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Can't slow down for a proper post, but Batgirl progress can be seen here in reverse chronological order. Back to the sweat shop!
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I'm hammering away at my lists and rockin' the socks off this thing right now, all on just 4 hours of sleep last night. I'm just now slowing down for a bit to enjoy one of the most beautiful nights we've had in a long time. Chilly even!

I feel like I've been moving so fast my vision is blurred. I shoot pics as I get to a point of interest. But my lists are so long, it's likely I won't slow down to post them until after D*C.

Today, I went out shopping for all the last bits & pieces I think I need. I scored mirror finsh sunglasses for $1. I popped the lenses out to install in the eye holes of my cowl. One is drying as I type this.

I snagged a pair of shoes with soles close enough to what I wanted, but not too heavy and close enough in size to construct the shoes into the suit. Those were $3 at Goodwill. The gel insoles I got were more than 3 times that much! I had to take a coping saw to them to get the soles off and made a huge mess, but they're in pieces & ready to be glued once I'm ready for them. Italians make some really well made shoes, let me tell you. These were probably really nice at one time but the suede on them was dryrotted in spots. They were really hard to pull apart, though.

Let's see, what else? I've been gluing stuff like crazy. My spikes are on my gauntlets and need 1-2 more coats of 3-d fabric paint before I start sealing the whole thing to prep for paint. I'm using the paint kind of like caulk to seal up the creases where the foam is joined. It's probably not going to look seamless, but it might wind up looking like welding which is kind of cool.

I've backed all my armor pieces in black cotton gauze fabric as per penwiper's foam armor instructions. The only thing I'm doing differently is using either spray paint or acrylic/latex paint for the finish. I know it won't be as durable, but I don't have time for the Rub-n-buff steps.

My pauldrons are still waiting for backing because I didn't figure out how I was going to join them until I was settling into bed at 4am this morning (yes really). The glue is also currently drying on those, then I can proceed with backing them and sealing everything to get them all ready for paint.

I've also got a stencil ready for the bat emblem on the catsuit. Need to make one for the belt.

I think that's pretty much everything for now. Tomorrow will be a day spent at the sewing machine getting as many of the sewing related things crossed off my list as possible (hopefully all of them).

Need to try on & inspect all my other costumes as well.

8 days! I can do this!

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I got my cowl in today, which is freakin' awesome (both that it shipped so amazingly fast & the cowl itself is pretty awesome). I'll take pics tomorrow before and after I slice it up. I'm so glad I bought this thing. Jonah thinks it's pretty cool, too. He wanted me to wear it longer but it's hard to breathe in until I cut off the piece under the nose. Also, it had been baking in the mailbox for a few hours.

I've gotten all of my armor pieces cut out of the foam. Next, I have to shape and glue them as needed and add the snaps.

I dusted off some archaic geometry knowledge to create a pyramid pattern that will work for the spikes on the gauntlets. Have I mentioned they're my favorite part?

I've also started working on the cloth portions of the belt. I plan to hide a couple of pockets in the back of it just big enough for my phone and a little money/card pouch.

I have not started altering the catsuit, but I washed it hoping to get rid of some extra dye that was coming off on my hands and to see if it might shrink a bit. It seems like it has, but still needs to be taken in a bit. It is my hope to wrap up this weekend with mostly just the catsuit stuff left to do. But it is a weekend & mine are typically worthless as far as these things go. We'll see I guess.

12 days!

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As amended to today's earlier post, I ordered a Batman cowl. It's latex, comes all the way to the shoulders and looks pretty decent in the pics. However, it's made by Rubies and that name always makes me cringe just a little bit. However, however, it's gotten really great reviews by people who claim to be huge Batman fans and it is part of their deluxe/collector's line which tends to look a little better. It's not exactly right, but it'll work well enough and no one is going to notice the discrepancies except me. It blew more than half of my remaining budget, but I feel it's worth it. Seeing how many lines I crossed off my to-do list today just from making this purchase... yeah, it's worth it. One of those time/money/accurate things.

Other than that, I got the rest of my armor pieces patterned out. The gauntlets are my favorite part. :) I'm almost done patterning the belt pieces. I have high hopes for tomorrow. I'm turning off the wireless on my laptop and the ringers on the phones as soon as I get back from dropping Jonah off at school. If anyone wants to reach me, it'll have to wait until after 3pm.

