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We had a day of reprieve from the time that we got back from our trip to the time that Chris' parents called saying they had no power in Huntsville and wanted to come stay with us until they could get power again. Six days later, they went home (yesterday) to find they finally had power again. As far as I know, no one I know personally has lost their homes or worse in this round of storms. I think everyone has checked in at this point and I feel very lucky to not have lost anyone down there.

From 12:30pm yesterday when they left to right now, I have not turned the TV on at all. If I ever hear the voice of another news anchor, it'll be too soon. There were times the first day or so when my mother-in-law was watching the royal wedding coverage and my father-in-law had tornado coverage cranked up so loud on his laptop that I'm certain his speakers were blown, I would retreat into my bedroom with my nook and shut out the world.

The wedding was lovely, even though I'm really not into the celebrity of it all. I could have watched just the wedding without commentary or analysis and been perfectly content. Kate's dress was simply stunning! And the huge trees in the abbey were gorgeous. The departure in an Aston Martin a fun touch. They seem truly happy together. But all the gossip and speculation and such was too much for me to handle. So irritating! There was a point that evening when a story about Syria came on and then they were about to play a statement from Gaddafi in Lybia after his son and grandchildren were killed in a NATO airstrike and I really wanted to hear it. But she changed it to wedding coverage that she had already seen earlier in the day. At that point, I got up and left the room to busy myself elsewhere.

And on the 5th day of their stay, came the news of Osama bin Laden's death, which they also didn't watch much of, favoring more storm coverage instead. I get that completely. They were trying to figure out when they could go home and what sort of things they could expect when they got back and got power again. It's locally important news that affects their immediate area. I totally get that. But not even a mention of it really? This is a hugely symbolic thing that's happened, even if it doesn't change much in the war on terror, and not even much more than a "oh, this happened" nod of acknowledgement? That, I don't get. Don't get me wrong, I love my in-laws, I really do. But a 6 day stay with nearly anyone is a bit much, especially when you're coming off a trip and not exactly prepared for house guests.

My initial reaction to the the news as I lay in bed Sunday night when it broke was something like "ding dong the witch is dead." But then I saw people taking to the streets, getting drunk and chanting "U-S-A" like we just won the World Cup or something. Yeah, not our country's proudest moment in my opinion. That feeling of relief quickly became a feeling of anxiety that the hundreds of radical followers he left behind will watch this and become empowered with renewed hatred against us. I'm not saying a more solemn response wouldn't have empowered their rage either. For their own reasons, they hate us and our reaction to killing their leader isn't going to change that. I'm also not saying people don't have a right to celebrate if that's how they feel about it. By all means, this is a process of grief and everyone handles it differently and everyone NEEDS that freedom to express their grief and their closure however they need to. So I'm not going to go around shaming anyone for joining in with those celebrations. But I will sit here and feel my anxiety. That's mine and I'll own it, just like anyone out there celebrating will own that. For me, I had some moments of quiet reflection (as quiet as I could get in a crowded house) on the massive loss our country suffered nearly 10 years ago and sent hope out into the world that the victims and their families could find some peace now that justice had been done upon their attacker.

And I do feel this was justice. He needed to die. That's the way of it. I feel no tinge of guilt for being glad that he's gone, out of this world, never to hurt another. Will 10 more rise in his place over time? Of course. This solves nothing and stops no wars on terrorism. But he is gone, shot in the head for what he did to thousands of people and never able to hurt another. Some have said they wished it could have gone differently so that he wasn't viewed a martyr. Shot down like a rat hiding in his nest doesn't seem very martyr-like to me, but his followers would likely spin any demise in that direction, so I don't think it matters how he met his end. Capture would have only spelled exponentially more trouble for all involved. He needed to die and he needed to die quickly. And fantastic call on not bombing the compound there, Obama! I'm so glad our forces pulled the triggers that took him down. Not a drone, not a bomb, but our people. My heartfelt thanks goes out to all our service men and women who have and continue to sacrifice for our safety and freedom.

And that's the end of that chapter. *tosses end of scarf over shoulder*
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There's a lot going on right now, as evidenced by my lack of posting here, I think. I've been active over on my costuming journal, mostly in preparation for Dragon*Con. But other than that, I just can't seem to squeeze out enough time to write up a post. I start and then I don't ever get around to finishing it. So, maybe I'll compartmentalize and the most important stuff will get up here and the rest, well... who knows.

Lots of stuff going on with Jonah right now, so I'll start there. )
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I finished! I mean, I didn't have any doubt that I would finish, but I got a PR and despite the hill in the last half mile, I was still able to sprint the last .2 miles of the race to the finish. I guess having some slight to moderate hills in my training in about the same place is a good thing.

They didn't allow headphones, so I was a little concerned about pacing without music. But I met up with [ profile] smileypv and we stayed together pretty well and talked through the whole race. It's been a long time since we've seen each other, so we had a lot of catching up to do. In fact, I bet people around us were pretty pissed off, because we were pretty loud and jovial and were kind of in the back of the middle of the pack where the women who are really struggling to get through it are.

