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I started work on Celeborn Thursday. But I quickly found out that I'm just not going to be able to drape this thing on my busty dress form (bustier than I am, for sure). I don't yet have a compression apparatus for my own chest, so I couldn't even really take accurate measurements to draft something. But, that didn't stop me from playing. I mocked up what I think is a good place to start for the front of the inner robe down to the waist seam.

Friday, I promptly ordered a compression shirt. ;)

I got an immediate shipping notice & it's coming priority from Miami. So maybe it will be here tomorrow or Tuesday and I can check my work and move forward on that.

In the meantime, I pulled out my Arwen Angel gown & I'm going to pin it to the dress form tomorrow and work on these in tandem. I've got it all cut out from way back in 2008 or 09 when I last worked on it and the lining is done. It's all the freaking handwork I have left to do on it that's going to keep me so busy on that one. Celeborn has a little couching to do, but not a million seed and bugle beads on his edges!

I think if I break both these projects up into tiny pieces and stick to a schedule, I might make it to an event where needles and thread are a precautionary measure, not necesities for finishing a costume. I will not be sewing on the riverboat at ALEP2! ;)

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Jumping on the bandwagon here and since I need to get my thoughts in order on what's coming up for the next, oh, 5 months, I need to pull all this together now. Wedding sewing is taking priority (even though [ profile] branflake's wedding is not until November), so there won't be any new costumes except for perhaps what I can finish with minimal effort and purchasing of materials. Which basically means my list should look almost exactly like last year's.

I'm not going to make a wearing schedule just yet (or maybe even not ever). I'll figure that out once we get closer to time or wear whatever suits what's going on once I get there.

Things that are done and going for sure:
Arwen Blood Red gown
Arwen Dream gown
Pirate (though I might need to do some repairs to my corset, bones are poking out)

Things that are "almost" done:
POA Hermione (pink hoodie outfit): All I need is to dye my shirt, put my belt together and buy a wand and time turner.
Elseworld Batgirl - I still have a lot of work to do on this one, looking at it in list form, but not a lot of stuff I expect to be very time consuming and I have most all of the materials, so I'm still going to try to put it together.
Holyhead Harpies fan - I nearly forgot about this one, I don't think I ever picked up my shirt from [ profile] sailingwest, need some accessories but since I've not noticed a Harpies group mentioned this year, I might not bother (apart from the shirt being comfy geeky day wear).

Long shot maybes:
Arwen Angel gown - I think I've got everything I need for it squared away except the embroidery I'm doing for the neckline. It would just take putting it all together (it's even all cut out) and finishing the embroidery, which really is a lot of work I suppose.
Steampunk - I've got so many steampunkish jewelry parts and pieces, I could definitely make myself some accessories and I found some lovely stripey lightweight cotton in my stash that's begging to be a blouse or chemise. I'd also need a skirt/pants and possibly some shoes. I'd use my pirate corset/bodice for it.

Those long shot maybes will get no attention until all wedding sewing and the almost done costumes are completely done. I'm going for the Dave Ramsey "debt snowball" approach to my costuming this year. Pick off the smallest projects first and work up from there.

I know I want to do the parade with Arms of Middle Earth.
I'll probably want to go to the Evening at Bree, because I'm sure I'll see lots of ALEP folks there.
If Batgirl is done, I'll probably want to do the DC photoshoot.
I'm going to try to hook up with [ profile] amaz0n_princess for her video at some point.
I'll probably wind up at the Yule Ball.
Apart from that I'll probably find either writer's panels or costuming panels to fill my days.
The only "celebrities" I think I might want to see right now are Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick (of Venture Bros. creators/animators fame) and I'm not even sure what they're doing there yet (panel, signings, whatever?). If it's a panel, I'll go hear them talk, if it's signings, I could care less. But that's only after a very quick cursory glance over the guests as they stand now. I know, I know, Sean Austin, but I'm not going to kill myself to see him. Also, Stan Lee would be cool, but I can imagine how crowded any area he graces will be and I'm not such a fan as to put myself through that for him. Sorry, Stan.

Stark difference from last year's apprehension and "OMG what do I do?!" anxiety, eh? I think because last year fizzled into me not going, I'm a lot more casual about it this year. My roommates are squared away (which is nice to have worked out so easily this year) plus they're local and they're veterans, so we can probably coordinate beforehand and they can help direct me when I get confused. I just need to get my membership (yes, I'm a procrastinator and shall pay my share of procrastination tax in the form of rate hikes the longer I wait to get it). Then I need to start squirreling away money for it so I don't run into the same issue as last year.