Pics of the finished cape. )
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Yesterday was Jonah's first day back at school. He goes two days per week, but we're going to get put on a waiting list for a third (hoping it will help with the last bit of potty training). It was so hard to pull myself out of the reverie in quietude that I didn't really get working until lunch time.

Even still, I managed to finish the cape completely and got the helmet 75% glued together. I also made a list of everything I have left to do. It's a lot when itemized, but I'm still confident and determined. I've got pics of the cape and the progress on the helmet, but I'm not taking time out to post those just yet. Maybe tonight.

Another small victory: the catsuit just arrived. It's perfect! Except it's actually a little too big. Better than being too small, I guess. I ordered the size based on my height, which I guess was good, because the torso is still a tiny bit short and gaps where it stretches over the arch in my back and the space between my ribcage and bust.

I tried it on along with my extra boobs, which are a definite must. I wasn't sure until I tried on the suit without them and the vertical stretch in the torso swallowed my breasts. That just won't do. Not for busty Elseworld Batgirl!

I'm thinking of putting some darts in the back to make it curve more naturally. If I don't get around to that, no biggie. The cape will cover the back most of the time anyway.

There's a lot of extra length in the limbs though and it has a tendency to sag a bit in the arms and legs. The shoulder seems want to creep down my biceps. But these are all minor issues really and I can deal and make alterations later, as I think this one is going to stick around in my active inventory for a little while.

I need to wash it though, because it turned my fingernails a bit black just in trying it on for a bit. It's kind of weird to have a full coverage suit. It's kind of like stepping into a second skin. It'll be better once I cut a face hole.

One hiccup that I think is still fixable: I tried on my helmet and it's not going to work. I still have one seam left to close (the center front) and I don't think I can close it as it stands and still have it fit on my head. It's fine when I get it into place, but getting it onto my head is the problem. I curved the back at the base of the skull inward too much. I think I can pull it apart in the back, glue up the front and then try to re-glue the back to leave it a bit more open so that the angle kind of drops straight down from the back of the head. Sucks because it's backtracking (undoing some of the work I did yesterday), but the whole thing is useless if I can't put it on, so, I'll do what needs to be done. Also sucks because I used E6000 to glue it together and it's really holding well. It guess that's good, but not in this situation.

Well, back to it...

ETA: As I began trying to pull apart the foam and glue and seeing what it was doing to itself (not pretty), I decided to look online and see what I could find in the way of Batman cowls commercially available. Rubies makes a decent looking and decently rated deluxe latex version and for less than $30 shipped, it's worth it to me to set this aside, buy that one and potentially be able to modify it to my needs rather than mess with this thing anymore.

Ah, I feel better already. Estimated delivery 24th-27th. Plenty of time to do what I'll need to do to it (namely cut off everything below the nose and add silver lenses to the eye holes).

ETA2: Wow! It's already shipped! Says estimated delivery August 27th. Kind of pushing it, but still plenty of time to make the couple of changes I'll need to make to it. Not enough time to do anything about it if it won't work for some reason, though.
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I got nothing done over the weekend, which is petty much par for the course as far as my weekends go.

Today, I took the plunge and untaped the helmet from the head form (it held its shape nicely). I made a piece to reinforce the interior and give me something to glue onto and began gluing it together. It's going alright and I'm almost done with the gluing.

I also sewed my cape pleats onto the twill snap tape making that piece maybe 75% done.

I've got progress pics, but I'll wait until I'm not on my phone to do that.

I'm hoping to get a lot done tomorrow while Jonah is at his first day of school.

Still kind of holding my breath on the arrival of the catsuit.

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With newfound confidence, I plowed through, shaped and taped the second half of the helmet yesterday and it has been sitting on the glass head as I worked on some other things. I'm kind of afraid to do too much on this thing at once for fear of... I'm not sure what really. Pushing my luck perhaps? *shrugs*

Also, I pleated the shoulders of my cape onto some twill tape with built in snaps (cape will snap to the catsuit) and got it hanging on the dress form with weights on the bottom to stretch it out and loosen it up a bit. PVC is very stiff stuff and it's not draping how I had planned, but I think it'll work. There's a 2-way stretch to it, but it's selvage to selvage (the wrong direction for my application). It acts like a heavy fabric but is very thin and lightweight. I'll give it another day of hanging, then cut the bat wing scallops in the bottom and finish the top edge somehow and that piece will be completely done. One down, too many to go.

