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Chris and I have been rocking out the outdoor projects for the past couple of months. We built a short fence out of cedar (which smells just like pencil shavings) around our A/C units with a gate so we could access the water faucet back there but also dampen some of the noise from the machines. It seems to work on both counts and gives us a little hidden storage and a nice clean look there. It also makes our patio seem a little more enclosed and private and so we've been contemplating not building a deck on top of it but rather tiling over the concrete (because I've seen it done and it looks super easy) and maybe later installing French doors in place of the dining room windows and building a covered deck over there. Regardless, we have got to rebuild our back steps ASAP. They're rotting and falling apart and they were a hazard even when they were brand new because of the odd angle at which they were built, so that needs to be fixed.

In building that little fence (by the way, we feel like total experts on fence construction now), we had to move the ornamental grasses that were there in front of the A/C units before and after much contemplation and consideration, I decided to create a new garden there that would envelope the little Japanese maple we had planted out from there before. I rearranged the grasses so they curved around creating a backdrop for the maple and I really like how it turned out. It needs more plants, but for now, it looks great! We finished it off with some mulch this past weekend while Chris' parents were here to keep Jonah entertained. I have a strong desire to plant some hardy ornamental banana trees there.

Also, on Saturday, we mulched and weeded the garden that's under the dining room windows and now borders the new A/C fence and this new garden. I need to get some summer annuals in there pronto, but it looks good for now, as the gladioli and cannas have risen and are thriving in all this rain (as is everything else). Just before dusk, we managed to get two flats of veggies and herbs planted into our now six 4'x4' plots for such. We went to Flowers Nursery out Briley this time (they've supplied All Seasons with their heirloom tomato plants in years past). They sell all their stuff in 4 packs of plants, so we wound up with 8 types of tomatoes, 8 types of peppers (though we missed a habanero and will need to remedy that), 2 types of eggplant, 1 each of zucchini, straight neck yellow squash and cucumbers. We planted the 4 packs little clusters that we'll sort of grow as one plant. I've never tried anything like this before, so we'll see how they do. It sure was much cheaper!

We picked up basil, tarragon and dill to put in our herb bed along side the peppermint, chocolate mint, thyme, oregano, parsley and sage we had there last year. Last year's basil plants turned into a huge shrub that crowded out our blueberry bushes. We'll see if these do as well.

Apart from all that, about a month ago I planted seeds in rows for 4 types of lettuces (a romaine, a bibb, and two types of leaf lettuce), a mix of 3 types of baby cabbages (red, green and savoy), a baby bok choy, cilantro (yes, a whole row of it) and green onions. I'm going to try to do successive plantings of those until it gets too hot for them to thrive.

We didn't get around to moving our raspberries, so I'm just going to have to be vigilant about keeping them contained. They really need their own space. They triple in size every year. I'd also like to start an asparagus bed.

Also, have I mentioned how much I absolutely love our garden shed!? We picked it up the weekend Chris bought his truck and got it all set up and stocked and I just totally love having it there. Again, it's really provided great storage in a tidy package, just like the fence around the A/C units. I sure hope I have before pictures of our yard when we bought this house somewhere. There was seriously no landscaping done when we first bought the place. We now have 7 gardens and we've planted 6 trees, 6 crepe myrtles and 15 shrubs, not counting the ones we've lost or the blueberries and raspberries.

I absolutely love this time of year. All the leaves are in, the growth is exponential with each rain and everything is still lush and new before the summer heat and drought comes.
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The day after my last post about the asshaberdashery of the insurance company we were dealing with, we had everything resolved and Chris and I took a trip out to Gallatin Friday afternoon to get the truck he wanted.


After enjoying the benefits of having a truck all weekend, it's a little easier to ignore the fact that we now have three years of debt because of it (unless we pay it off early, which we probably will).

Jonah had his second soccer game on Saturday morning at the ungodly hour of 8:30am. Sure, that doesn't sound like it's that bad, except that it takes an awful long time to get shin guards and tight knee socks on wobbly little legs that don't know the meaning of the word "still". Jonah's natural rising time is at about 8am, exactly when we should be leaving the house to get to the field in time. But we made it in plenty of time, despite waking a bit late and he was even fed and over his "you woke me up" grumpiness by the time we got there. The promise of a donut after the game probably helped.