ETA: Have acquired membership and procrastination tax has been paid. Pokes, friendly or otherwise, may cease... for now. ;)
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Another list form will work best here, too, I think.

1. Pirate - I have no idea when I'm wearing this yet, but I'm taking it. I've been working on shaping my tricorn. I had been avoiding it, knowing the brim needed some trimming and well, I was afraid to jump in and do it, thinking I'd probably screw it up. But, it's going well and it's really fun to do! Hats really are fun. I really think I have more fun in the accessories than the full costumes. Which makes me think I might want to open a second Etsy store, but. . . later. Anyway, I'm using Elizabeth's from Dead Man's Chest as a model and a wool felt hat blank from here as my base. It's pinned in place right now and I need to hand tack it where necessary then beat the crap out of it. Thinking dirt, mineral oil (or something like it), sandpaper and saltwater should do the trick.

2. Black Crinkle Gauze Fabric - I can't even remember how I ran across it now, but I found 5 yards of it on ebay and won it for under $14 shipped. WIN! Literally. :P I thought it might work for Lamia's sleeves, but I don't think so now that it's here. It's too thick, for one and also, I'm pretty sure now hers is silk gauze that's been distressed. However, I'm not regretting the purchase. While it slightly ate into my budget for current costumes and isn't even going to work for what I thought it was, well, I know I can use it for something, be it a chemise or blouse or two or a skirt or whatever.

3. Angel Gown - I'm pretty sure I'm procrastinating the Angel gown until it's too late to get it done. If it shows up at D*C, it will be a surprise to all of us, especially me. I just don't feel like working on it.

I thought there was more, but now I can't think, so I guess I'm done anyway.
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The cleaning part is done in the office and everything is sorted into related piles (stack of electronics, stack of my hobby stuff, stack of files and important office related stuff, etc.) The goal today is to go through and declutter each stack and then put it away in an organized fashion. As I go, I plan to make notes on things that would make keeping the office organized a lot easier and make the space more workable (things like more shelves in the closet and some shelves above the desk, and maybe a desk with a smaller footprint and various things like that). I've done this before, but it seems every time I get in here to work, I think of a different way to go about it. We just want so much functionality out of this room, it's hard to get it all to mesh. It's my work area, Chris' electronics storage area, our guest room and Chris even wants to mount a moderately sized flat screen on the wall to be able to watch TV in here if he wants while I'm working (as though the ones in the bedroom and the living room aren't enough).

But anyway, as I'm starting to see things shaping up in my work space, I'm looking at the Angel gown and feeling no strong pull to work on it. I pulled out the embroidery the other day and started working on it some more, but I didn't get very far before bed and I've not felt like picking it up again. I've been more inclined to read at night when I've set aside time to work on it. I'm not in complete avoidance mode just yet, but I'm just not feeling terribly enthusiastic about working on it and that makes it very hard to get anything done.

I probably need to watch Fellowship and get all hyped about again. I'm also about to buy a new Arwen wig, which might get me excited about it again. I'm starting to think of things that will help me better get into character as well. But, if after these small efforts I'm still not excited, well, I'm probably going to shelve the project for a while and maybe start working on Maleficent. I don't want to push anything. After all, this is a hobby that I'm supposed to enjoy, not force myself to finish something I don't feel like working on. If I had the budget, I'd throw together that Hermione costume instead. Still looking for an excuse to buy some Golas. ;)
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So, I've scratched Celeborn from the list of Dragon*Con hopefuls. I just don't have the budget or time to get him done and I don't want to kill myself trying or cut corners on fabric. I've still got a lot of work to do on the Angel gown (which, honestly, if I had the budget to start on Celeborn, I'd be more than willing to set the Angel gown aside to work on him). Celeborn isn't getting scratched from the list forever though, I promise. He's just getting postponed a little. I'm hoping maybe some things will turn around monetarily and I can work on him later in the year and maybe have him done in time for the unofficial ALEP gathering in the Smokies next March. But what does that leave?

I'll continue working on the Angel gown, definitely.

I've got the Blood Red gown and the Dream gown ready to go, more or less (couple of minor things to do that no one will notice but me).