Also, also, I worked out a pattern and cut out foam for the knee pads yesterday. I cut strips of elastic that will be sewn to the foam and it will all then be covered by the same PVC the cape is made from.

I have gotten nothing done today except laundry and some house type stuff, which was being sorely neglected and not a total loss of time. But I think I might try to put in a late night tonight and see what I can get done. I've been sleeping like crap lately anyway, might as well do something productive if I'm going to wake up exhausted regardless.

Tomorrow will be a busy day and I likely won't have any time to work on this stuff. I've got open house with Jonah's teachers in the late morning after which we need to shop for a new backpack and lunch box and such. He starts school next Tuesday. We also need to get soccer cleats and shin guards because his first practice is tomorrow evening. But while we're out running errands I plan to pick up some remaining pieces I need to buy, so it's not a total loss of time either.
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Another week gone by and I'm still looking at the bolero. I'm hoping today's third attempt at adjusting the sleeve pattern will finally get it to fit properly into the armscye without weird wrinkling and far too much wrestling while pinning/sewing. I know set-in sleeves are the hardest part of any garment for me still, but I can usually get it on a second attempt. So I'm thinking another tweak to the pattern will help. I'm keeping my head though. When I feel that familiar heartburn-like tingle of frustration build in my chest, I set it aside and think it out while I work on...

Batgirl! )
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I should be done today with what will be the final mockup for the bolero I'll be sending to [ profile] branflake for fitting. I will feel good about that project if we've got the final mockup worked out and fabrics in hand by the end of the month (I'm allowing time for a couple of fittings, which we might not need). I should have been at this point in April, but whatever. We've got time and I know it will get done. Once the pieces are worked out and I get the rest of the lace off her mom's gown to use, I think it'll go together very fast. It's only taken me a day of draping and a day of drafting/cutting out to get to this point.

On that subject, I'm so done with commercial patterns. I decided to just wing it on this and drape what I had sketched and what I saw in my mind for it. *fingers crossed in case I'm speaking too soon* It's been so much easier! I always alter patterns anyway and that just adds another step in there to cut out the original pattern. Now that I know what the pieces of things should sort of look like, I feel comfortable winging it.

Also, I'm now committed to bringing Elseworld Batgirl to Dragon*Con. I bought a catsuit online last night. This means I get another shot at painting that bat logo. I might try stenciling this time. Also, I'm going to be sure I stretch it out plenty while it's being painted. I still expect some cracking, but I'll fix that as the need arises. Also, also, the catsuit is full coverage (actually a zentai suit) and has attached gloves and feet and even a hood (which I'm going to have to cut a hole in for the face). Will be nice and seamless. Also nice and difficult to get in and out of, I imagine.

I'm still very intimidated by the cowl, but once I get the bolero mockup off to Brandy, I'm going to attack it with some trial and error.

Other than that, I'll just keep plugging away on working out the armor patterns and getting those pieces made. Then there's the belt and the cape (cape should be super simple, no hemming even, just cut to shape and sew in some snaps).

I've also figured out what I'm going to do about shoes, since I don't have the budget for boots and hers just look like soles on the bottom of her suit anyway. I'm basically going to do just that: go find some rugged soled shoes at a thrift store and glue them to the bottom of the suit. I'll reinforce the insides with some insoles and possibly even build something to shape the insides with a heel and toe area. We'll see what I can come up with.

In other news, I have still not used my serger that Chris got me last year for Christmas. I plan to remedy that sooner rather than later. As in possibly this week. I need some black spools of thread for it.
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Jumping on the bandwagon here and since I need to get my thoughts in order on what's coming up for the next, oh, 5 months, I need to pull all this together now. Wedding sewing is taking priority (even though [ profile] branflake's wedding is not until November), so there won't be any new costumes except for perhaps what I can finish with minimal effort and purchasing of materials. Which basically means my list should look almost exactly like last year's.

I'm not going to make a wearing schedule just yet (or maybe even not ever). I'll figure that out once we get closer to time or wear whatever suits what's going on once I get there.

