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Making a short story long... )

So, to recap:
1) LJ sucks because of Russian hackers... or something of that nature.
2) I feel the need to back up the last 7.5-8 years of my pointless ramblings because [reasons]. Therefore, I can now be found at Dreamwidth under mellymell, though my entries will be crossposted to LJ.
3) This changes virtually nothing for pretty much everyone but me.
4) If you followed me at mellymel_cos on LJ, consider it dead (a note to that effect will be made there as well).
5) If you didn't follow mellymel_cos on LJ, prepare to see a lot more costuming content here. Current topic: crossdressing elves.
6) The president of Russia is on LJ. o_O

Good lord!

Jul. 11th, 2009 04:22 pm
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I'm glad I went back to catch up because I've missed some big posts from some of you this past week, but WOW! A day without internet and then not checking for another day and then sporadically reading for the rest of the week left me 200 posts behind! Seriously! And that's not counting the runners community and only a handful of nashvillians posts.

I've got kind of a comprehensive random post brewing, but I've been really busy lately and haven't taken the time to sit down and write it out.


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