I've got pirate garb, though I still could use some boots or rather better boots. But I don't think I'll be able to afford it before Dragon*Con. My hat blank for the tricorner should be here today and all I'll have to do to it is tack it up and distress it. My new sword should be here later this week or early next. It's a replica of Elizabeth's sword from At World's End, and unfortunately, I'm starting to love her Chinese battle outfit.

I'm also thinking about throwing together a Hermione pink hoodie outfit. I've been wanting a pair of Golas anyway. ;)

So, that's 5 costumes, which is a decent number for me.

I could possibly put together a steampunk outfit as well, but it would require some more money and potentially some more sewing. So, I'll just have to wait and see on that one.

But the point is, I'm thinking about costumes again and I'm starting to feel some motivation to work towards finishing up the ones I've got up in the air. However, I'm a little irked every time I go into the office and see the mess Chris left in there months ago now and hasn't cleaned up. He decided to pull all of his boxes of computer stuff out of the closet and go through them to weed out stuff he doesn't want or need anymore. That's great, except he left it all where it was and I have no idea what's keep and what's throw/give away. So, I can't really do much about it other than just pack it all back up and put it back in the closet. Since he's willing to get rid of so much of it, I really don't want to do that, in the interest of more storage space in there. I guess it's a good thing we're not going anywhere this weekend. I might will just make him get up there this weekend and help me clean it up. ;)
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Since I've sworn off costuming and jewelry work until after the turn of the year (no matter how much I'm itching to fidget with the Angel gown on the dress form), I'm likely not going to finish anything else before December 31st. I don't think I made a public list of what I wanted to accomplish this year at last year's end and I'd probably only be embarrassed by the overly ambitious goals I'm sure I set for myself anyway. So, I'll just start this tradition now, since I actually managed to finish some costumes for once.

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So, I've been cleaning out the office lately since we got our carpet cleaned and had to pull everything out of there. I'm trying to put everything back in a much more organized way and maybe cull out a little more clutter while I'm at it. But I stood yesterday for a while, looking over my finished costumes, noting what needed to be cleaned, bits that needed to be either redone or finished in some way and just generally fondling fabrics. And all of the sudden, it bit. I wanted to pull out my machine right then and there, but a swift turn around to look at the desk where I sew revealed it still piled with boxes and bags that belong in the closet. I'm not wanting to put stuff back in the closet until I can get mostly rid of that beer stain in there (*sigh* don't marry a homebrewer if you want clean carpets, just don't). So, I'm stuck. Inspiration is calling, but it must remain unanswered at the moment.

I did spend a little bit of time contemplating Celeborn. I spent most of that time looking in a mirror and trying to figure out what I'd need to do to myself to pull him off and not just look like me in his robes.

So I guess this is just to say, the inspiration is back, after a relatively short hiatus. But I'm just unable to work on anything right now. Since Jonah's room was priority (he was growing out of clothes and I needed to pull out the next size for him) and it was finished yesterday, I can now move on to the office and hopefully get it done, or at least back to usable by the weekend.

I'm not going to start Celeborn right away when I get back to it. I want to finish getting my Angel gown together at least. Then as I'm working on the details for it (beading and beading and more beading and a little embroidery, too), I can start the mockup for Celeborn's robes.

My Christmas list is going to be mostly soldering equipment. I want to practice my silversmithing to be able to make his collar and belt "buckle" myself. Those are both big pieces and beyond my skill right now, but if I keep working on rings and pendants for a while, I think I can get them done by Dragon*Con next year.

Oh, and Costco had a nice looking Singer with tons of decorative stitches on it for $150. Chris asked me if I'd rather have that or a serger. *ponders* I should have written down the model number so I could research it.
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I didn't have time to do this before I left and since I'm still not able to get my ALEP pics off the camera, I might as well do it now. Some of these are really grainy because I've had to fiddle with contrast and such. The lighting in my sewing room is not only poor for working but even worse for taking pictures, especially at night.

Undergown/lining gown mockup:

In case it's not obvious, the long sleeve is for the undergown in the crinkled metallic fabric and the short one is for the lining gown, which is white crepe de chine.

Overgown mockup, front:

Overgown mockup, back:

Overgown sleeve detail:

And of course the obligatory "I can halp?" cat pic:

Mogwai is a good halper. :)

The rest of the pics are here, including a couple of really bad, late at night pictures of me in the mockup taken in the mirror.