The only issue was that we did not account for the blustery wind that was blowing at that hour. At least we weren't the only parents that were ill equipped. Chris and I would kick the ball around with Jonah on the side lines when he wasn't in the game to help keep him (and us) warm. But as we were leaving, I noticed the ball was starting to roll down the slope toward the ditch. Wanting to keep it out of the mud, I ran up to kick it up the slope. But when I planted my left foot next to the ball, my ankle rolled downhill and I went down momentarily. I could tell immediately this was not a "walk it off" injury. I've rolled my ankles before, but I've never had anything I'd call a sprain. This is awful!

Behind a cut because the bruising and swelling is rather gross. )

I've been trying my best to take it easy and follow the RICE rules (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation), but I'm not so good at the R part and I've probably not used enough I or E because I'm not doing R. But I do keep it wrapped snuggly in an ace bandage all day and I sleep with it elevated. This morning, after prolonged icing last night and taking it easy yesterday, I've noticed that the swelling looks to have gone down by about half. But now, I'm noticing new bruises on the right side of the ankle as well as a slight discoloration throughout all of the swelled parts. Waking in the morning is the worst time. It gets settled in a relaxed position and I have to bend it back closer to a working angle to wrap it. Once it's wrapped, I'm usually okay for the rest of the day, but that transition between positions is excruciating! The rest of my body is starting to feel the strain of compensating for the ankle as well. I've got to take it easier until I'm healed.

One good thing, since I have to take frequent breaks, it actually looks like I'm going to get my reading done for the book discussion on Friday. We're starting Return of the King. Wow, we've been doing this for a really long time. Fellow smialites, is this year 2 or 3 since we started discussing LOTR?

Despite my crippledness, I still managed to help Chris put up the garden shed we had bought and could finally bring home because YAY TRUCK! I didn't do much but hold panels up so he could hammer them together, but it was something. Then I stocked it with all the tools and supplies that have been rusting out in the elements for years as well as a full shelf worth of stuff out of the garage. I want to outfit it with a loft for storing seedling flats and some pegboard and hooks for tools, but for now, everything is out of the way and accessible and tidy.

I also got the last of the clean up done in the gardens on Sunday. After cleaning out the entire garage the weekend before, my missing shears never turned up. So we bought some new ones and we got all the ornamental grasses clipped back just in time for the new growth to start popping up. The guy came to mow the grass yesterday for the first time, so the yard is starting to wake up out of winter funk.

Apart from that, I have a list of things I've vowed to finish before I start any new projects. I'm slowly crossing things off of it, but I've got some tremendous guilt about some of the things I've procrastinated. Nothing to do but just get them done though. The longer I take to finish them, the worse it gets. I've always said my mantra should be better late than never, but damn it, that's not good enough. I feel like I'm screaming "THIS IS WHY I'LL NEVER BE AN ADULT!" at myself. *sigh*
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Actually, I was barefoot, but that's neither here nor there.

I had to keep Jonah home yesterday because he had thrown up at school on Tuesday. I don't know what made him throw up (though I have some theories). He never ran a fever and after making him take it slow with ginger ale and water crackers after I picked him up Tuesday, he was ready for real food again by 4pm that day. Yesterday he was totally back to normal, running around the house and playing just like always. After lunch, he wanted to go outside and even coaxed me out to play with him.

Of course once I got outside, we didn't play but instead we started cleaning up the gardens. By the end of the day, we had cleaned out all of last season's dead growth in three gardens. Jonah had fun pulling up the pepper plants and knocking the dirt off the roots. He kept saying, "I'm doing a really good job. I'm a good helper." Untangling the dead tomato plants from the Tormato supports we had built last year was a little tricky and slowed us down a bit. But we eventually got it all done. Also, tomatillo husks look really neat after a winter in the elements. All that's left of them are the veins and so they look like little lacy paper lanterns. I kept one to put on the shelf of little natural knick-knacks we have in the den.

