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Still plugging away on the Blood Red gown, though I haven't made as much progress as I'd like, I'm still making progress and that's really what's important to me right now. Regardless, I'm not letting the looming date of Halloween put me in a frenzy of sewing where I'll compromise quality to have it done, as I have with this gown before. I've had to undo so much that I did wrong because of that before. All in all, I'm going to be much happier with the result this time than I would have been had I finished it in a hurry two years ago.

Unfortunately, I haven't made any forward motion on gathering items for Jonah's costume either, though. I need to pick a day next week to drag him around town to do just that. Luckily there's a strip of Charlotte Pike that has like 3 or 4 thrift stores within a mile or two of each other and I should be able to gather most of the stuff there. Other than that, a trip to Party City for some beard hair (wonder if the new one on Charlotte is open yet, that would be awesome) and a trip to Michael's or somewhere similar for some felt and that should do it.

Thursday night I joined some of the lovely ladies of the Nashville Smial of the Tolkien Society and the LOTR Tennessee Fellowship to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I would LOVE an opulent Elizabethan gown, but my skills are no where near there yet. Her armor was fantastic too! Definitely a drool worthy watch. It was fantastic to meet some of the local Tolkien fans as well. I look forward to so many more outings with them all!

I registered for A Long Expected Party and they'll be receiving my deposit check shortly. So now, I'm looking in my stash to see what pieces of costumes I have and what I can attempt to get done in the next year for that. I'd also like one or two outfits to wear to the Ren Faire in May that do not have trains (I couldn't bear dragging silks through all that dust and dirt, or if we're unlucky, mud). I've got one meager piece of the Chase outfit (just the lace for the collar, that still needs to be stripped of it's red and overdyed with grey). Another one I thought about was the Shieldmaiden. It's something I wouldn't have to wear a wig for which is fantastic, especially if it happens to be hot. And although I'd really love to have Galadriel's Mirror gown done by next September, I just don't see it happening, not within the budget I have to work with anyway. Perhaps if I get enough Christmas money to pay for the beaded/embroidered fabric from Bindu, I could pull it off. But then I'd want to make the crown and the brooch and such and I'm not sure my soldering and cutting skills will be up to par. I think I could pull off the brooch, even already have the mother-of-pearl disc(s), but the crown intimidates me. I suppose I could always do without the crown for now though. I also have an "inspired by" idea that will turn out to look similar to the triad of Arwen jumper gowns in ROTK. I've got that overgown I dyed that turned out not dark enough for the Blood Red gown, but it really is a lovely shade of dark blue/navy with a purplish cast. Bindu has this gorgeous ivory/gold/silver brocade that I'd love to pair it with and Dinesh has a lovely jacquard trim in similar colors that could be beaded. That same trim is what I thought I'd get if I decide to try a Starry Mantle. That would be another sort of simple Eowyn gown I could try to have done for ALEP. The Victory gown would be another trainless one to try, but not cheap and not easy (with those raglan sleeves). Of course there's the Refugee, but I've just never been very drawn to that one. As far as what I already have on hand, all I need are lining and trims for the Angel gown and it can be done. I think I might need more muslin as well, and that goes for anything I attempt unless I've already got a pattern worked out somewhere.

So, there's a lot of "maybes" in that list. I guess I need to look at what I really want, what I already have and what I think I can do and/or afford. I don't want to make a long list of unattainable goals. But first, to finish the one at hand. . .
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Last week, I was determined to get these drapes done. I have finished them all but the bottom hem. I'm still working with the rolled hem foot, trying to get the hang of that. I hope to finish them today. I'm going to redo the one I had already finished. It's just too sloppy for me to be happy with it. I keep thinking about just doing a regular half inch hem, but I'm really trying to practice this rolled hem since there are so many things I'd like to use it on. I really need to learn it and the best way is just to keep trying. The only problem is, it seems like if I get a lot of sewing done, the housework suffers. I've got to figure out how to make time for both.

So, now that the sewing bug has bitten again, and while Jonah is still content to sit in his high chair across the kitchen table from me and watch me sew, I've been thinking about what's next, when the drapes are done. I have a couple of unfinished projects and several that never got started that I have most of the materials for.

The one that comes to mind first is the Blood Red gown, but I'm considering replacing some of my materials on that and I'd like to keep from having to buy anything just yet.

I still have a hem to put on the Dream gown, another rolled hem project to get some more practice.

I also have a shirt I had planned to make, but I think I might need some lining fabric for it.

I contemplated continuing on with the drapes and doing the navy velvet ones for Jonah's room. I have to check and see how that looks with the valances that came with his bedding set. I think it might be a good way to tie the set in with the upholstery, but I'm also afraid it might be too much dark, heavy fabric for such a small room.