As far as an update, I got the neckline on the lining gown hemmed on Monday before my eye really started to kill me. I've found after getting that done that I need to take in the shoulder seams a little, which means pulling out at least the cap of the sleeves and redoing that. I'm not sure what changed from mockup to final, but the silk was really springy when I was trying to mark/cut it so it may have gotten out of shape a little. Could just be a difference in materials as well. Where the mockup was pretty snug, the silk fits more gracefully. So, once I get that adjustment made, I just need to get a hook and eye in above the zipper and hem the bottom and the lining dress will be done. Then it's on to the undergown.

Speaking of my eye, it's much better today. No pain to speak of, though it's still a little swollen, feels kind of funny and my vision is a bit blurry. I more so just feel like I'm really tired. I at least got a really good night's sleep last night. I'm still pretty sensitive to light so I think I'm going to hold off one more day on the running. It's quite sunny out today and I have a lot to do to catch up from being gone and out of commission.

Giving up.

Sep. 22nd, 2008 02:41 pm
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I haven't gotten a moment to get any sewing done today and tonight we've got the celebration of three birthdays (Bilbo, Frodo and Paul, a member of our Smial). I knew a few days ago there was no way I'd finish the embroidery. The long hours and late nights I've spent on this thus far is starting to wear on the chemistry of our household. I don't want to try to kill myself for the next three days to get something done that's not even close. I've got other costumes that need things done to them. It will probably take me the next three days to finish the things I have left to do on the other costumes. I can't let this thing take over my life anymore. And from here on out, I've got to be better about slow and steady costuming instead of putting it off until the last month and trying to kill myself to finish something.

I've got the October moot coming up in 4 weeks. I'm certain I can have it done by then and without the long nights and entire days spent hidden away in the office sewing. I can probably spend the 2-3 hours Jonah naps and get it done. I feel a little silly rushing to buy the Evenstar now, but I can't say it was without purpose (this way it goes on September's budget and October's is available now for the wig I wanted). At least I didn't splurge on expedited shipping. I can also now take some time at some point to do some makeup/wig/ear tests. I've never used the German ears I got from Judy several years ago. I trimmed them and put makeup on them to make them look "real" but I've never tried to actually put them on before.

Interestingly enough, I'm not upset about not getting it done in time. Maybe I've just rationalized it well enough to myself to be positive about it. I kind of feel like a weight has been lifted.
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Finished the last of the cutting yesterday. Before I have another major cutting project, I'm getting some knee pads like what I used to wear for volleyball. After spending a total of about 8 hours on my knees on the hard laminate flooring in the living room/dining room, my knees feel bruised. Luckily they only hurt if I happen to get on my knees, which isn't very often. I'm skipping yoga this week though. I kind of feel like I've done some anyway. I also have a new appreciation for my rotary cutter. This is the most I've done with it since I got it last Christmas and it's been fantastic. I could use a few more cutting mats though so I don't have to move them around so much. Quilters like to tell you that you have to use a straight edge and can't cut curves with them but I beg to differ. I think it works just fine freehand. Had no slip ups.

I was worried about the stretch knit being unruly, but really, it's got such nice body to it, it springs right back where it's supposed to be if it stretches out of whack. It also lays incredibly flat, resists wrinkling, doesn't seem to ravel and the drape on it is just amazing! Not only that, I've got an estimated 5-6 yards of the stuff left after all is said and done. Ah, my famous overestimating. I think at least some of the extra comes from the fact that I did my mockup in 45" fabric and the knit is 60" wide. I think I was originally planning on making the panels taper out to the full width of the fabric and wound up folding the 45" muslin in half to cut the mockup pieces two at a time. I was planning on at least a yard per sleeve as well and as it turns out, with the width of the knit and the narrow sleeves, I was able to fit two across. I think I did the whole overgown, even with at least a foot of train, in about 5 yards of fabric. Now what the heck to do with the rest of it?! I would still like to try inserting a gore in either side seam of the skirt, but that's only going to take care of another yard or two at most. Oh well, no use trying to think about it now.