Things that are done and going for sure:
Arwen Blood Red gown
Arwen Dream gown
Pirate (though I might need to do some repairs to my corset, bones are poking out)

Things that are "almost" done:
POA Hermione (pink hoodie outfit): All I need is to dye my shirt, put my belt together and buy a wand and time turner.
Elseworld Batgirl - I still have a lot of work to do on this one, looking at it in list form, but not a lot of stuff I expect to be very time consuming and I have most all of the materials, so I'm still going to try to put it together.
Holyhead Harpies fan - I nearly forgot about this one, I don't think I ever picked up my shirt from [ profile] sailingwest, need some accessories but since I've not noticed a Harpies group mentioned this year, I might not bother (apart from the shirt being comfy geeky day wear).

Long shot maybes:
Arwen Angel gown - I think I've got everything I need for it squared away except the embroidery I'm doing for the neckline. It would just take putting it all together (it's even all cut out) and finishing the embroidery, which really is a lot of work I suppose.
Steampunk - I've got so many steampunkish jewelry parts and pieces, I could definitely make myself some accessories and I found some lovely stripey lightweight cotton in my stash that's begging to be a blouse or chemise. I'd also need a skirt/pants and possibly some shoes. I'd use my pirate corset/bodice for it.

Those long shot maybes will get no attention until all wedding sewing and the almost done costumes are completely done. I'm going for the Dave Ramsey "debt snowball" approach to my costuming this year. Pick off the smallest projects first and work up from there.

I know I want to do the parade with Arms of Middle Earth.
I'll probably want to go to the Evening at Bree, because I'm sure I'll see lots of ALEP folks there.
If Batgirl is done, I'll probably want to do the DC photoshoot.
I'm going to try to hook up with [ profile] amaz0n_princess for her video at some point.
I'll probably wind up at the Yule Ball.
Apart from that I'll probably find either writer's panels or costuming panels to fill my days.
The only "celebrities" I think I might want to see right now are Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick (of Venture Bros. creators/animators fame) and I'm not even sure what they're doing there yet (panel, signings, whatever?). If it's a panel, I'll go hear them talk, if it's signings, I could care less. But that's only after a very quick cursory glance over the guests as they stand now. I know, I know, Sean Austin, but I'm not going to kill myself to see him. Also, Stan Lee would be cool, but I can imagine how crowded any area he graces will be and I'm not such a fan as to put myself through that for him. Sorry, Stan.

Stark difference from last year's apprehension and "OMG what do I do?!" anxiety, eh? I think because last year fizzled into me not going, I'm a lot more casual about it this year. My roommates are squared away (which is nice to have worked out so easily this year) plus they're local and they're veterans, so we can probably coordinate beforehand and they can help direct me when I get confused. I just need to get my membership (yes, I'm a procrastinator and shall pay my share of procrastination tax in the form of rate hikes the longer I wait to get it). Then I need to start squirreling away money for it so I don't run into the same issue as last year.

ETA: Have acquired membership and procrastination tax has been paid. Pokes, friendly or otherwise, may cease... for now. ;)
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Well, I must hand it to Distinctive Fabrics. Although it took them a week to ship my swatches (and I don't mean transit time), they had my actual yardage order out in 24 hours. Now, anyone know how I should prewash this? It's PVC vinyl and Spandex/Lycra. Cold I'm guessing and probably air dry on the PVC? Never worked with these sorts of fabrics before. The closest was the stretch knit I'm using on the Angel gown and I just treated it like any other fabric.

However, the place where I ordered MOAR BOOBS and double sided garment tape, yeah, I just got the shipping confirmation yesterday. I placed that order on 9/24. That's pretty ridiculous. I don't care what sort of business you're running, a two week wait to have the items shipped is NOT good practice. If something is holding the order up, contact the customer and say so. In retrospect, I should have just bought these locally. However, I did not anticipate needing to make a trip to JoAnn's during the course of this project, so I was trying to save myself a trip to Cool Springs. As it turns out, Jonah broke my design curve the rest of the way last week and we stopped in there while we were out to eat that night. My knee-jerk reaction when I need something though is just to order it. It's usually cheaper and certainly easier to find what I need. Should really start trying to stimulate the local economy more often when I can though.

I'd like to try to mockup the cape some time this week. The fabric is plenty wide enough to make a nice full cape. I should also have plenty for the other pieces I need (kneepads mostly). Need to get back on armor patterns too.