Aside from all that, there are our kitchen chairs that need new cushions. I have the old ones to make a pattern from and I can even reuse the foam. But I've been waiting because I wanted to do each chair in a different color of dupioni and the stuff is just a little expensive to buy on a whim. But Discount Fabric USA has a sale going on until Friday. I think all their dupioni is $12/yd. They have tons of colors, several that I was looking at getting for this. I'm also still on the hunt for a good red/black cross dye for the dining room drapes, but I might wait until we get a table and chairs for in there, since I might want to recover cushions to match (the table we like has navy cushions and the room is yellow, gold and red).

I think I might try to do Jonah's drapes next. I really felt out of practice when I started these and I'm already feeling a lot more comfortable, so more drapes would be more easy work to get me back into the swing of things. Plus, I'd really not like to start anything wearable until I finally alter my dress form cover. I never got around to that and I really think that was a lot of my problem. Maybe that'll be my next project.

Oh, and another thing, syfabrics has restocked their silk velvet! They've got the navy again, also the white as well as a ton of new colors including a deep rose that I think would be gorgeous for the Rose gown and a gorgeous deep red that I love despite not having a project for it. It's a little more expensive than I remember it being (like maybe $1 or so more per yard), but it's still one of the cheapest places I've seen for silk velvet.

Well, off to throw some laundry in and finish these drapes. See, balance. ;]
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So, I'm up, can't sleep (clown will eat me). As I laid there trying to fall asleep, I kept thinking of my unfinished projects (costuming projects that is), prioritizing them in my head and ripping through visual details. Too much activity in the brain for falling asleep. But sometimes, that's when I get my best ideas and I just have to get up and get them written. Unfortunately, I decided to waste time by checking email and such before starting to write, so naturally it's all gone. Or at least most of it is anyway.

I think I've come to terms with the fact that I'm not going to feel completely comfortable spending more (or much) money on my hobbies until I have some sort of income myself again. I'm just not used to not making money. But, I've got a lot going on already without really having to buy many more materials. I may need a few minor things here and there, but overall, I think I've got most of the fabric for at least 2 costumes (off the top of my head, all I need is lining and trim for the Angel gown and velvet for Aragorn's Council Velvet outfit). Other than that, I've got the unfinished Blood Red gown and a Dream gown that needs a hem still (granted that's a small job, but it's on my list regardless). I've got plenty to keep me busy for quite a while without having to spend more money. It's a given I need to finish all of that before I proceed with new projects.

Still, I've got this unrelenting urge to set up goals to have completed by next Dragon*Con. I expect after Christmas, I'll be committing myself to going for sure. But, I still have no idea what demands on my time and energy to expect from motherhood. From what I'm told, I shouldn't be expecting to even finish the above list, let alone anything in addition to it. Still, there are two costumes I'd like to add to it, but I don't want to even list either one here. Guess they'll be my secret projects if I get to them. ;]

Still nothing on the home decor projects we have planned. I'm waiting for some checks to clear to see if we even have money to do that this month.
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'Forest Floor' another masculine necklace, and me being a geek about jewelry inventory )

So, enough about that, back to sewing. I haven't progressed on the wedding gown, felt lazy last night and Tuesday night was the brew club meeting. Monday night I think we did some cleaning instead and I just never got to it. Week nights are still jam packed, even though there are no more late nights now with Chris out of school.

However, I spent maybe 30 minutes last night playing with a wrap skirt design using the silk velvet that I tried so desperately to turn charcoal grey. It's a lovely color in itself and I think I'm going to follow through with this design for some everyday clothes (with just a touch of elvish flair). The color of the velvet goes so lovely with the silver sash belt. I took some pics of it, but I think I might also try to sketch out an idea. But no projects will get attention until the wedding gown is done. I've also got on hold a silk shirt using a paisley jacquard (that needs to be dyed) and paisley silk velvet for the sleeves. If the dyes come out like I hope, it would go nicely with this skirt.


Oct. 7th, 2005 06:09 pm
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Neckline is all but done on the Blood Red gown, and I'll do the upper sleeves tonight. And the mockup for the undergown will be complete. Have I mentioned how much I hate only having an hour or two a day to work on this stuff? *sigh* All in good time, that too will change [hopefully].

My thoughts on the neckline )

Now that I'm in mid-project, of course I'm looking to the future and starting to think about what will come after this. I've decided that even though I might buy a couple of fabrics for costumes after I'm done with Halloween, I'm not going to start on anything until my wedding gown is done. I'll just feel better about it if I get it done before next year begins. One less thing to worry about.

Thoughts on the wedding gown )

Thinking outloud on future projects )
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I've got a spankin' new 120GB hard drive! So now I'm having to reinstall everything. No photoshop is killing me. ;]

This week in projects. . . )


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