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My first pieces for both Maleficent and Celeborn came yesterday! That oh-so-essential undergarment for Celeborn and an accessory for Maleficent that I scored on the cheap while being bad and browsing eBay last month. My rationalization was that Maleficent is bad and therefore I was merely channeling her when I hit "bid". Unfortunately, I think it might be a little too small for the ball that sits atop her staff. So, I might be at square one anyway. But as I said, it was uber cheap, so even if I don't use it, I'm not out much.

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For Celeborn, I got the compression shirt, which means that has incredibly speeding shipping! I posted this in a comment to [ profile] wicked_swann, but I thought I'd post it here as well. Maybe my initial impression of the shirt will help someone else.

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And that's that. Onward and upward!
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This is the second time this idea has struck me while washing and drying my insanely long hair that really needs to be cut, so it obviously wants to be written down. I want to save the hair I have cut off and make extensions for costuming use. Since this section of my hair is pretty damaged (leftover damage from dreadlocks, mostly), I was thinking I might dread it and use them as dread extensions to mingle with my own hair. As I was revisiting the idea of a Jadis costume, I was thinking, "yeah but the dreads. . ." and then it hit me like a lightning bolt.

Man, I must just have female villainy on the brain because three of my four next costumes are [hopefully] going to be female villains (Maleficent, Lamia and Jadis). Celeborn still gets first dibs on my time once I have a costuming budget again. Then I desperately want to have Maleficent done for Halloween next year. After that, who knows. I need to get faster. I also need more money. ;)

Jadis isn't the only one that could use the dreadlock treatment. I've seen some really neat steampunk stuff with dreadlocks. Pirates could use them. I'm sure once I get them done, I'll find uses.

As I told [ profile] aranel13 a little bit ago, I also started thinking about how to write this up for her ezine, ConCraft. A "look everywhere for inspiration" sort of thing? A tutorial if it works out? A "y'all, I've lost my mind to costuming" anecdote?" As any good elf would answer. . .

Yes. ;)
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The cleaning part is done in the office and everything is sorted into related piles (stack of electronics, stack of my hobby stuff, stack of files and important office related stuff, etc.) The goal today is to go through and declutter each stack and then put it away in an organized fashion. As I go, I plan to make notes on things that would make keeping the office organized a lot easier and make the space more workable (things like more shelves in the closet and some shelves above the desk, and maybe a desk with a smaller footprint and various things like that). I've done this before, but it seems every time I get in here to work, I think of a different way to go about it. We just want so much functionality out of this room, it's hard to get it all to mesh. It's my work area, Chris' electronics storage area, our guest room and Chris even wants to mount a moderately sized flat screen on the wall to be able to watch TV in here if he wants while I'm working (as though the ones in the bedroom and the living room aren't enough).

But anyway, as I'm starting to see things shaping up in my work space, I'm looking at the Angel gown and feeling no strong pull to work on it. I pulled out the embroidery the other day and started working on it some more, but I didn't get very far before bed and I've not felt like picking it up again. I've been more inclined to read at night when I've set aside time to work on it. I'm not in complete avoidance mode just yet, but I'm just not feeling terribly enthusiastic about working on it and that makes it very hard to get anything done.

I probably need to watch Fellowship and get all hyped about again. I'm also about to buy a new Arwen wig, which might get me excited about it again. I'm starting to think of things that will help me better get into character as well. But, if after these small efforts I'm still not excited, well, I'm probably going to shelve the project for a while and maybe start working on Maleficent. I don't want to push anything. After all, this is a hobby that I'm supposed to enjoy, not force myself to finish something I don't feel like working on. If I had the budget, I'd throw together that Hermione costume instead. Still looking for an excuse to buy some Golas. ;)
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I don't even know why I try to write out costuming plans. As soon as I get a plan and start to set it to motion, I decide to change it. I'm thinking about Halloween. I really want to do Maleficent and if I want to do her this year, I'm going to have to get started collecting things. Which means I'm not going to do Hermione for Dragon*Con because my budget does not have room for both. Hermione was kind of a throw together anyway and my heart wasn't in it. But Maleficent! There's a project I can sink my dragon teeth into!
Yes! :)

I'm going to add in some time here and there to research Maleficent. I've only got a few reference pictures, but I've watched several clips and tributes on YouTube (all of which seem to be done to heavy metal, heh). I want to go all out for her. Yellow sclera contacts, a latex or silicone chin appliance to elongate my face a bit, making her staff with a yellow crystal ball at the top, a taxidermy crow/raven (there are several on ebay that are foam bodies done in black chicken feathers under $20) and of course that lovely, huge black cabochon ring on her right hand. But since she's a cartoon. Not everything works in real life, so I'm going to have to do some interpreting. Fabrics are kind of my choice on this one too, which is sort of fun but drives me nuts at the same time.

Maybe I could make one of her little demon minions for Jonah, heh.

Anyway, I'll be elaborating on all of this very soon. I just don't have the time for it today.
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Since I've sworn off costuming and jewelry work until after the turn of the year (no matter how much I'm itching to fidget with the Angel gown on the dress form), I'm likely not going to finish anything else before December 31st. I don't think I made a public list of what I wanted to accomplish this year at last year's end and I'd probably only be embarrassed by the overly ambitious goals I'm sure I set for myself anyway. So, I'll just start this tradition now, since I actually managed to finish some costumes for once.

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