I also got the majority of the lining dress put together last night. Just have to set in the sleeves and hem it and it's done (aside from the snaps to attach it to the undergown). I've got the metallic crinkle stuff hanging with metal clips at the bottom trying to stretch out some of the creases in it. Even though I've had it hanging by the selvage for months, when you get creases in metal, they tend to want to stay. I'm wondering if a touch of steam would help as well. I've got the knit pinned to the dress form letting it relax a bit as well, not that it really needs to. The embroidery is starting to worry me. I worked on it some last night while we attempted to watch Nim's Island. I still haven't measured to see how much I need to make. I should do that so I can tell how far along I am. Would probably help me worry less (or more, as the case may be). All in all though, I feel yesterday was a great day for progress. I even took time out to clean the house up a bit after I finished cutting.

Well, should probably go get my run out of the way so I can get back to sewing. I feel ready to make the step up today to 30 second walking intervals. It's amazing what a difference a week can make. This time last week I was dying with the 1 minute walking intervals between runs and not feeling ready to progress past it. This week I'm totally ready! It's still hard, but I feel I can push myself a little farther now.
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So, the appraiser called and apparently the bank called him today and requested he just do a drive by appraisal (I guess just to be sure the house is standing and not completely dilapidated?). So, all of the cleaning I've been doing all day was for naught. I'm talking spending 4 hours with a carpet shampooer for nothing kind of "for naught". I'm kind of pissed. We got this call at around 6pm. But I'm conflicted as well. On the one hand, I look at today as completely wasted (aside from having sparkling clean carpets and lots of clean laundry). On the other hand, it means I don't have to spend the rest of the night cleaning (since there were still carpets to be done let alone other cleaning). I guess I should be happy I get to spend the rest of the night sewing. Chris has even told me he won't protest if I decide I want to make it a late night to try to catch up.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement. You don't know how much I appreciate the cheering section lately!
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I have no right to complain and no one to be mad at but myself. I've been registered for ALEP since last November, I think. Each month I've watched slip away as I didn't work on costumes. Each month I crossed another costume off my ambitious list. Now, less than 10 days until I leave, I'm scurrying to get at least one costume done in time. Then the monkey wrench.

Chris and I decided to refinance our mortgage since rates had dropped to our target. We're not refinancing like most people do (to lower payments) we're actually increasing our payments by a couple hundred a month in order to have it paid off in 15 years instead of 30 (and also to pay a whole lot less in interest over the life of the loan). But all this means we have to have and appraisal done. I've been skirting by for the past couple of weeks on bare minimum housework (keeping dishes and laundry done and vacuuming once a week basically). But now, tomorrow, we've got an appraiser coming in and I need to do deep cleaning.

I lost yesterday to running errands and just generally trying to get to a point where I could start cutting out my fabric. I never got to that point. By the time I was ready to work on the costume, it was time to pick up Jonah. By the time I got back from that and grocery errands, it was time to start dinner. I should have stayed up late last night and done it. Now if today has to be spent cleaning carpets and bathrooms and such and I never get around to cutting out this material, I'm going to be really upset.

I guess that's all the more reason for me to get the hell off the computer and get going.
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Next time I have a need for flat, not utterly cheap and crappy looking sequins, remind me to not waste my time looking in craft and sewing stores locally and just order them from Cartwright's. Luckily I found a sequin trim for $.99/yd that I can cut apart. It's just a single row of sequins strung together like a chain with some heavy grey thread. The lady who cut it for me asked what I planned to do with it and I replied, "well, since no one seems to sell loose flat sequins, I had to be resourceful."

I'll also admit to spending some time on the trim aisle while at Joann's with the thought that there could possibly be a beaded trim I could use instead and give up on the embroidery for now. But I'm not a quitter! (i.e. I didn't find anything.)

Need to go run so I can get to all that cutting today.
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Just finished the Angel gown mockup. I only went through one revision of the overgown sleeves (needed to be wider than I originally thought). It really wasn't that bad with the petal wrap sleeve instructions on Alley Cat Scratch. I set in the sleeve and tried everything on and it looks good, though not nearly as drapey as the stretch knit is going to be. So, I'm having to imagine out the creases in some spots, but I think it's going to work well. I didn't even stay up all night to finish it (though I'm immediately going to bed after this). I feel like I'm back on track again, though still very much in crunch time.

Tomorrow, I cut the final out and get back on that embroidery. Still need to measure and see how much I need. I've got just 10 days until I leave for ALEP. EEEK! Was feeling good with all the progress I've made in the past three days until I looked at the calendar tonight to hammer out a costume to-do list. I may very well be sewing right up until I leave on Thursday.

