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Welcome February! Your arrival brings us one month closer to 70 degrees and sometimes, by the end of you, the first flowers have sprouted up. Better watch out winter, 'cause February could cut a bitch! Sometimes. With usually a bit of a relapse at least once in March and sometimes April.

Anyway, despite having kind of a crappy weekend, health wise, I forced myself back out for several hours of snow fun with Jonah yesterday. I mean, really, how often do we get an honest to god snow around here? You've got to exhaust all the possibilities for snow fun while you've got it. The neighbors just so happened to be getting out with their kids and their little sledding saucers while we were getting out to check the consistency as things began to melt to see if we had snowball/snowman material yet. Not yet, but it was happening in the sunny areas. So we went to join them for about an hour of sledding. Jonah got freaked out when I pushed him down the hill with an all clear, but about halfway down, a car came running up the road pretty quickly, actually. The poor boy had a look of shear terror in his face as he scrambled off the sled and tried to gain footing on the icy road to get to me. He didn't want to do anymore runs down the street after that. So I let him go down the sidewalk once, then we borrowed the sled as they left to go in for lunch and we went down the hill behind the playground/pool area a couple of times. I even went down with him. Was pretty fun, despite the snow up the back.

By the time we got back to the yard, we had a large area of what was fast becoming prime snowman material. So, I got to work as Chris showed Jonah how to peg me with snowballs from stuff he scraped off the car. I took a break to have a little snowball fight with the boys. Chris was brewing and since he really pegged me hard at one point with what felt like an ice ball, I sneaked around and pegged him inside the garage with one. Then it was back to work. After a while, I had recreated to the best of my ability a snowman with a tennis racket through it's head and one about to hit his own head like a golf ball.

Let me show you 'em. )

And, the weekend of waning health. )

ETA: This is fitting, given the subject matter of this post. Bill Watterson looks back with no regrets.
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I never get sick this often. My immune system must just really be sucking lately. I don't get it. I'm eating better, taking supplements, exercising, doing all the things they tell you to do to keep your immune system strong and mine is just not serving me very well right now.

Yes, I'm sick, AGAIN! This time, it feels like a different animal. It started Tuesday with just a slightly scratchy throat when I woke up that lingered but didn't get worse or better all day. I took my standard immune boosting supplements after dinner and hoped that would at least shorten the duration. Yesterday, I woke up and it was even worse. I didn't have any sinus pressure or much drainage, but I definitely had the sore throat, a little bit of a headache and just generally felt drained all day. I couldn't do much more than lay on the couch. At least it was a running rest day. Today, I'm feeling even worse. I've got the sinus drainage going today, couldn't even speak more than a whisper when I first woke up, might have a slight fever and I'm just generally feeling like I've been hit by a bus.

My in-laws were up last weekend and my father-in-law in particular was coughing, sneezing and sniffling as he kept himself dosed up on OTC stuff. My mother-in-law swears it was just allergies, but as Chris pointed out to them, the last time they came up with something self diagnosed that was supposedly non-contagious, we all got sick the following week. In fact, she called on Tuesday to make sure we weren't sick, since Chris had mentioned that. That was the very day I first had a little scratchiness to my throat. This sucks!

As icing on the cake, the roofers are here today. So, if I didn't have headache when I first woke up, I'm going to have one for the rest of the day as they incessantly pound over our heads. At least it's only going to take one day. Better to get it over with, just sucks it's on a day I feel like total crap. The house is falling apart though. There's over 24 hours of dishes in the sink, 2-3 loads of laundry that need to be folded and at least another 2 loads that need to be washed. All the floors need to be done. I just don't know if I've got the energy today. Maybe if I just take it one little thing at a time and go slowly, I can at least get some things picked up around here.
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Well, after two days of this with only slight signs of improvements, I decided to call the doctor first thing this morning. I'd feel silly taking him in for a cold, but he's never kept a fever for more than 24 hours and that concerned me. So I took him in, shared all my observations, including a couple of times that he pointed to his ears and said "hurt" and the new molars I noticed coming in late last week as we were doing a routine teeth brushing. New teeth, especially molars, can cause cold-like symptoms, including fever. But he's never had teething related fever/sickness last more than a day or so.

They fit him in at 10am. I must say, I'm pretty proud of the fact that he's 26 months old (today, actually) and this is his first sick visit to the doctor. Anyway, once she looked in his ears she immediately said, "yep, I'm glad you brought him in." He has ear infections in both ears. The right one is worse than the left. The left one is just starting, with a minor amount of fluid and some redness and swelling, she said. The right one is much worse apparently. At his 2 year check-up, his regular doctor noticed some extra fluid on his ears, but he had been having kind of a chronic runny nose. She made note of it, but said that when you're congested like that, you can carry fluid on your ears for quite a while without it ever turning into an infection. She mentioned maybe seeing him again when the weather turned warm when he'd likely have the congestion clear up to make sure the fluid in the ears did as well. So I guess it decided to turn into an infection after all. So, it's 10 days of amoxicillin, 2 7mL doses a day and tylenol as needed to bring down fevers and relieve pain. We go back for a follow up in two weeks and I'm to call them if I notice any reactions to the medication (since he's never taken an antibiotic before) or if I notice it doesn't seem to be working after about 3 days.