Speaking of the Tormato supports, they are by far the best method of supporting tomato plants we have used to date and I plan to build another four of them this year! They're kind of pricey to build and look a little funny in the garden (we get a lot of questions about them, since you can see them peaking over the fence) but they freakin' work beautifully and I think they'll hold up for quite a while. I can't find it in any of the gardening email I get now and I'm not going to sift through the stack of catalogs I have to find it, but I noticed one of the companies I regularly order with is selling something very similar to the Tormatoes this year. It's a collapsible version (basically just the coiled pex tubing) that attaches to a stake somehow. I don't remember exactly, but I remember thinking, "Ha! They ripped off the Tormato!"

Anyway, I feel really accomplished and plan to make the most of today out there as well before the rain comes tomorrow. Seems like it's supposed to be a nice weekend too, but I sort of hope to have all my yard work done by then so I can enjoy the cleaned up yard for the weekend. Sounds like Chris might have some projects in mind to try to get done as well. And I suppose if we're going to move the vegetable beds this year, we should probably get those dug and built and prepped. Then there's the deck we should do sooner rather than later because our back steps are falling apart and the sooner we get it done, the more we can enjoy it before it's unbearably hot.

Lots to do and this year I actually care enough to do it. Last year was a total gardening fail year for me because I just didn't care at all and only did the bare minimum. But this year I think I'll put a tad more effort into it, at least in the spring. It's my hope to get it to a point where I don't have to do much after about May except harvest veggies and the occasional weeding and wrangling of raspberries and mint as they get out of control.

Off to get dirty!
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A lengthy, photo heavy entry on our trip to Asheville is festering in the browser on my laptop, but there's other stuff going on... mostly gardening.

Today, we had to bid farewell to our largest tree. I noticed while I was out in the yard with Jonah on Monday that it was leaning considerably. We've been keeping an eye on it for a couple of seasons; watching it lose large branches & develop holes between the roots & the soil. A guy came out to look at it yesterday morning & suggested we get it cut out as soon as possible. The tree had three leads that met on about a 2 or 3 foot tall trunk. The lead that aimed directly at our neighbours' house had developed a crack all the way through the trunk to the ground. I'm honestly not sure what was still holding it up. Once we accepted his bid, he called up his climber to come out & help him tie it off to one of the other two leads, which were still sturdy & healthy, so it wouldn't fall on our neighbours' house overnight before they could get back out this morning. Now there's a huge hole in the yard & I don't just mean the one in the ground. The whole yard is changed it seems. We're going to go out this weekend & find the biggest maple we can get to replace it.

On the plus side, while they were out here, we had them cut out the burning bush which was way too big of a shrub to be where it was (I had to severely prune it twice each spring), as well as the two holly stumps that WILL NOT DIE! Both of those had been cut out before we bought the house. Both stumps kept sprouting up from the roots. One was in the front garden where I wrestled with its roots every spring & fall as I was planting. I'm very glad to have those all gone! I also just realized that was the last of the landscaping that was done before we got our hands on this place. All prior foundation plantings are now gone. I can now finish putting in the rest of the 8 flats of pansies I started planting last weekend, unobstructed by stupid holly roots.

Also, we just now have the first tomatillos on our plant. Lots of them! Hope they finish before frost.

Other than that:
I'm wrestling with fabric options for my bridesmaid dress (wants vs budget vs fabric snobbery) as I begin putting together my mockup.

Jonah's potty tra ining is still going well with slow but frequent improvement.

We've got one more "free" weekend before we pretty much have stuff every weekend until the end of the year.

We finally have another soccer game this weekend. We missed 2 weeks ago & last weekend was a bye. I'm sure Jonah has missed it.

Jonah's teacher asked me about my jewelry yesterday which sent me scrambling to renew expired listings after handing her a business card. I'm utterly embarrassed by how much I've neglected that stuff. I've got a ton of stuff that needs to be photographed & listed. A ton of stuff that I made almost a year ago & never listed. Yes, it's despicable. My last entry on my jewelry blog was freaking lamp pulls! Maybe I can squeak out an hour or two per week to devote to this. Agggh! Too much stuff, no time!

