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Chris and I have been home sick for two days. Well, actually, he went to work sick yesterday. I still had a fever, so I stayed home. It started as what we thought was food poisoning, but after about 12 hours of sleep, we awoke to flu symptoms. So we think we had the stomach flu. During that time, Chris put on a playlist of everything that was in the Simpsons folder. :] Was neat to watch them evolve from season to season.

I haven't been working on my dress. I'm to the point that if it's done, I'll take it and wear it for the overnight. If it's not, I'm not going to kill myself trying to get it done. It'll get done eventually, that's good enough for me. I just have this thought that if I don't feel like working on something, trying to force it is probably a bad idea. Actually, as I'm nearing the end of working on jewelry for Christmas, I'm feeling like working on it again. It may get done yet, who knows.

I still have 3.5 watches left to put together. I wound up adding another to my list. I got the backordered face in the mail yesterday and I'm thinking on whether to make one to sell or make one for another person. I'm thinking sell, since I've got stuff for pretty much everyone else on my list. No pics of the 2.5 pieces I finished yesterday (the last two necklace watches are done and I started on the charm bracelet watch). I started to take some pics, but the camera battery died and I couldn't find either of the other two batteries, nor could I find the charger. Hope to remedy that before they leave my hands.
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#5 of 10 done last night.

"Sun Ra" for my brother )

I still haven't thought of a name for my dad's yet. But I didn't think about it a whole lot last night. I've got Chris' mom's and brother's to do before Christmas, but everyone else's (I guess that only leaves my other brother, my sis-in-law and my step-mom) can wait another week (no one on my side of the family can get together until the week after Christmas). So, the rest of the week, I'm going to switch gears and work on just my costume. I've got half the Christmas presents done, so I'm feeling good about that. I'm going to give that last watch face until Friday. If I don't see or hear anything (will check the site of course to see if they list it as in stock), I'll order a different one.

But tonight, brew club meeting. We haven't been to one in months, so we're feeling obligated. And, everyone will have their Christmas beers there I'm sure, so that'll rock! We're planning to leave early (at like 9pm) but I probably won't have much time to work on anything tonight except cleaning up my messes (I've got jewelry making stuff strung out everywhere right now).

Oh, got my body shaper in last night, too. It rocks! It's rather comfortable and my gowns fit so much nicer with it on. Cost me $42 at (free shipping).
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Well, I have 4 out of 10 watches done at the close of the weekend. This week, ALL NORMAL WORKDAYS!!! That hasn't happened in so long! Chris is finally done with school aside from turning something in on Wednesday, and every night we get to go home at 5, instead of 7 or 8. This is what it's like to be normal. Therefore, I should be able to get the rest of them done (thinking maybe one a night) this week. I have yet to have named this one, it's for my dad. I'll name it and get a description of the stones up tonight. I was just at a loss of what to call it last night. The other three came so easily. I'm getting antsy about the last watch face that is still listed as "backordered" on FMG. I might just order another one and when the other one comes in make something to sell.

Also, I've got to get remotivated (again) on the Blood Red gown. I might alternate nights of working on it and working on the jewelry. Or maybe even make a piece of jewelry, then spend the rest of the night on the gown (jewelry takes an hour or two, that would give me another hour or two on the gown every night). That would probably be best, so that I'm working on both every night (maybe alternate which I work on first every night).

There's still decorating to do and we're throwing a Christmas party this Saturday too. I haven't slowed down enough to enjoy the holidays yet this year. I'm nervous about starting wedding planning with this attitude (procrastination and snowballing of projects).
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This is the last one today, I'm tired. The good thing is, this finishes all the ones I'll need to ship. The wire wrapped beads at the bottom of the pendant aren't exactly what I had in mind. But it doesn't bug me enough to redo it.

This is "Secret Garden" for my grandmother. )
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So, 2 of 10 is done. I changed my mind about 4 times during the creation of this one. I wasn't sure how I was going to go about it until I got into it. I decided to go with about a 6" beaded strand that connected to about a 5" piece of the small sterling silver chain I got (decided to use it after all), and finish it off with three beaded links and the clasp that came with the watch face. But then having the full length of chain looked akward, so I decided to put another beaded segment in the middle of it to help break it up a bit.