After having cut down the center back line on these two mockups to insert seams/zippers and seeing all the fitting issues that ensued, I'm thinking about inserting the invisible zipper I wanted to put in my Blood Red overgown in the side seam instead. I think that will be much faster and will serve the purpose I need (easier to put on over the huge sleeves of the undergown). I'm going to skip the zipper on the Dream gown for now, since it fits over my head fairly easily. That will save some time. Still have lots of hemming to do on both of these gowns and had even discovered that one of the panels on the Dream gown is just safety pinned together. I've even worn it that way and didn't realize it. D'oh!

Pulled out my wrap shirt I was working on over a year ago. All it needs is the trim sewn on and a few snaps to close it and it's done. Thinking about finishing it up to take with me, since it looks quite elvish, but I'm not sure what I'd wear it with. Also, the hem on it is kind of atrocious. I was attempting to lengthen it for my long torso, but the hem is very curved and I didn't have my design curve then. That's one tool that's been a life saver! Anyway, it came out quite fluttery (not nice clean lines like I wanted) and still a bit too short. Maybe I'll just hang it back in the closet for another time.

Think I'll take my green corset and a couple of skirts and my chemise blouse for just a general hobbity/peasant outfit.

If I can get my paypal account problems worked out (it's locked right now, they suspected a third party accessed it so I've got some hoops to jump through to unlock it), I'm going to go ahead and get an Evenstar and I think I'm going to get one of those 40" wavy, dark brown wigs I've been eyeing for a while. I'm just not entirely happy with the wig I've got. If the codes I need don't come in the mail tomorrow, I might just use Chris' account.

My new copy of the Alan Lee illustrated Two Towers arrived yesterday. But I'm in so much crunch time on costumes that I really think I'm just going to give up on trying to reread The Lord of the Rings before ALEP. I got through Fellowship. Stupid booksellers. I would have finished this if the first copy I ordered hadn't gotten lost in the mail (supposedly).
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I busted ass today. Or maybe things just went right. I got the overgown all sewn together and fit. I've just got the overgown sleeves left to do on the mockup and I can start on the final. I really only had about 3 hours today too, so I'm immensely happy with the progress I was able to make. I must say, fitting the back seam on the overgown was a lot easier than it was on the undergown. I only went through two revisions (learned to trust my measurements and pins a little more perhaps). Plus I didn't have the zipper to contend with so I didn't have to make every alteration twice for each side of the zipper. I still need to cut both dresses to the right length and shape the bottom hem of the overgown to be a nice curve (not knowing how long I wanted it, I just cut the pieces at straight angles to start with). The neckline of the overgown is not as wide as I anticipated, but that's a good thing for the muslin. Once it's done in the stretch knit, I think it will be right. And if it's too much, well, that's what twill tape is for. Oh yeah, and I've got to cut the angles for the split in the front too. So, I've got a little more to do than I thought.

Tomorrow I hope to tackle the overgown sleeves. I think the way I'm going to do those is make a mockup of the sleeve to the elbow to get the wrap figured out (I've already got an elbow length sleeve cut in muslin from this pattern to start with). Then I figure I can add the drapey length for the rest of the sleeve easier. Who knows, maybe that will go quickly as well and I'll be back on track and able to start cutting out the final gown. I'm guessing it's going to take a full day to do all the cutting. This is basically three full dresses.

I really need to get going on the embroidery again, too. I've been feeling panicky and sewing at nights when I was was normally embroidering. I guess now that the overgown mockup is mostly done, I know how much trim I need. That's certainly helpful. I still need sequins for it. Oh, and a white invisible zipper for the lining layer.
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Got the cap sleeve cut, fit and set in yesterday. I kind of half tried on the undergown and sleeve itself fit (didn't zip it up). Started working on the overgown and got half of it sewn together but no fitting done yet. Visit from the inlaws this morning kind of threw off my original plan to get up and run and spend the rest of the day sewing. I think I'll spend the rest of the day sewing, then run this evening. Yesterday's progress let some of the anxiety subside. I still won't feel good until the mockup is done and I'm well on my way to having this thing put together.