I'm just not even going to think about writing again until after the new year. Okay, one quick thing: it's important that my romance is just something to get readers emotionally invested in the characters & that it doesn't become the focus of the story. A romance is not a plot! I refuse to even open my document for fear of getting sucked in (or seeing how bad it is after some distance). After talking to some people about it at Dragon*Con, I realize just how many questions are still unanswered. I've only scratched the surface here. Huge project is ENORMOUS! I think my next big question to answer will be "why is there a war & how does that all fit in?" I've got to stop filing these away under "answer eventually" & start picking them off one by one until the blanks are filled.

I suppose I'll stop rambling & relax some tonight. The weather is absolutely gorgeous lately, if not a little chilly for my tastes at night. Having the windows open during the day has been nice, except for today when I was inundated by the smell of two stroke engines. Maybe I'll get the Asheville post fished up tomorrow.

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I've got a long, (though shorthanded) entry in the works to recap my very busy week last week. The week that I thought was going to beat me into submission at around Wednesday, but I owned it. I freakin' OWNED IT!

Anyway, today, as Nikki of Moms who drink and swear or more specifically, Nikki's Blithering Blog* would say, Thursday is my bitch!

*I can not thank [ profile] cleopatramwi enough for sharing those nuggets of unorthodox joy

Wednesday dragged me down into a pit and attempted to drown me, much like last Wednesday, actually, but more emotional. But Thursday? No, Thursday is MY BITCH!

Let me show you it. )
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Thursday morning when I returned from taking Jonah to school, I started, at first just pulling up the dead stalks that used to be asters in the front garden. I have four groups of lovely little asters that were starting to sprout this year's foliage, so I thought it was time last year's depart to compost. But I couldn't stop there. I opened the garage and got clippers to trim up the dead ends of various Dutch and German irises that had risen from the ground prematurely, only to be yellowed or browned by various freezes over winter. I still couldn't stop. Not while my pansies were springing back to life with vigor and colorful new buds practically begged me for a dose of fertilizer. So, I sprinkled out some "Colorburst" granules and also some slug/snail bait on the asters, since I saw a few munching on the baby leaves there. At that point, I stood back approvingly then inspected the liriope for any new growth. Still no new blades peaking up, so I've got time to cut them back without having to worry about cutting off the tops of this season's growth.

I grabbed another cup of coffee, then headed to the back yard to clean up the veggie bed and the bed of annuals in front of the dining room window. Chris had started the dining room garden a few weeks ago while we were out in the backyard doing nothing in particular (or maybe daydreaming about a deck). Then, I decided while I was at it, I would go ahead and prune the trees back there. I dragged the rake and a trashcan around to pick up behind my work. Then noticed an increase in the mist that was coming down. I opted to save the grasses for another day (I've got five plants of two kinds of miscanthus in the back around the HVAC units which need to be cut down like the liriope in front, to make way for this year's growth). I also chopped down the raspberry brambles and clipped a couple of the taller branches off of the blueberry plants to hopefully encourage bushing. I noticed one of the river birch trunks is starting to get its trademark peeling. Quite lovely and I'm looking forward to watching that clump grow.

So, spring has sprung in the yard, though I'm sure we've got some wintry weather still in the forecast for even the next month, perhaps. I managed to get everything prepped for spring growth before lunch on Thursday and felt really accomplished. I have, however, resigned to not doing too much new in the yard this year. We might build a deck. We've got a section of overgrowth (privet and Virginia creeper mostly, with some trumpet vine and pokeweed for good measure) to clear now that we've torn down that side of the fence and we'll replace what's there with a row of crepe myrtles, I think and maybe intersperse with lower growing shrubs like azaleas and/or nandina or something.

Other than that, I'm not messing with seeds, other than direct sow this year (can't go without my lime green zinnias). But I'm not cutting any new beds, apart from digging up this overgrown section to replant it. I want to spend a week at most in April planting summer annuals, herbs and veggies and mulching. I've got too much else going on this year for this to be a huge focus consuming all my free time for a month. But, I certainly don't want to do nothing out there either. Also, I know the fruit/herb bed is going to require some battling of nut grass this summer as it comes back and I'm sure I'm going to have to battle this overgrowth we're about to yank out for a while as well. Also, also, my indoor plants could REALLY use some TLC.

But, in the realm of table saws and nail guns, we finished the fence yesterday with the exception of cutting the tops off the boards and posts. I hope the dogs appreciate it. It's only taken us 1.5+ years to finish that project (three installments, starting July 2008 the other two more sensibly in March 2009 and 2010).

