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It's been touch-and-go for the past 24 hours, but I think *hopes once more for good measure* we're alright on Chris' truck. You see, it was a lovely weekend and we did a lot of work: a couple of truckloads of mulch and hauling lumber for the construction of a low fence around our A/C units. Being such a lovely weekend, we enjoyed open windows and sunroofs with much vigor. More the latter than the former.

Chris stayed home from work yesterday in an allergy funk and instead worked at home on his current contracting job (which is a headache in itself, honestly, but another story for another time and not really mine to tell anyway). Of course, like the rest of the East Coast, we were bombarded with crazy winds and horrible storms yesterday. Some of said storms were supposedly tornadoes, but I don't know that one came near us. I stood in the office window at around 2:20pm watching hurricane-like winds and rain whip around the house with incredible force. I kept waiting for one of our trees to snap, but they just bent to and fro like rubber bands. It was sort of zen, thinking about various Eastern philosophies of being flexible like bamboo instead of rigid like... something else. I don't know.

What I do know is that all day long as Chris and I enjoyed the thunderstorms rolling through (because really, they were quite enjoyable), neither of us once thought about the possibility that we might have forgotten to close the sunroof on his brand new, three week old truck. Not for a second.

Yeah, D'OOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!! doesn't even begin to cover it. By the time he tried to leave to go to the grocery while Jonah and I were at a play date across the street, he found about 2 inches of water standing in his cup holders in the center console and presumably a comparable amount in all the leather upholstery and the floorboards and the electronics and everything else. *CHAGRINED!*

Since he had a long distance crisis on his hands, dealing with this asshat that he's writing an app for (see previous comment about another headache in itself), I had him pull it as far into the garage as he could manage (since it's full of aforementioned lumber right now, among all the other things it's normally full of) and we went at all the hard surfaces with towels and I started in with the shop vac to try to pull out as much moisture as I could from all the soft surfaces. He pulled things apart, opened things up and left all the doors open to try to air it out. He cranked it up and left the heaters on full blast, which really did a fantastic job of drying stuff out, actually. Who knew heated seats would come in handy in Tennessee?!

He left it home today for me to open up in the sun and breeze and finally, it seems to be dried completely. I mean, I propped up the edges of the carpet on the floors to help air out underneath of them and everything! It seems to be all good, but we'll still probably air it out more and he stuck a container of Damprid in there.

Lesson learned: Check all windows, including sunroofs, before exiting the vehicle and never, ever leave them open, no matter what the weather. Chances are you'll forget to go back and close them later and you just don't want to have to deal with this sort of thing. Really, you don't! We've done this on my Forester once too, but that's a MUCH bigger sunroof, though I believe it was a much smaller storm and the car was not three freakin' weeks old!
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The day after my last post about the asshaberdashery of the insurance company we were dealing with, we had everything resolved and Chris and I took a trip out to Gallatin Friday afternoon to get the truck he wanted.


After enjoying the benefits of having a truck all weekend, it's a little easier to ignore the fact that we now have three years of debt because of it (unless we pay it off early, which we probably will).

Jonah had his second soccer game on Saturday morning at the ungodly hour of 8:30am. Sure, that doesn't sound like it's that bad, except that it takes an awful long time to get shin guards and tight knee socks on wobbly little legs that don't know the meaning of the word "still". Jonah's natural rising time is at about 8am, exactly when we should be leaving the house to get to the field in time. But we made it in plenty of time, despite waking a bit late and he was even fed and over his "you woke me up" grumpiness by the time we got there. The promise of a donut after the game probably helped.

The only issue was that we did not account for the blustery wind that was blowing at that hour. At least we weren't the only parents that were ill equipped. Chris and I would kick the ball around with Jonah on the side lines when he wasn't in the game to help keep him (and us) warm. But as we were leaving, I noticed the ball was starting to roll down the slope toward the ditch. Wanting to keep it out of the mud, I ran up to kick it up the slope. But when I planted my left foot next to the ball, my ankle rolled downhill and I went down momentarily. I could tell immediately this was not a "walk it off" injury. I've rolled my ankles before, but I've never had anything I'd call a sprain. This is awful!

Behind a cut because the bruising and swelling is rather gross. )

I've been trying my best to take it easy and follow the RICE rules (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation), but I'm not so good at the R part and I've probably not used enough I or E because I'm not doing R. But I do keep it wrapped snuggly in an ace bandage all day and I sleep with it elevated. This morning, after prolonged icing last night and taking it easy yesterday, I've noticed that the swelling looks to have gone down by about half. But now, I'm noticing new bruises on the right side of the ankle as well as a slight discoloration throughout all of the swelled parts. Waking in the morning is the worst time. It gets settled in a relaxed position and I have to bend it back closer to a working angle to wrap it. Once it's wrapped, I'm usually okay for the rest of the day, but that transition between positions is excruciating! The rest of my body is starting to feel the strain of compensating for the ankle as well. I've got to take it easier until I'm healed.

One good thing, since I have to take frequent breaks, it actually looks like I'm going to get my reading done for the book discussion on Friday. We're starting Return of the King. Wow, we've been doing this for a really long time. Fellow smialites, is this year 2 or 3 since we started discussing LOTR?

Despite my crippledness, I still managed to help Chris put up the garden shed we had bought and could finally bring home because YAY TRUCK! I didn't do much but hold panels up so he could hammer them together, but it was something. Then I stocked it with all the tools and supplies that have been rusting out in the elements for years as well as a full shelf worth of stuff out of the garage. I want to outfit it with a loft for storing seedling flats and some pegboard and hooks for tools, but for now, everything is out of the way and accessible and tidy.

I also got the last of the clean up done in the gardens on Sunday. After cleaning out the entire garage the weekend before, my missing shears never turned up. So we bought some new ones and we got all the ornamental grasses clipped back just in time for the new growth to start popping up. The guy came to mow the grass yesterday for the first time, so the yard is starting to wake up out of winter funk.

Apart from that, I have a list of things I've vowed to finish before I start any new projects. I'm slowly crossing things off of it, but I've got some tremendous guilt about some of the things I've procrastinated. Nothing to do but just get them done though. The longer I take to finish them, the worse it gets. I've always said my mantra should be better late than never, but damn it, that's not good enough. I feel like I'm screaming "THIS IS WHY I'LL NEVER BE AN ADULT!" at myself. *sigh*


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