Chris is uber busy today. Woke up at 7am and bottled a bunch of beers for the last competition deadline of the year. Right now he's out trying to get the pressure washer he rented from Home Depot to work. He's got a brew club meeting from 2-4pm. I'm pretty much on my own until then.
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So, the night before last, I finally finished the final fitting to that pesky zipper seam in the undergown. Last night, I reworked the sleeve for the undergown to make it more fitted in the bicep (to hopefully reduce bulkiness under the overgown sleeves). I set that in and tried on the dress with one sleeve and all is looking well. The sleeve pulls the neckline a little wider, which is what I wanted. Today, I'm hoping to get the short little cap sleeve for the lining dress cut out, fit and set in and start working on the fit for the overgown. If I can finish all but the overgown sleeve today (which I think is going to be tricky with that wrap and the fact that it's so long), I'll be happy. Then I can spend all of tomorrow working on that sleeve (which I think it will take at least an entire day and possibly several revisions). Then perhaps, just perhaps, I could actually cut out the final gown on Sunday. I'm really hoping that since I've been so painstaking with the fit on the muslin that the final gown will go very quickly with few if any adjustments to be made. This has been a problem in the past. I get tired of fussing with the muslin and just think, "it's close enough, I'll fix it on the final" and then spend twice as long messing with the final.

I'm starting to get into crunch time here. Just two weekends left before ALEP. Doubts of finishing are starting to keep me up at night. I've got things to do on the other costumes I'm taking, too. Hems on several things, a zipper to put in the Blood Red overgown, and I'd like to adjust the neckline on the Blood Red undergown (I think I set it too far down on the sleeves). Plus I've got trims to handsew on the Blood Red gown. Not to mention embroidery still to do for the Angel gown and all that beading for the edges (which actually I think will go quickly if I can do it how I'm thinking).

I might need to stay away from the computer for the next couple of weeks.
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Yes, those of us who didn't go to Dragon*Con this weekend were forced to entertain ourselves. I had every intention of making great strides on my Angel gown mockup this weekend, but my health had other plans, it seems. I did manage to get a bit done on Saturday, at least. I've got hopefully just one more revision to the fit of the seam at the back zipper and then I can move on to sleeves. I had a realization on the sleeves over the weekend though. The undergown sleeves need to be fitted more at the upper arm. Otherwise, I think the overgown sleeves would look a little bunchy and not lay so flat and smooth over the arm. So, the sleeve pattern I already had cut out and sewn and ready to be set in needs to be altered. Oh well, at least I'm just taking it in, so hopefully I won't have to cut yet another one.

Unfortunately, Sunday and Monday were spent either trying to get the house clean (and despite my efforts it somehow still looks like a mess, I think I give up on cleaning while Chris is home) or recovering from too little sleep from a late night/early morning in the ER. I'm making it my goal for the rest of the month to do at least some sewing everyday until ALEP. I think that's the only way I'm going to get everything done. Of course, Chris is talking about driving to Memphis this weekend to drop off entries for a homebrewing competition, but we'll see. He might just wind up shipping them.

I need to make a run out today to pick up a few things at Joann's (white invisible zipper, more silver DMC floss and silver sequins). I also need to decide if I'm going to mess with dyeing the shantung I have to make bias tape or just use white and trust it's not going to show anyway (this is just for inside seams, I would hem the neckline instead of using bias there). I'm just not really eager to spend $5 shipping on a $4 jar of silver dye from Dharma right now. If I needed other stuff that would make the shipping worth it, I totally would, but I'm just having trouble rationalizing it.
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I got a little further last night, making some alterations in the zipper seam. I still have a few to make and some adjustments to make to the side seams now that I've added a zipper seam. Overall, I'd say it's going really well right now. I think once I get this next round of alterations made, I can move on to the sleeves, which hopefully won't be too much of a headache.

This mockup is starting to look like it's going to be invaluable for any other LOTR gowns I want to do. I'm totally going to ditch the princess seamed undergown pattern I had before. What I'm working on now would make a great pattern for that, as well as a great pattern for either Galadriel gown. All I need to do is re-cut from the original pattern to get a v-neck for either the Mourning gown or Eowyn's White Wool gown. Tons of possibilities in this simple pattern!

Also, the other day, while Jonah was still sleeping and I couldn't sew (or I'd wake him up), I spent a little time making screen caps of both the Angel gown and Rosie Cotton's Blue Party Dress. I'm not going to try to make the latter in time for ALEP (I'll be doing good to get the Angel gown done), but after studying it, I'm smitten with it now and want to make it. Maybe after Lamia and perhaps in time for Ren Fest next year (would be nice to wear when it's warm, I'd think).


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