my bodice finished, preferably the rest of my mockup actually. I have alternatives for the trim if I run out of time on that. I don't have an alternative for the gown.

ETA: Oh yeah, and I emailed Dinesh, since I noticed his auctions are all back up and in full swing. I saw a beautiful peacock blue trim in the same pattern as several of the ones Yvette has (specifically the ivory one I went gah-gah over). I asked him if he had any other colors of this pattern. He sent me a reply with several color options. One is another ivory and gold one that's gorgeous, though slightly different than Yvette's (a tan color in place of the light green) and another that's a green backing with purple flowers and gold accents, another stunning trim! Oh, if I had no self control, I'd be spending about $300 on trims right now! I think I'm going to go ahead and get both the "shades of green" one and the ivory and gold one. There are a few others in his auctions right now that I have great ideas for, but I'm fighting the urge to bid. *slaps wrist*
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So, I'm going to be bad to all of you who have very little self control when it comes to fabric purchases and post this. . .

Suomynona Couture currently has a beautiful silk velvet that is the closest match I've run across for Arwen's Coronation gown. It is a lot more on the blue side than it should be (needs more yellow, less blue), but if you're not that nit-picky, it would be a reasonable match. The auction is for an 18"x22" piece of fabric, but as with most of her items, you can probably email her for larger pieces, possibly even yardage.

Steff came over yesterday, but admittedly, we didn't get much sewing done. I haven't seen her since December 17th, so we spent a lot of time talking and not much time sewing. Not to mention we were all slightly hungover (or at least sluggish from late nights and alcohol consumption the night before). Chris made a fantastic pizza for dinner and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I'm so bored with working on the bodice for my wedding gown, but I've got to just make myself do it and get it over with. I did clean up my sewing room quite a bit at least. Dinner is done for tonight (leftover pizza from last night and salads) so I should be able to get in at least 2-3 hours of sewing tonight. I WILL finish the bodice tonight! I'm ready to move on to skirt and sleeves!
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Got the tambour set today, but the frame won't be here until Thursday (supposedly). I'm going to leave it alone until then, but it's given me a lot of ideas. I thought maybe a very fine thread you could fake the "dragonfly wing" lace on the Chase collar with a chain stitch. Also, I thought it would make quick work of both the Coronation sleeves (Arwen's that is) and the Hope sleeves. I'm looking forward to lots of projects with this thing!

Speaking of the Chase outfit, I spotted a beautiful grey upholstery suede at Sir's Fabrics today that would have been PERFECT (color and weight, not to mention a fabulous price). But, I refrained from buying it. I was on the hunt for brocades for groomsmen vests (didn't find ANY) but there were quite a few suedes and corduroys that I loved. Besides, it was a remnant and I had no idea how much of it I'd need.

My friend Steff is coming over tomorrow to sew with me. She's got her own portable machine now so that should be fun. We've got a beer tasting tonight from 7-9pm at the brewery downtown (it's a Free the Hops event). We've got to bottle up some beers for it (about to start that), but I think I might try to get in some work on the bodice tonight. Would be nice to be able to start on something else tomorrow and I'm so close on it.
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Got my organzas in yesterday. They're really nice, but the metallic/silk one ravels like crazy! (at least the metallic threads do). Here they are with my armband to see how it all looks together.

Other than that, I didn't do any work on the gown last night. We watched Elizabethtown instead. Cute movie. Not just your ordinary romantic comedy, actually had some depth to it. Was kind of neat that I recognized most of the places they went to as well. I drive through E-town on my way to Indy at least once a year, have all my life. Favorite line, as they were walking around seeing the sites of Louisville (Lou-a-vul), they showed a Col. Sanders memorial and she said, "Kentucky's Jim Morrison". I busted out laughing!
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Well, I got an armband almost finished this weekend for the wedding gown. . .
pic under the cut )

. . . but at the expense of a friend's wedding, an Aquarius party, seeing my best friend for the first time in over a month, and a beautiful weekend of weather perfectly suitable for hiking and other miscellaneous outdoor activities (i.e. getting off my ass for the first time since I threw my back out in September).

I'm afraid to leave the house for fear of not getting stuff done (and then there's that interaction with humans thing). The few times I DO want to leave the house, I'm held in by. . . "circumstances beyond my control". *sigh*

The above pictured armband is only awaiting a bead order to finish it up. I've got some 3mm Swarovski crystal beads on the way to outline the larger teardrop beads to make "leaves". A little something I noticed while counting up the flower clusters to see how many more of those beads I'll need, there are 5 leaves/scrolls and 13 flower clusters. Our wedding date is 5/13. I subconsciously coded our wedding date into the embellishments for my gown, heh. In the time that I wait for more beading and embroidery supplies to finish this and keep going with the others, I'll be working more on the gown mockup trying to get it finished before the beading stuff arrives. Still fiddling with the bodice fitting, but I'm close on it.

Otherwise, I guess I'll start working on getting some of these accessories ordered that we've been contemplating. I have it on my mental calendar to go to All Needz this Saturday to take care of rentals. We looked at clear plastic plates when we were at Costco over the weekend, and found out that for 5 cents more per plate, we could rent china that we wouldn't have to wash or dispose. I need to get back to working on the ceremony, too. Time to start making lists and learning to juggle.

I tried to buy some new pants this morning, since all of my old ones are falling off me for some reason (no exercise, no significant change in diet, yet I'm losing weight. . . should I be happy or worried?). Unfortunately, for some reason Delia's isn't accepting my card, even though I've used it with them before. They're saying it failed address verification. I haven't moved. Haven't changed anything since my last order. Even went to my bank account and copied the exact address (taking out punctuation and what not) and it still doesn't work. Wrote them an email to find out what the fuck they want from me (retinal scan perhaps?). I tried Alloy too, but since they're the same company, of course I failed their address validation as well. Where else can I find low rise, slightly flared cords with 34" inseams?
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That was the funniest part of last Sunday's new episode. And you guys are keeping me uber busy! I've had to go back like 4 or 5 pages of entries just to catch up on the weekend.

Armband pics and other stuff )


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