Taking a break from it to get a few jewelry pieces made for the show exactly one month from today. I spent some time getting my domain set up to forward to my blog for the time being. Have my Google Voice number all set. Have my professional looking email all set up. So, now that all that works, I can get my business cards printed with something other than blogger and gmail addresses. I also took a minute to do a card for Silver Screen Accessories and have those domains and such, but no content to point them to. Would be awesome if I could get the cards printed as two sides of the same card (not yet, but when I've got content for the costume accessory stuff). Speaking of, this LJ account may change names in the near future to reflect the new business name. I'll do the same here as I do for my jewelry blogger account and crosspost from there. But I'll still use this for personal projects and stream of consciousness type entries like this one. ;) I'll just probably lock those posts.

Mental note: Experiment with that Crayola air drying foam clay stuff. See how it compares to paper clay in weight and if it can be sanded, sealed and painted the same way the craft foam can. If so, might be a better lightweight alternative for the details and smoothing of joints on the armor and helmet.
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They're so pretty and delicate!

But they're still not pulling my attention away from Batgirl or ordering jewelry supplies for the craft fair or getting [ profile] aranel13 a couple of graphics before lunch (listed in reverse order of priorities).

Also got my snap twill tape in, or rather half of it. She ran out so I'll have to look for more elsewhere. I've got enough to do the shirt hem right now, but need a little more for the neckline and anywhere else it makes sense to use it.
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Distinctive Fabrics is sort of on my shit list right now, but only in a mild annoyance sort of way. Does it really take a week from the time two swatches are ordered to mail them out in a little first class standard letter envelope? Really? Took less time in transit than it did for them to ship the order. Good thing I'm not in a huge hurry with it. Also good thing these are exactly what I need.

One is a 2-way stretch PVC vinyl in black. The knit backing on it will work just fine on its own for the matte outer side of the cape and of course the shiny side will be perfect for the shiny inside of the cape as well as the shiny kneepads. It doesn't ravel in the least either, so that means I won't even have to hem it. The other was a 4-way stretch spandex lycra to make all the other little parts and pieces that I need, like the fabric cowl, boot fakes and anything else that comes up. It also doesn't ravel and will not need hemming. I think I'm going to be lazy and just buy a pair of gloves. They only really need to be wrist length and I don't feel like making them. Both fabrics are very lightweight, which is fantastic (was worried about cape being heavy if it had to be lined or vinyl was too thick). So, I'll order a couple of yards of each today. Hopefully they'll get here next week sometime, but who knows. Yes, even though I was a little irritated that it took them so long to ship just some little swatches and they still have their silk/rayon velvet listed as 100% silk even though we all know it's not, I'm still ordering from them.

Went to Michael's after dropping Jonah off to school this morning. Of course after I bought a roll of white foam, they now have rolls of black in stock. My roll is still unopened and I still have the receipt, so I'm going to take it back when I pick Jonah up this afternoon. It doesn't really matter, mostly, but if paint or anything flaked off, I think I'd want black rather than white underneath. I've got to start remembering coupons when I go to Michael's. Picked up the paper clay I forgot to get on my last trip, for doing details on the helmet and smooting joint edges on the foam for the rest of the pieces.

From there, I pulled out my phone to figure out where the nearest beauty supply store might be to pick up a couple of styrofoam head forms (luckily there was a Sally's right down the street, love my phone when it's handy). As it is now, I've got my Arwen wig, elven headpiece and pirate hat all piled on top of each other on the one glass head I have. Plus, I need one I can pin into and form around for the helmet.

Speaking of the pirate hat, I need to put a band inside it to keep it from stretching out and consider getting a hat jack for it. Oh yeah, and need to tear it up at some point too, but need to have a camera handy when I do. I want to do a distressing tutorial with it.

In other news, after sleeping on it and looking at yesterday's horoscope again (mentioned working extra hard on career matters right now or regretting it later), I decided to do an elementary school craft fair where I was invited to be a vendor via an Etsy convo. It's the same weekend as the Superhero 5k. As much as I'm dying to do that race (2nd year I've missed it), I'm going to have to put it off another year. If I want to grow my business, I can't turn down opportunities like this. Booth fee is $50 (10% off if I get them payment by Friday), but I could stand to make a decent amount of money if I can build enough inventory by then. Perhaps more importantly, I can hand out lots of business cards and get my name out locally. I really want to get into doing shows because I think ultimately, that's how my jewelry is going to move. I'm lost in a sea of other jewelers online.

