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After my costume journal post this morning, Semagic helpfully notified me that there's a new version of it available. I naively downloaded and installed it thinking all my old drafts would remain untouched.

Goodbye beautifully pictured and formatted NC trip post from a month ago and god only knows what else I had stored away. I know, it's my fault for procrastinating and not posting this crap. But who honestly thinks that when they update a piece of software that the update is going to completely wipe away all data from the previous versions? Well, I didn't, so there!


Anyway, for anyone who missed it, we went camping in North Carolina about a month ago. All the pictures are here. I'm not writing that shit up again though, sorry. But I will give a brief synopsis.

It was a trip like most of our trips there: we set up camp in the same area (our super secret spot within like a quarter of a mile of the car), took the same hikes (mostly), got rained on a bit (only on our way out, so not really that bad), this time Jonah did quite a bit of hiking on his own (made it up the 1 mile/500-something ft ascent to Sam Knob), he got to eat marshmallows and chocolate milk for dinner because we forgot his hot dogs, drove into Asheville before heading home and got some pizza and beer and mead at Barley's Taproom, stocked up on stuff at Bruisin' Ales, checked out French Broad Chocolate Lounge (cayenne brownie and coffee, YUM! but pricey truffles of which we did not try), remarked on how we think we'd love to live in Asheville until we visit there and realize we'd probably grow tired of it very quickly (but you gotta love a place with Old Crow Medicine Show graffiti), got stuck in traffic on the way home, praised the gods of technology that we had a portable DVD player and a binder full of DVDs to keep Jonah entertained while we were on the road and finally arrived home safely and sufficiently exhausted and stinking.

Why I didn't just write that to begin with, I don't know. But it was going to be pretty! And with pictures!
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Last week was a week of listening to my body and doing what it thought it could do, instead of the scheduled runs. Nothing went as planned and I only got 4 days in, but some excellent progress was made. I'll take that happily.

Monday - 1 mile straight run; 1.79 miles in 22:06; 11:12 min mile
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 1.44 mile straight run; 1.96 miles in 23:27; 1st mile 11:24, 2nd .44 mile 4:07
Friday - 1.9 mile straight run; 2.53 miles in 29:17; 1st mile 10:38 (PR), 2nd .9 mile 9:27
Saturday - ~4.5 mile hike in 2:48:00 (Mossy Ridge trail in Percy Warner Park)/2 mile straight run; 2.53 miles in 30:16; 1st mile 11:09, 2nd mile 11:21 (logged approx. 7 total miles this day give or take)
Sunday - rest

Mileage Totals:
Week - 13.45
Month - 15.98
Year - 40.55

Reflections on last week, projections on this week and how running is changing my life. )
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Firstly, my heart goes out to [ profile] sailingwest, who's had more than her fair share of sorrow in the past two weeks. *hugs*

Secondly, after spending way too much on costume pieces for Jonah and I at Target today (even though it was all good deals, it adds up), I started rethinking the financial reality of this trip. It seems like we're incurring a lot of extra expenses this month and I don't want to be the cause of a household financial shortage, especially, with the holidays around the corner. So, as much as it pains me to say, I'm not coming to Asheville tomorrow after all. I know, I registered, I promised people I'd be there, but I'm just not going to be able to make the trip. *super sad panda*

[ profile] petullant, keep me updated on fun things going on in Asheville or Greenville and I will definitely have to try to make it over there to meet you guys.

[ profile] jkg_vader, [ profile] lordofhaladin, et al, I'll meet you guys at Dragon*con next year, if not before, somehow, somewhere.

As a consolation prize, I'm tagging along with Chris to his brew day tomorrow in the middle of nowhere just north of Huntsville.

Sunday, I'm hoping to go for a hike in the Warner Parks.

And tonight, as a bit of retail and horticultural therapy, I bought a new orchid at the grand opening of the new Trader Joe's in Green Hills. Just over a year ago, at the Whole Foods grand opening, I bought the Aspasia. Now, I've got a cute little Paphiopedilum (one of the slipper orchids) to join the family. It's not green, but it does have some neat green stripes. In fact, I stood there debating between four plants. There were two green and white Paphs and two burgundy, green and white ones. I felt the burgundy had more personality. I thought about it and picking out a new orchid for me is a little like picking a new pet from a pound. They all look so sad and cute and you want to take them all home. I'm still tempted by that lime green Dendrobium at the Kroger by our house though.
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Seriously, I didn't forget. I know it's been over a month, we've just been very busy and it's been hard to find time to sit down and finish my write up. We've even gone on another trip since then that I need to write about. So I've just got to finish this one now and get it out of the way. Otherwise, I'm going to forget what all we did.