Now I'm hoping to turn my focus to getting this house cleaned and organized and perhaps take up some crafty stuff again. At least until Chris decides to start building a deck or install hardwood floors downstairs. (plz help)
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For those of you wondering, yes, I do exist outside of Twitter and direct email and comments on other people's LJ or responses to my Facebook status updates (which are just regurgitated tweets). I've even been keeping up with everyone fairly well. But I've got a backlog of things I want to put up here. I know a couple of the entries will take a little while to hammer out, so I've been avoiding them in order to work on things that were more important like OMG 1ST CRAFT SHOW EVAR! Now, most of that is over and I've got a couple of weeks of normal busy before OMG JONAH'S 3RD BIRTHDAY hits. So, I'm going to try to knock those out in the next few days.

In the meantime, what I've been up to:

A list, yay! )
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Hmm, how best to tackle this? A LIST!

1. Jewelry - I'm doing my first show on Nov. 7th at Ceder Grove Elementary School's Fall Festival. This was a tough decision since it's the same weekend as the Superhero 5k and this will be the second year in a row I've missed it. But, I'm trying to grow a business here and should respond positively when I'm contacted about such things. Got a call from the PTO president last night to confirm. It's a done deal, I'm in, just need to send a check for my booth fee.

2. Costuming - Working on Elseworld Batgirl (my progress here). Originally it was for the Superhero 5k. Then was going to do it for Halloween. Now I'm slowing work on it (practically halted) and just shooting to have it as a "just because" costume. I need to work on convincing myself it's ok to make costumes just because anyway. Since I'm spending money in my hobby budget on getting jewelry made for the show, there's not much left for Batgirl. I've got quite a bit to continue work as I'm able, just lacking a few things to finish it off. I do at least want to finish some of the armor by the end of the month in order to have a tutorial ready for ConCraft. Which brings me to. . .

3. ConCraft - It's not my baby, but I'm certainly having a lot of fun with the idea and the work. I'm keeping a running list of articles I'd like to write at some point. A lot of those articles are going to require new projects. So, not only is it giving me some good practice at writing but also it's keeping my costuming mojo alive and well. I need to get back into dyeing.

4. Gardening - Tried to do my pansies from seed this year. They got washed out because I didn't have the sense to protect them from all this rain. D'OH! Did get some more spring bulbs on the cheap though and I'm excited to have lots more tulips and a few more irises ready for the spring.

5. Job - I'm applying today for the same greenhouse I tried in the spring for some part time seasonal work. Saw a sign there the other day. It's not like I need the work nor do we really need the money. I just sort of want to do it. Strategically wearing my Jamaican Bat Guano Organic Fertilizer shirt today and will go in before picking Jonah up this afternoon to chat with them about the position(s) they're filling and gardening in general. Think face time and an inflexible part time schedule might have been what I lacked in the spring.

6. Silver Screen Accessories - I've bought up domains, secured usernames and all the other things I did for Gaia's Jewel in the spring for Silver Screen Accessories. I plan to start working hard on this after the craft show and want to have some items available by the end of the year. I'm going to start with mostly movie replica accessories (Elizabeth Swann's hat and baldric from Dead Man's Chest, Hermione's ribbon belt from Prisoner of Azkaban, etc.). I'm leaving the door wide open for custom accessories as well. I want to offer those hard to find and hard to make items that most costumers who mostly only sew have trouble securing. I can't complete entire costumes fast enough (or professionally finished enough) to sell them. But the accessories, I'm pretty good at and can do a lot of them pretty quickly. I got the idea as I was making my pirate hat. I thought, "man, I could make like 10 of these in a day and sell them!" It also gives me the opportunity to make costume jewelry and not mix it in with the stuff at Gaia's Jewel.

And with all that, I've got to check my sanity at picking up an application for a greenhouse today. Maybe I won't take it back up there after all. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days I work on all this stuff and I'd lose that. Hmm.
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Picked up the unsold clothes yesterday and was disappointed to see only about 15-20 sold (if my counts are right). I immediately decided I'd try to do more than just the sale in November. The good news is, most sales will work with you on tags and consignor numbers from other sales. So all the items that are tagged won't have to be re-tagged in most cases. I've got my eye on four more sales. I won't be shopping any of them, since Jonah is set for everything but shoes and socks, both of which I prefer to get new.

