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Making a short story long... )

So, to recap:
1) LJ sucks because of Russian hackers... or something of that nature.
2) I feel the need to back up the last 7.5-8 years of my pointless ramblings because [reasons]. Therefore, I can now be found at Dreamwidth under mellymell, though my entries will be crossposted to LJ.
3) This changes virtually nothing for pretty much everyone but me.
4) If you followed me at mellymel_cos on LJ, consider it dead (a note to that effect will be made there as well).
5) If you didn't follow mellymel_cos on LJ, prepare to see a lot more costuming content here. Current topic: crossdressing elves.
6) The president of Russia is on LJ. o_O
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First, I want to say that, although I didn't go back and reply to all the comments on my step-mom, I really appreciate everyone's sentiments and well wishes and thoughts and prayers on the matter! It really touched me that people thanked me for the update, showing that our family are not the only ones thinking about it. So thank you guys so much for caring! The procedure is really fascinating and medical science just amazes me. They don't understand what the stem cells are doing or how they do it, but they just know it works at this point and that's sort of amazing in itself.

Now, the other things. )
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I'm fumbling my way through Ubuntu and having to do lengthy Google searches almost every time I have to install something. Monday, I learned how to make a 32 bit app work on a 64 bit OS. And by make, I mean force. It took 3 separate scripts and three more lines of a partial script and a whole lot of time searching the Ubuntu forums, downloading scripts people had written for this purpose and such. But I got Amazon Mp3 Downloader working damn it! I'm trying to take it slow and just do a couple of things a day so I'm not wasting my entire day away completely relearning how to deal with linux from scratch.

I swear, this is frustrating though because it's like I retained absolutely nothing from Booksys. When I left there, I was perfectly comfortable connecting to a linux server and running, tweaking and even writing simple perl scripts to run over MARC or csv files to clean up data before converting it. But it's all lost, deep in some recess of my brain. It's like when I repressed the memories of working there, I also repressed the knowledge I gained. But then who wouldn't want to forget MARC21? *shudder* *twitch*

Don't let librarians develop data formats. Just don't. I'm sorry to all the librarians out there, but I've dealt with the results of this. JUST DON'T!

Anyway, apart from my professional experience, I used Ubuntu before I got my laptop. But a lot has changed and I was just using it. I didn't mess with installing anything or such because it was our media server and I was honestly afraid to do anything of that nature on it.

I guess I should be proud of myself for being able to figure out what I've figured out, but man, it takes a long time for me to get anything done. For me, the learning curve looks a bit like staring at the summit of Everest from base camp. :/

Meanwhile, Chris is wringing his hands saying, "everything is working according to plan, muwahahahahhahaha!"

I'm sure this will all be worth it, though.

I guess the next thing will be getting proper drivers for my speakers because they now sound like tin cans and there is supposed to be a decent sound system on this machine, including a subwoofer. *sigh*
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Yesterday can GO TO HELL! And so can today so far, for that matter.

1. Yesterday Chris was hit by an inattentive teenager on his way to work. He's fine, no one was hurt. But we're down to one car while the insurance companies duke it out and decide who gets to pay for a rental while the damage is repaired. There are weeks when taking Jonah to school & going to the grocery are my only outings. But of course, when the option to leave the house no longer exists, I suddenly feel stir crazy and have all these things I need to do. :/

2. I've been having trouble with my laptop battery not wanting to hold a charge as long. Also, for some reason I'm no longer getting a warning before it just cuts off. Of course all those improper shut downs have taken a toll on my machine and now Windows is damaged and won't boot up, not even in safe mode. Luckily, there's an Ubuntu install on there too, and it does boot just fine and my data appears to be fine. But none of my programs are installed over there and all that pain in the ass garbage I'm going to have to go through to set everything back up. I've been meaning to switch over to Ubuntu anyway, I've just been lazy about out because I dread doing this crap. I know it'll be better and faster and all because the Windows install is the bloated factory install from 3 years ago. But I needed to do shit today, not mess with this junk. D:

3. Chris went out to the car this morning to go to work and noticed a door open and the middle console and glove box open. I'm pretty sure my old 6 year old (or older) iPod that's been broken for 5 years or more was in the console and is now gone. Joke's on them I guess, but I still think we should report it in case there are other break ins in the area. I think we'll start locking our doors, too. Add a new keyless entry to our list of car expenses. >:[

4. Minor but still frustrating, as I was writing this, my phone hard locked. :/

However, I'm thankful we fared well through the storms last night. And at least the would-be thief struck after all the storms passed so the car isn't full of water or anything. I guess we're lucky they didn't bother to damage anything or vandalize it when they didn't find much worth stealing, too. Surely they could tell that was an old iPod. Chris and I sort of laughed it off this morning because KARMA MOTHERFUCKERS! But it sort of pisses me off in principle.

Well off to reaquaint myself with Ubuntu. Wheee!

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