Jennifer was a little disappointed in her time, but I think her slightly faster speed helped pull me through a little quicker than I could have done on my own. I just hope I didn't drag her down too much.

Now, I'm ready to go for another run, like RIGHT NOW! And, I'm ready to keep training and try to get my time down a bit. When's the next race? :)

ETA: Stats, for my reference: time was 38:15, which is down from 43:15 from my first race and down from my training PR of 39:45. I was 20th in my division (of 22) and 129th of 171 finishers.
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For those of you who don't follow my costuming journal and missed my little squee over there last Thursday, I've registered for ALEP2: There and back again and am thoroughly excited, even though it's a year and a half away. I promptly booked the same house we had last time after getting my confirmation. Need to send off my check for my deposit, but other than that, we are go!

Yes. :)

Friday, I drove down to Huntsville for a raptor show and the treehouses at The Botanical Gardens. Jonah and I met up with my in-laws to enjoy the weather. It was warm and sunny, bordering on hot. I sweat, just a little. It felt nice. After that, we stopped in at the West End Grill for some food (since Clementine's at the Garden closed right as we walked in). Then we hit the road home.

When I got home, Chris had taken a half day off and cleaned up the overgrown brush on side where we cleared out the fencing. It looks great, but I'm sure it was tough work. He went and got a pretty cool little fire pit to keep on the patio and attempt to burn up the huge pile of brush we now have. We grilled out some hot dogs and enjoyed the nice evening outside.

Saturday, we got up, went to City Limits Bakery for some breakfast, then to Toys-R-Us to pick out a toy for our neighbor's daughter, then to her birthday party at Monkey's Treehouse (an indoor play place for kids). Once we were done there, we went home and I proceeded to try to dig out my jewelry tools and package them in some sort of portable way to take over to [ profile] witchcat07's place for a crafty afternoon.

Since she's laid up with an injured/surgeried heel, she invited some of us crafty folks over for a light pot luck lunch and general craftiness to alleviate a brief span of her boredom. Paul and Kim were there as was their friend Beth. Kim and Beth were spinning, which was neat, and Jessica knitted. I wasn't sure how to start a new project necessarily, so I picked up the necklace I made for Steffany a while back which broke to work on repairing it. I'm pretty sure I did it with craft wire (was before I was using Sterling). So, I cut off the wrap on the stone and started something new on it. I neglected to bring my good pair of chain nose pliers and the crummy pair I had kept cutting into the 26 gauge wire I was using to wrap the 24 gauge. So, I wound up breaking wire quite a bit. But for what I'm doing it's not a big deal, Just sets me back every time. We had a tasty lunch and chatted about various topics (Dragon*Con, ALEP2, belly dancing, Ren Faires, Paul and Kim's gigs, et cetera). Was fun and I hope she does it again, since she'll be an invalid for the several weeks. ;) On my way home, I stopped at Home Depot to pick up some Oxyclean for Chris' brew preparations and play sand for Jonah's sand box. We grilled a pork tenderloin for dinner and had some simple brown rice with a little thyme, a pinch of brown sugar and some walnuts.

Sunday, Chris was brewing and our brewing friend Kyle was coming over to brew as well (little did we know he was coming over to brew two 10 gallon batches). A couple of other guys came by just to drink beer, but were gone by the time I got back from lunch. I got up and started trying to clean the house. The kitchen floor felt gross to walk on, so I started there. Some time during my cleaning, I got a call from [ profile] cashmere_cat that she and her family were in town and wanted to grab some lunch. So, I got Jonah and I ready and we met them at Blackstone's for some lunch. The Irish stout was on cask and it was mighty tasty. It was really good to see Jenny and Scotty. They seem like they're doing well. And Calvin and Alayda are so grown! I guess Calvin is around 9 and I remember when Jenny was pregnant with Alayda, which would put her around 6 or 7 maybe. Jonah did a pretty good job of keeping everyone entertained. It was like he didn't even take a pause between talking about trains in the car and coming into the restaurant to tell people he'd never met before all about it.

On the way home, I stopped at the grocery to grab some sausages to cook for Chris and Kyle for lunch. Then we just hung out drinking beers and snacking on smoked cheddar until Kyle was done brewing.

Yesterday, I tried to get the house back in some semblance of order so that I could possibly enjoy Jonah going back to school today (or tag clothes for a consignment sale, whatever). Had a good spring break, but I'm glad it's over.

On the agenda this week:
Spring Consignment sale this weekend. Need to get all my stuff tagged and turned in by 10am on Thursday. Since I need to buy Jonah's spring/summer wardrobe, I'll probably shop the pre-sale Thursday night to be sure I get what I want for him.

Friday night I'm hosting the book discussion for the Smial. We're up to the first three chapters of Book IV (second half of The Two Towers). Was thinking an olive stuffed pork loin for it, but now (since we just had two meals of pork tenderloin), lamb is sounding good. Decisions, decisions. I'll figure it out by Thursday, I guess.


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