It was convenient that the appointment was over right at about lunch time and I was two blocks from Chris' office. I called him up and we went to The Dog in Hillsboro Village, at Jonah's request. He hasn't been wanting to eat lately and since I needed to kill about an hour before picking up his prescription, I asked him what he wanted to eat and he said "hot dog". When a kid that has barely been eating requests something specifically, you give it to him! Of course, it was a little bit confusing, because then he started talking about chicken, so I had to get him to choose between McDougal's or The Dog. Chris was the tie breaker, thinking he'd be more likely to eat a hot dog than chicken fingers. He ate a couple of bites, but we should have gotten him fries. He'll eat fries no matter whats wrong with him!

We had to make our monthly trip to Costco, which was also where I had them send the prescription. But when we were about a mile or two away from home, I noticed him start to nod off in the back seat. I kept him awake, just barely long enough to get him in the house, in bed, get his shoes and jacket off and get him to take a dose of the medicine before he passed out. He was more than willing, that's for sure. Now I'm feeling the urge, but there's too much for me to do to take a nap today.
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So, Jonah stayed home sick from school today. At first, I wasn't sure if he was just slow waking up and cranky or what. I spent about 30 minutes trying to hold him while he was alternating between trying to get comfortable on one of my shoulders and crying from not being able to get comfortable. But, he didn't want me to lay him down either. Eventually, at about 9am (when he should have been at school) I was able to get him to lay down without me so I could call them and let them know he wasn't coming.

I felt horrible making him go to the grocery with me, but we didn't have any medicine for him or juice, both of which he was going to need. So, despite the tears as I got him ready, we made it there and back and he spent the rest of the day on the couch watching movies and sleeping. He'd only leave the couch to come find me if I was out of sight to get him something or just to come sit with him. I've never seen him so pitiful when he was sick before. I even had to feed him his lunch. As in hold the food to his mouth so he could take bites. Even for cookies! He perked up quite a bit at about 5pm after Chris got home.

Despite that, I was able to get pictures of all the pieces of jewelry I made last week and get another necklace done today. I was able to go run after Chris got home, but since Jonah took his nap on the couch (I didn't have the heart to move him, since he looked so comfy), I wasn't able to do any yoga. Maybe tomorrow. My right leg has had a dull ache periodically since the race. I had forgotten about it until tonight. After my run tonight (which was only a mile), it really started to ache. It's not the calf, it's lower and kind of feels more like a soreness right around the bone than something muscular that I could stretch out. Stretches I normally do for my legs didn't seem to help. I'm hoping the yoga will help. I know in the past, any aches and pains I had from running or lack of exercise went away after a week or two doing yoga regularly. It's not like I didn't rest it plenty last week. *shrug*

I just better not get sick again. My sinus infection is officially gone I think, though I still have some congestion.
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I'll start with the jewelry. I posted a run down of what I accomplished this week at my jewelry journal. The first three are listed in my Etsy store. I want to put the last one on a necklace before listing it. I'm trying to get at least 20+ items in various price ranges up there before really trying to pimp market my store. I vowed not to work on the weekends so I still have time for hobbies. I plan to do some sewing this weekend while I'm not running a race and taking Jonah to his first circus. The next phase of my Angel gown has been pinned to the dressform for a couple of months now. Since I've been in the office working on jewelry this week, it's begging for some attention.

As for running a race, wouldn't Murphy's law strike the day before the race and have me coming down with some sort of funk. Yesterday, I woke up with big lump in a sore throat and a stopped up nose. Last night, it was pretty bad as I was going to sleep and I felt utterly miserable. This morning, I can't really tell if it's better or not, but I think it is. My throat is still a little sore and I'm definitely still stopped up, but the congestion feels like it's breaking up a little at least and the lump in my throat is gone. I'm popping handfuls of pills to try to fight it. Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea, B Vitamins (just for the energy boost, really) and Sudafed and Ibuprofen as needed. All things considered, I'm still going to run the race today. I just might need to go get some DayQuil beforehand. I figure if I can make it through the race and through the circus tomorrow, then I can collapse on Monday and be sick all next week if necessary. At least that's what I keep telling my body. As a courtesy to the Smial, I'm going to say that I'm definitely going to miss the book discussion tomorrow.

I'll do a report on my runs this week after the race today.
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Of course, the day after I feel I'm getting back on track (running again, picking back up on the home routine, etc.), I come down with something nasty. Really it's been like a tag team of illnesses. One day, I feel like I'm coming down with a cold or the flu (sinus funk, drainage, sore throat due to drainage, fever and aches and pains due to fever). The next day, the sinus symptoms and sore throat disappear, but I've got this miserable nauseous feeling and the thought of food makes me feel ill. I have to work at it to get down a container of yogurt or a piece of bread. Anything I do manage to eat gives me almost immediate sharp pains in my abdomen, even if it's a quite neutral food. Today, I've got both sets of symptoms back, minus the fever and aches and the sore throat. The drainage and sinus pressure are definitely back and the stomach funk has yet to go away. I'm not throwing up at all, so that's a plus, but I just generally feel like a bloated corpse. Last night I did manage to eat about half of my dinner. In fact, the mashed potatoes were actually pretty easy to get down. But I did feel lousy after eating. On the plus side, I've lost about 5 pounds in the past two days. Not exactly my ideal diet, but whatever.

Anyway, just thought I'd pop in and let everyone know I'm not dead, though I'm feeling rather undead. It's a shame it's not National Zombie Day yet, or that the Zombie Walk isn't going on now. Though I'm not much feeling like getting off the couch for a stumble through the downtown streets of Nashville, I'm certain I look the part right now. I blame preschool. Luckily Jonah just seems to be suffering from a little bit of a runny nose and not the really bad stuff I'm going through.


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