Day 4 in Hawaii - Tuesday (our 2nd wedding anniversary) )

Day 5 in Hawaii - Wednesday )

Day 6 in Hawaii - Thursday )
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Ok, not that Sensi is a teenager, I just think he's sort of got the attitude of a teenager (independent, don't need you unless you want to feed me or pet me, run around doing whatever I want outside, out all day, comes home late at night sort of thing). Well, about a week ago, I let him out in the morning, as usual, and we haven't seen him since. He's been known to take off for 3 or 4 days at a time (usually comes home smelling like old lady perfume), but not usually this long. I did notice evidence that he came home in the middle of the night about 3 or 4 days ago. The stuff blocking the cat door was all shifted and there was food missing, but no sign of Sensi. I've promised Chris that if he doesn't come back we can keep one of Neko's adorable kittens, but I'd really like to have Sensi back, he's a sweetheart. I'm guessing he's probably hanging out with old lady and her perfume, so I may put out signs and see if anyone in the neighborhood has seen him. He's a sweet kitty, and I wouldn't put it past him to cuddle up to pretty much anyone. I just hope he's safe and happy. I know if we get him back, he's getting a collar and a tag before he's allowed back outside, that's for sure!!!

So speaking of kitties, we've got 4, maybe 5 depending, that need good homes in about a month. They're almost 3 weeks old, and absolutely adorable.

Yikes, my head is killing me, must be time for caffeine. I've been trying to eat more bananas lately, trying to keep my muscles from cramping when we go hiking and such (mmmm, potassium). Seems to be working pretty well. They just looked so good at Garden Cove last week. Anyway, I've noticed something, when I was a kid I remember bananas having seeds, kind of like a kiwi. But they don't anymore. Maybe I'm just nuts and remember something that wasn't really there, but I could have sworn they used to have seeds. Oh well, I had heard something not too long ago about there possibly being a shortage of bananas in the near future because those that they breed for companies like Dole and Chiquita (sp?) don't have seeds, therefore they don't reproduce, and the trees are starting to die from old age and other complications. Well, me having the interests and little bit of plant knowledge that I do would just say, CLONE 'EM!! However, I'm sure its not that simple. Perhaps cloning the trees would result in strange defects because of their already genetically engineered nature. Maybe I need to start growing my own, like so many other things I've taken upon myself. Unfortunately where we live now, almost all of my growing ventures must be done indoors in order to give things the lighting they need. Guess that's the downside of living in the woods. I just wish corporate bastards would stop messing with our foods.
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Well, we went to B'ham last night, great show musically, however very similar to the time I saw them before. Same antics, somewhat rehearsed, not quite like the phenomenal energy I witnessed last weekend, but still very good. I'm kind of disheartened at how Victor Wooten performs. He seems to be there to impress the audience, and in my standpoint, if I wasn't already impressed with his playing, I wouldn't have bought a ticket. Don't get me wrong, the guy has been playing since he was 2 years old, he's a phenomenal bass player, but I'd like to just see him play, that's all, just play. Not swinging his guitar around, doing magic tricks, and pulling out rehearsed choreography. I'm all for showmanship and such, but how far is too far?

The crowd sucked last night too, mostly yuppies ages 14-21 it seemed. About the same as most of the shows I've seen in B'ham. I just couldn't get my groove on though. Never really picked it up. Perhaps it was the crowd, perhaps it was how I felt about what I was seeing on stage, I don't know. Somewhat of a blessing in disguise though, I'd be a total mess at work today if I danced my ass off last night.

Luckily didn't drink much either. $10 minimum tab, stupid $4 for a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in a bottle, LAME!!! Not even that good of a pale ale. Chris said the bartender seemed to think they had "shitloads" of different kinds of beer, but then handed him a list of maybe 20 or so. Guess we're just spoiled from going to The Vortex in Atlanta last weekend (well over 150 different kinds of beer, I'd say probably over 200 actually with draft and bottled combined, and all those local brews, *drool*) Why do we have to live in crappy Alabama, with our crappy beer laws, and no one seems to want to open a brew pub or microbrewery cause there's too many rednecks who just plain like crappy Budwieser *gag*. What's a beer snob to do?!?! Move I guess.

Well, the venue was probably the best I've seen in Birmingham though. Called Workplay theater, there's a bunch of offices in it and then this really nice (looks pretty new) contemporary theater and bar. Hence the name Workplay. I told Brian we kind of have the ghetto version here working at Booksys with Crossroads two doors down.

Well, even though I'm sounding really negative about the whole thing, the show really was great through it all. Just not very energetic, which was what I was expecting. I'm just so spoiled by hippie shows where you feel like you're there with thousands of your brothers and sisters and best friends, and you can all get down and groove together.

Chris made me laugh, said he saw these girls dressed up in hippie garb (I'm guessing patchwork dresses or something) at the bar ordering martinis and talking about how their boyfriends were on a guys night out at the club. Has patchwork, corduroy and hemp jewelry become a uniform? Unfortunately though, on the way home we stopped to get gas and Chris realized he left his credit card at the bar. Paid his tab, and left it on the tray. Oh well, we probably don't need that thing right now anyway.

Well I suppose that's my rant for this morning. Still so groggy, came into work an hour late to try to get a bit more sleep, but we were out of coffee this morning, no caffiene, man, I'm sure by about noon I'll have a raging caffiene headache. Going to Brandy's house tonight for a dinner party, and Chris has to finish his group project for school right after work. Then tomorrow getting up to go hiking, man, Sunday I'm not moving from my couch, I swear!!


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