I'm exhausted today for some reason. Mostly I think it's because I didn't get very good sleep last night. Took me forever to finally fall asleep and it wasn't very restful.

A fair and balanced weekend (no, it had nothing to do with Fox News, I assure you). )
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Just keep tagging, just keep tagging, just keep tagging, tagging, tagging. . .

Needless to say, I did not make last night's drop. I've got until noon today to get these clothes to the church holding the sale. I at least have them all on hangers and sorted into seasons (as of going to bed last night). So, now I have a better idea of exactly what has to be tagged and it's about 2/3rds of it. I have a lot of stuff that still has tags on it. Ah, my mother-in-law, buying more than we can use (and buying onesies for a 2 year old?). She just sees a deep discount and can't resist picking it up, even if it's fugly or we have 10 of them already. She likes to do it though, so I don't say anything about it. I'll be glad when this is over.

Sushi again last night for dinner. Turned out much better, though still not quite right. We need to get our knives sharpened too. Badly. Jonah also discovered he likes pickled ginger. ;)

Got the first of two packets of pansy/viola seeds in yesterday. As it turns out, my order with the other company did not go through, so I placed it again yesterday. I found some lime green pansies and couldn't resist. So, it'll be lime green, shades of blue (a type that opens pale sky blue and matures to cobalt), and apricot/peach up front. Then, of course, I'll do yellows and reds for the back bed near he dinning room windows. I've got enough seeds for the equivalent of 7 total flats of flowers for $30 (including shipping, which was basically the cost of another packet of seeds from each place). Not sure when the others will come in, but I will get these sown next week. I'm determined! Then I shouldn't have to do much seed shopping in the spring, except for the direct sow stuff like the zinnias, cosmos and marigolds.

The plumber made it out yesterday and took the full two hour appointment time to check out our system. As it turns out, we need a few things replaced (or so he says). It was all a little shady though. He wrote up a quote for all the work that he felt needed to be done, but gave three prices. One, the price we'd pay if we weren't club members; two, the club member price; three, the price he'd be willing to do it for if we called for him specifically, because he felt the prices his company charges aren't fair. At least two of the things we could easily do ourselves (replacing flappers in the toilets that are leaking a bit, they charge $117 to do that, he said he'd do it for $10 each). Our water pressure was also up really high and I'm not sure he did any other diagnostic to determine that the regulator wasn't working other than just noting it was only rated for 75-90something PSI and our pressure was up at 110 (because Chris cranked it up back when we were trying to run more than one sprinkler at a time). Another one of the things was replacing our washing machine hoses with no break hoses. I think that's something we could handle too. So, all in all, I think we're going to look up the few things that actually need to be replaced and see how hard it would be to do it ourselves, then go from there. And I don't think we'll be renewing our membership because it seems the come out and do these checkups to tell you that you need $500 worth of work done and charge an insane amount for the work they do (would have been $1000 for the club prices). Him being, perhaps, more open with me than he should have has made me start to think about finding another company to do business with. I'm starting to question all the work they've done for us now. The techs are great and do a good job, but the company itself and their pricing seem suspect.

The HVAC guy will be out Monday morning, since we had a rather vigorous thunderstorm at our appointment time yesterday. After all, who wants to stand out in the lightning fiddling with HVAC units if they don't have to?

Now to attack this tagging with a quickness!
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Running and jewelry making. If I'm able to accomplish even a small amount of both, I'll feel fantastic. These are two things that have been drastically neglected while I've been doing other things. I hope to be done with gardening aside from maintenance by the end of the week (yes, I said this last week, but whatever). Then I want to be able to get back to the things I was doing before it got warm. There's a race in less than two weeks that I really wanted to run. Who knows, maybe I'll still register for it, just to see if I can pull it off. But lord knows I'm not really ready for it. Also, in the wish list is to find some time for sewing. I know, adding three things to the schedule in one month sounds enormous, but I think I can do it. Baby steps in each, that's all I ask.


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