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Oh, why don't I just lay down and die! )

I'll definitely have to get some better ones. A scan of an already poor quality pic. But aren't Janice and Sarah's costumes great?!
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Well, I'm back. The overnight was great fun! I wore my unhemmed Dream gown. It was a good thing because the museum was rather warm. I had taken my mantle to wear with it and wound up taking it off while waiting in line to get into the IMAX movie. We had PLENTY of time to hang out in the exhibit and really take our time with each piece.

My trip, rather long )
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Saw that episode last night, "Homer's Odyssey, is this about that minivan I rented?"

It had the biggest cupholders )


Nov. 23rd, 2005 11:14 am
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The car rental is reserved for Chris and after two days of trying to get through on the line at the Indy State Museum, I was finally able to reserve a spot for the Dec. 26th overnight.


It's been a good day today so far.
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I don't want to talk about the trip at all. Let's just say, all plans fell through with exception to the visits with my family. Long story short, I'm planning to try to go back up there for the overnight on Dec. 26th. I didn't go in costume, had some last minute problems with it and no one else was showing up (Janice got the stomach flu at the last minute and I didn't know anyone else was showing up so I didn't bother, good thing too, my train would be destroyed by now). So yeah, no pics to share. Yeah, an hour of sleep on Thursday night for no reason.

I only spent maybe an hour in the exhibit on Saturday instead of Friday. We couldn't get in until the 11:30 spot because it was so crowded (some children's choir thing going on that day). I felt bad spending much time in front of any one piece, so I really didn't get to ponder over anything like I wanted to. That combined with the fact that I really needed to be headed to Richmond totally screwed any chance of much observation.

We did go to the IMAX showing of The Two Towers Friday night though. Janice is right. Projected on a larger screen like that does take some things away from the resolution, but you can see so many details that I've never noticed before while watching the movies.

I watched some of the scenes intently looking at costumes. I'm thinking the Dream gown printing might be something like a sari under layer or something. The printed pattern on it really only looks to be on the edges. Maybe it's a sari they found or maybe its something they printed themselves. It's white and very faint.

Chris was fascinated by how much they did with scale models instead of CG. He was convinced most if not all of those things were CG (like the towers, Treebeard, etc.). He was also impressed with the detail that went into the Haradrim armor that we never ever see (like tiny skulls and such, really amazing work, and we only ever see them from afar).

I, of course focused, on the handful of weapons, costumes and jewelry that I was really interested in and made the best of the short time we were there.

Observations )

And that's about all I could look at while I was there. I tried not to repeat things I've already heard a million times about this stuff, but I'm sure I did. I'm surprised I still remembered that much without taking any notes at any point. Really there were just a few key things I wanted to remember, and I fell asleep Saturday night envisioning the exhibit, so I guess it all really stuck in my mind.

I think I've pretty much decided to go back up for the overnight on Dec. 26th. It's $50 which is cheaper than a hotel room AND includes entry into the exhibit ($14 otherwise), the IMAX showing of FOTR ($7 otherwise) and breakfast. I'm off on the 26th anyway, so no vacation needed, or at least if I do need vacation it'll just be one day instead of two. If I can find a fair price on rental car for Chris to drive in town for two days, then I'm going. I'm looking for them today but a lot of the local places are closed on the 26th (unless we want to drive all the way out to the airport, which wouldn't be that bad, I pass it to leave town anyway, it would just be a pain for Chris since he's not going to work that day to drive to the other side of the county and back for a car). But looks like it'll cost anywhere from $45 to $70 for a rental for two days.

Indy plans

Oct. 14th, 2005 01:30 pm
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I think we're going to skip the wine dinner in early November. In fact, it may be that I'm coming alone. We'll just have to see. I had to promise to bring back plenty of beer though. ;]

I'm shooting for late November now. Although the weekend of Thanksgiving is out because Chris wants to go camping at St. Joseph's Peninsula that weekend (chow down with the families on Thursday, then head out Friday morning and take off the following Monday for a 5 day weekend). Other than that, I'm thinking maybe the 18th, 19th and 20th. Any thoughts?
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Some of you may have already seen my post to the LR_Cos yahoo group, but for those that didn't or aren't over there. . .

I've set up a syndicated account for the Indy exhibit blog that's on blogspot. I noticed the post on Wednesday was talking about details on Gimli's costume and Boromir's boat and "dead body". And all of the posts have been talking about how everything is just so exquisite. The costumes apparently came already on their forms. All they had to do was unpack them and attach them to their bases to get them set up. Therefore, there aren't as many details as a result of dressing as I expected. But good stuff none the less.

So far, the rss hasn't picked up anything. I'm assuming they'll have to post again to blogspot for it to update the feed (if my limited knowledge of how rss and atom feeds work is correct). But anyhow, if you want to add it to your friends list in the meantime so you can easily keep up with updates when they come, the account is [ profile] indylotrexhibit.
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I pulled apart the basting I had done since the fitting wasn't working out the same with the outer layer on. I refit the under layer first, then the over layer. I steamed the fabric so that it would hang right. I wish I would have taken pics last night before I packed it up for bed because this morning it was wrinkled of course and not quite as flowy. This gown looks and feels awesome freshly steamed.

Pics start here and run to the end of the gallery. These pics are kinda crappy quality since Chris' parents have the huge memory card and so we're just using the built in memory on the camera. Can hold like 15 pics at kinda crappy quality. Most of them seem washed out to me.

I really like the look of the two layers together. I never thought it would make that much of a difference, but it really does. I'm considering just attaching the outer back panel under the arm and only sewing it into the seam for a few inches (maybe 4 inches or so). Looking at this ref pic, it seems as though the back panel hangs rather freely, and that's not something I'm going to get from attaching it all the way down the side. I'll baste it that way and see how it looks.

Also, as I threw the outer front panel over the back to fit the front, it hung about the same distance below the outer back panel that the outer back hung from the inner back (if that makes sense). It made sort of a graduated effect (each panel slightly longer than the last). I stood and looked at it for a minute and I kind of liked it like that. Then I thought, this gown would look awesome with a lightweight cloak or mantle!! So, now I know what my fall project will be. :] I found a printed cut velvet in my thai silks swatches that I thought would be perfect, but unfortunately it's not on their site anymore.

Now, what's left to do is baste it together to try it on, adjust any fitting issues that remain and sew up the side seams permanently, then get to work on that hemming practice so I can call this gown done in the next week or so.

I've decided to stop putting deadlines on myself because it only gets me stressed out when I don't meet my own expectations. And this is my hobby, something I should enjoy doing, not get stressed over. I've got enough stress at work with deadlines set by others. Don't need it at home when I'm doing the stuff that's supposed to help relieve my stress. The only deadline I'm putting on myself now is to try to get the Blood Red gown done in time for the October 14th Taste of New Zealand dinner. If I can get that and a Aragorn Council Velvet outfit done for my fiance by then, we can go eat shwanky foods and drink shwanky wines in our shwanky costumes. :P He agreed, but only if he was assured there would be someone else there in costume. I'm hoping someone else from the group decides to go. I told him I was going [in costume] regardless, even if I had to find someone else to dress up with me, heh. It would be pricey ($120 just for dinner for the two of us, plus lodging for at least a night and of course we couldn't go to Indy without stocking up on dank beer), but sooo much fun!


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