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Was Jonah's first day in a new class at school. I recognize at least one little boy from the summer class. But they're ALL boys (except on Thursday there's one girl). As it turned out, one of the teachers we met last week isn't going to be there indefinitely (her husband is very sick). So, there was a new teacher, plus a substitute that I remembered from Jonah's class in the spring. I dropped him off without incident, even though there was another boy that broke into tears as his daddy left.

During the day, I heard the great news, ALEP 2011!!!!! I'm so excited!

I spent most of the day fighting the urge to plan/start on costumes (not for ALEP, but for the various other costumed events coming up) and starting on planning and gathering things for our trip to Florida on Thursday (camping on St. Joseph's Peninsula through Sunday, taking a break from packing and cleaning to write this).

When I went to pick Jonah up, they had exciting news, he peed in the potty!! That's something he's not done at home yet, but I guess seeing several other boys do it, he wanted to as well. Peer pressure might be a great thing in the realm of potty training. I'm going to really jump into it when we get back from our trip to see if we can get some more consistency.

Also, the lady that had been a substitute in his class before just went on and on about how much he's grown up and how much more mature and knowledgeable he seems to be from just a couple of months ago. She assumed I had been really working with him over the summer. Well, I have worked a bit recently on the numbers, shapes and letters (which she mentioned seemed much better). But just in general, I think he's gotten better at communicating and I don't know if it's from him being home with me for a month where I've got no one to talk to but him (so he's gotten more conversational and started enunciating better and speaking more clearly) or if it's just something that's happened organically. My mother-in-law remarked on that when he stayed with them a couple of weeks ago as well (how much more he's talking, conversationally, rather than broken sentences and random words that you may or may not understand). She seemed just really enthusiastic with how well he was doing.

One thing though, I forgot to pack Giraffie. I even relabeled him for school yesterday morning, but Jonah then wanted to play with him and he didn't make it into the backpack before we left the house. So, they had a little bit of trouble getting him to settle for a nap, but he still slept fine without him (which he's done a few times before).

I'm excited about this year at preschool. It seems like they're doing more teaching rather than babysitting at this age. That was something I was kind of disappointed in with this school before, so my attitude has really changed all of a sudden. They just must not work with the younger ones until they're almost 3.

Chris is making fun of me for packing my pirate gear to get pictures on the beach. He called me a huge nerd. How can pirates be nerds, I ask!? C'mon, what's the point of putting together the costumes if you're not going to wear them, pose for pictures and play around a little with them? I'm excited, even if he is a stick in the mud about it. :P And yes, I'm totally copying [ profile] jkg_vader, with this. ;)
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Well, I think I got all the loose ends tied up yesterday, but if I made any commitments to anything at Dragon*Con that I need to notify anyone about, let me know.

I absolutely plan to go next year. So, when next year's rooms are up, let me know! I'm on the mailing list, so that might not be necessary, but when it comes to the craziness of scoring rooms, especially at the Marriott, it's good to have bases covered.

We went to dinner last night at the newly reopened Judge Beans barbecue at their new location in Brentwood. Ah, how I've missed brisket tamales. I'm really glad they're open again and closer than ever. The baseball park just really didn't suit them and the spot downtown sucked for parking. We did not, however, partake of any Texas Sushi (that would be a jalapeno stuffed with sausage and cheese and wrapped in brisket).

By the time we got home, it was Jonah's bedtime. The bulb in his halogen lamp (the main light source at night) went out yesterday and I had forgotten that when I went to flip the switch and said, "D'oh!" as nothing happened. Jonah for some reason thought that was the funniest thing he had ever seen and kept saying "light broken, 'D'oh!'" and laughing as hard as I've heard him laugh without being tickled. That, of course, got me laughing at him. So, for the entire time it took me to change his diaper, read him the Very Hungry Catepillar and tuck him in bed, we laughed at each other for no real reason.

That was my therapy session for the night: brisket tamales and laughing with Jonah for about 15 minutes straight at nothing in particular.

So, now it's time to set my sights on the next task. I'm working on a virtual yard sale so to speak and have found two kids consignment sales where I intend to unload Jonah's closet and hopefully outfit him for the winter. I'm amazed that there are only a handful of sales left this season. So many have already transpired. I couldn't believe it. Who thinks to shop for winter clothes in July and August? Anyway, one of the sales is next weekend and the other in November. So, I figure, I'll put clothes in the first one and shop the consignor day and then whatever doesn't sell there, I'll put into the second one, if it's worth my trouble.

Other than that, I've got a few things up on ebay (yes, I'm selling the Hermione wand I just bought, it's cheap and not what I want) and I've put everything in my etsy store on sale 10% off until midnight 8/31. Just enter Twitter10 in the message field when checking out and I'll send an updated invoice (I so wish etsy would implement a discount feature).

And no, all of this isn't because of fiduciary troubles or anything. These are things I was getting ready to do regardless. We have a lot of stuff laying around that we need to get rid of, and several items that are brand new or gently used that we could get some money for and still give someone a good deal on something. I probably have an equal amount of items I intend to take to Goodwill. So, it's really more about decluttering than actually getting any money for the stuff.

Chris and I decided last night we're going to take a family trip on Labor Day weekend instead. Probably camping in the mountains of Western North Carolina, since the beach (St. Joseph's Peninsula in Florida) was full that weekend. Perhaps the following weekend we will head down to the beach for more camping, since the spots are wide open that weekend. We just both really need to get the heck out of town and I think it'll do us a lot of good. These are things we wouldn't have been able to do if I hadn't canceled my trip. Silver lining and all.


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