Batgirl work will not cease! I still plan to have it ready by Halloween and will probably just wear it then.
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First things first, tried on the shirt yesterday after a second coat of gold dried nicely (really did even things out). Unfortunately there's an issue which I did not anticipate: painting a stretch fabric on a flat surface is going to cause weird wrinkles and cracks in fabric paint that's not quite as flexible said fabric. I mean, DUH, right? I still have not heat set the paint. I think I'm going to alter the design slightly (making the center point come down farther) and then I might try to stretch the shirt more as I repaint it to take care of the cracks. The cracks only show when I'm wearing it too. When I take it off, it looks great. Doesn't help much, I guess, but at least it's not permanent damage to the paint job.

As for the wrinkling in the bust, well,I think I need bigger boobs honestly. I talked with [ profile] jkg_vader (via Twitter) about the inserts she uses for her Supergirl costume. I've ordered some of the cheapo ones as well as some double sided clothing tape (mostly for the cowl later than this issue though). I definitely should have stuck to the marks I made on the shirt with me in it instead of deviating so much to try to get things symmetrical and spread out where I thought they should go. That's another issue which stems from painting on a flat surface without the shirt at least stretched to the point that it does over my body. All part of learning I guess. Every new costume comes with a host of new lessons. Anyway, this is what the shirt looks like on me now )

I'm wrestling with comic vs. action figure right now. I kind of like the pauldrons better on the comic. They seem smaller, more rounded, sleeker, and sit up on the shoulder rather than covering more of the bicep. I'm not sure if that's a better option for action (running) in this costume or not. So far, I've mocked up something that looks more like the action figure. Despite it seeming too wide, I think it works ok. I'm going to mock up something that looks more like the comic version tonight and see which I like better, then go from there. I think my overall structure is going to work though. I've got the part you see: two curved and pointed pieces joined on the outer edge which are pretty much the shape of my ulu as I noticed while cooking dinner last night. Then, I've got a 4" band that sits right up against my arm and sort of acts as a spacer and stabilizer. A picture is worth maybe more than a thousand words in this case )

This band is the part I intend to attach to the sleeve itself to hold the piece in place. First, I'm going to try snaps. If it bounces around too much or is uncomfortable, I'm going to try elastic straps. I can put button holes in the shirt, thread the straps through and then put snaps on the end of the straps that will snap onto the pauldron. That way, the straps are invisible, or at least discreet and under my clothing. But for mockup purposes, I'm just using tape )

As always, all the pics are here. Hopefully I can get the comic version done tonight so that I can perhaps start working on the finals tomorrow. Then I guess I'll move on to gauntlets and work my way down to greaves and then finally, that tricky helmet/cowl. As far as attachment for the other pieces, I plan on using the same attachment method for all the pieces.
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More here.

I want to give it another coat, or two and try to clean up the spots where I screwed up a little better. The latter might require a different type of paint than I have on hand. The black paint pens are too matte. The setasilk is really watery and hard to get good coverage with it. I need something thick like the Lumiere gold, but with a satin finish to it. Once I get it how I like it, I'll heat set with an iron, wash it, then move on to the next thing: armor.

Also been working on my ConCraft article today and I'm surprised at how quickly I got to 1000 words. Going to have to trim, which will be good. Not a topic you want to go on and on about. If I can polish that up tonight, I might start a second one. If I had a second hat blank, I'd so do a pirate hat tutorial. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics of what I did and let's face it: tutorials without pics are less than helpful.

Got my bridesmaid dress patten yesterday. Am not opening it until I'm done with Batgirl. Will be good. Will not succumb to costume A.D.D.
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Started painting the Batgirl symbol on my compression shirt last Wednesday night. As I was about 30% done with it, I was thinking I should have stenciled it. At least the outline. Because I'm unsure and wanting to get it just right, I'm very slow at freehanding it. It's looking great though, so I can't complain about the effect at all. Just the process and the time it's taking kind of sucks. And I have screwed up in a couple of spots, but some black fabric paint has proved handy to correct those (mostly). If I had stenciled, I could have worked out these mistakes on some poster board or something first. At any rate, all that gold and black fabric paint I got when I had the "bright" idea to paint my own paisley for the Blood Red gown is finally going to good use. The outline is completely done now, so once I can get my hands on it again, should be quicker work of just filling in the lines. Then iron to heat set, wash and onto the next piece, probably the armor.