The clasp latches onto the last section of chain so that it creates a loop. Basically, thread it through a belt loop, hook the latch onto the chain and let it slide up to the last beaded link, making it fairly adjustable. The entire thing isn't too bulky to go in a pocket and yet is about 13"-14" long (so the older men on my list can bring it closer to actually read the face). It's kind of hard to describe, I'll have to see if I can get some pics of wearing it to better illustrate.

I like how it turned out. Chris likes it, too. He asked if I had an extra one, heh. The rest of the pocket watches will be similar in design, but using very different combinations of stones.

This is "Arcadia" for my uncle. )

Number 3 of 10 is halfway done. I just decided to take a break to rest my hands a bit and thought I'd post this one. After #3 is done, I'll have all of the ones that will need to be shipped out of the way.
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Finished my Aunt's watch last night before going to a friend's house for dinner. Pics are here.
But here's the gist of it )

Today, making gemstone links for a chain for my Uncle's pocket watch. I think I'll use a lot of ocean jasper for his.

1 down, 9 to go.
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I got a plethora of beads in last night. The amber and one type of wooden beads are backordered, but everything else came in. I spent the night putting them all in containers. This time though, the chain I got is too big *sigh*. I'll figure out millimeters one day. It always seems like it would be one size when I look at it on a ruler, but it's usually something very different than expected. I think I'll make my own chains from beaded links instead of ordering more of a smaller size. At least this time I got cheap silver plated chain instead of solid sterling (would have cost me over $30 for that 5 feet if I had).

So yeah, it was like my Christmas last night. Amethyst, citrine, carnelian, onyx, snowflake obsidian, labradorite, emerald (genuine emeralds, chip beads are all I could afford of them, but they're beautiful), burma jade, lapis lazuli, rainbow flourite, sunstone, sodalite, the list goes on (something like 25 different kinds of gems). Fun fun! Can't wait to get started making jewelry. But our house is a total mess and we're still in the middle of Christmas decorating. Should be able to get my jewelry making in this weekend.

If I had thought ahead, I would have made up a bunch of stock and done a Christmas trunk show in Five Points or something. I'm reading on the jewelry making groups about all these people making thousands at home shows for Christmas (like they do an open house and have drinks and hors d'oeuvres and people come in and spend a bunch of money on their jewelry).

And then the meme from padawansguide )
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Got the watch faces in last night. So while sipping my egg nog coffee this morning (I love the holidays, egg nog replaces milk in coffee), I snapped some pics of them real quick. Pardon the darkness of the pics, but I didn't want to use the flash and was too lazy to turn on the overhead light.

Altogether now (the chain I got is far too small though, I wasn't paying attention to the mm listed).
For my Aunt's bracelet watch.
Two of these for my step mom and future mother-in-law, as pendants on necklaces.
This one for my grandmother, as a pendant on a necklace.
Very elven looking clasp (I think) for my Aunt's bracelet watch.
Really neat 3 strand clasp for my sis-in-law's bracelet watch/charm bracelet (face is backordered).
Five of these for pocket watches for the guys on my list (large enough letters for my dad to read from his hip, heh).
Music charms for my sis-in-law's bracelet watch/charm bracelet (she's a middle school music teacher/band director).

This weekend, I'll go through my bead inventory and order what I need to fill out anything I'm missing for my design ideas and get started on what I can. I'll also order thicker chain.

In the background on the altogether shot you can also see my progress on my wedding headpiece design. Here's a slightly better one.

And that's what I've been up to. An appraiser is coming to the house tomorrow, so we have to clean like mad tonight. Our study is in all sorts of mess with books being displaced from the shelves while I was refinishing the spot on the floor. Didn't finish it since we're having trouble finding oxalic acid to strip the finish. So, we have to move the bookshelves back in order to clean up the study. That means anything fun has to be put off until the weekend. It also means I have to pack up and put away all my projects I'm in the middle of. Bleh, two days notice for an appraiser coming. Not nice.

Oh, and I'm reconsidering getting some ear tips for Indy, since now I'll be wearing the Dream gown as well and I'll want to pull my hair (wig) up for that.


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