This is going to be a very fun costume to do. Lots of problem solving, which I kind of like. Yep, I'm mental like that. As we drove down to Huntsville yesterday afternoon for a baby shower, I started working out all the parts and pieces in words and trying to mentally figure out some of the logistical issues I'm going to encounter (like attaching the armor and cape to the main body of the outfit in the most inconspicuous and non-shifting way). I've decided to shoot to have the costume 100% done by Halloween so that I can go for a test run in it around the neighborhood on that day (so there will be minimal staring and head scratching. . . ok, who am I kidding?). At least my face will be mostly covered and it might be interesting to hear people later that night around the neighborhood trying to figure out who was running in a Batgirl costume that day. We'll see if I can keep my secret identity safe. ;)

As soon as this is done, I'm sliding straight into more black fabric as I start work on my bridesmaid dress for my best friend [ profile] branflake who is getting married in a little over a year. I figure since it's me, it's never too early to start. There will be no embellishing though, so we'll see. There's a 1930s theme to the wedding so she wants everything to feel vintage (which is going to be SO FUN!). Out of the links she sent me of the dresses she was considering (no one's will be exactly alike), this was my favorite and I've ordered the pattern. She wants us in all black and I'm thinking a crepe de chine would suit this gown just perfectly! I'm also keeping an eye on ebay for vintage dress pins. Though I'm not adding any trim or anything to the gown, I think a tiny bit of bling (jet beads anyone?) at the tie on the waist would be nice.

I'm shooting to have it and a sheer (probably organza) ivory bolero done for her dress by the end of the year. As a result of those two projects surfacing AND just getting a little realistic about the time frames and budgets, I'm putting off Alice. I don't think I was going to have the budget for Alice yet anyway. And, honestly, I want that budget to go to Celeborn at this point. Yes. ;)

Still buying the buttons, definitely. But will put off anything but research (unless I happen upon a pair of those delicious shoes!) for Alice for now.
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I'll try to make this short because I'm supposed to be planning and preparing to go to the beach in two days (we've moved our trip up a day to try to skirt bad weather coming into Port St. Joe, FL on Sunday).

1. Alice's Blue dress (the down the rabbit hole one) from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Since the buttons have been found and I'm doing a Mad Tea Party for my 30th birthday (April 30th, 2011 - day of the party, not day of my birth), I'm doing this one and might try to have her done in time for the movie opening in March. Yeah, didn't take much to convince me did it, just some buttons. ;)

2. Those of you who follow me on Twitter have already heard this one: Elseworld's Finest version of Batgirl. The Superhero 5k is coming up (November 7th, the weekend after Halloween) and everyone needs a superhero/villain costume, right? A ghetto fab version of Batgirl (or as she's been known to me in the past, BatMel) was my idea for last year, but I want to do it better since I have time to plan. So, I started researching various Batgirl costumes and the version I like best is Elseworld. I get to try my hand at Fun Foam armor for the first time. When I bought the 1 gallon jug of Elmer's glue this morning at Staples, the lady at the register said, "wow, that's a lot of glue." I didn't feel like explaining so I just laughed and said, "yes, yes it is." ;) Unfortunately, since our trip is in two days, I've got to set her aside. Should have started yesterday. As it turns out, there's an Elseworld's Finest comic with Supergirl and Batgirl together and there are already plans in the works for some play time with J-9 at next year's Dragon*Con (since she's got an Elseworld Supergirl costume). As she said so eloquently on Twitter this morning, "it's going to be legend-wait for it-ary!"

Now, I must go make various lists for camping/beach gear and make sure I have all my pirate stuff in order for costume pics on the beach. :)


P.S. - I have to say, I'm enjoying the updates from the con more than I thought I would. It really does seem like it has for all the other years I wasn't able to go. Don't know what I'm missing yet I guess. But will be there next year. The minute memberships for 2010 go online and rooms go up, I'm so there!


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