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First, I want to say that, although I didn't go back and reply to all the comments on my step-mom, I really appreciate everyone's sentiments and well wishes and thoughts and prayers on the matter! It really touched me that people thanked me for the update, showing that our family are not the only ones thinking about it. So thank you guys so much for caring! The procedure is really fascinating and medical science just amazes me. They don't understand what the stem cells are doing or how they do it, but they just know it works at this point and that's sort of amazing in itself.

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So, some huge things are now behind me and wow were they ever worth the effort! As I stare down the typically busy holiday season, it seems tame by comparison. Since I just updated my grandmother with an email rundown of what we've been up to since Labor Day, I'll just kind of edit what I sent here to come up to speed.

The Music City Brew-Off local homebrewer's competition and all the events surrounding it.
Germantown Oktoberfest Street Festival.
A birthday party for twins who are in Jonah's class at school, followed by a classic car show in the Cool Springs Galleria parking lot (complete with a 60s Batmobile! I have a pic.) followed by a trip out to the pumpkin farm in Franklin, TN (all in the same day).
Halloween weekend with two sets of house guests (mother-in-law came up Friday to spend the night and go to Jonah's last soccer game Saturday morning, then Steffany and her daughter Lilly came up on Sunday to join us for our trick-or-treating/cul-de-sac party fun).
Soccer games almost every Saturday in September and October.
Sewing for Brandy's Wedding (alterations to her dress, from scratch bolero and my bridesmaid dress).

Awesome, though short, visit from Ron, Janine and Amber after they finished the Ragnar Relay race from Chattanooga to Nashville (195.5 miles run by their team of 12 runners in 31.5 hours). We fed them Judge Beans BBQ for dinner, provided hot showers and warm beds and have apparently earned their love as a result. They're so easy. ;) Was great to see you guys and you're welcome here anytime!
The day after they left, we left for St. Joseph's Peninsula in Florida, or more specifically Cape San Blas. Instead of camping in the State Park this time, we got a place in a fourplex. It was comically decorated. Seriously a blast from the past and felt like visiting grandma's house on the beach. It even smelled of old. But the views and beach access could not be beat and we had the entire building to ourselves since this is so off the season. The water was too cold to swim, though Jonah tried (and I had to treat mild hypothermia in him twice). But we built lots of sand castles and Chris and I even took a couple of runs on the beach. Wednesday night, our last night there, we dragged all our firewood out onto the beach and had a fantastic fire under the stars. That's not something you can do in the state park, or probably during peak season either, because of the nesting sea turtles. We headed back Thursday and arrived home at about 7pm.
Friday we turned around and headed down to Huntsville for Brandy's wedding and were embarrassingly late, missing the rehearsal and just having to wait for them at PF Chang's for dinner. True to form, I was sewing on her dress/jacket right up until the last possible moment and there are still some things I would have liked to have done to it. But it was wearable and in the dim lighting of the evening wedding, it is likely only I could tell there were missing details. My bridesmaid dress was finished except for the trim, but honestly the dress in itself is flashy enough it didn't need it. Silk velvet FTW! I loved wearing it and though nearly everyone else changed out of their dress clothes at some point, I stuck it out until I climbed into bed at about 3am. I got several compliments, including a "your ass looks awesome in that dress" from a gay man (ah, Micah, how I love him). I take that one to heart perhaps more than all the rest. ;) I also got a lot of compliments on my work on Brandy's stuff and several people asked me if I had a website/do this for a living/would do this for a living/would make them an entire wardrobe/etc. My short answer to all of the above was a very flat, though polite, "no", followed by a short explanation that this was my first project for anyone besides myself and that I still don't feel comfortable enough in my skills to charge for it, etc. Bottom line, I'm selfish with this hobby and if I was sewing for everyone else, I wouldn't have time to chip away at the every expanding list of things I want to do for myself.

Yesterday, I decided to start with a clean slate: not trying to pick up where I left off before I severed social ties to get various things done in real life, not trying to catch up from the past several months of hit and miss connections, just starting over. I managed to get a couple of major things off my to-do list yesterday, then proceeded to clean up the entire downstairs, short of doing floors. The house looks normal again, like it did before the living and dining rooms became backstage at Project Runway.

This weekend, we host a bunch of homebrewers who will come and turn my driveway and garage into a microbrewery... if they can get the dark Belgian candy syrup they need in time for the brew.

Next week is Thanksgiving. This year, I'm thankful that we're not hosting. My brother-in-law's girlfriend piped up that they'd like to host this year and I gladly replied with an "awesome, what can I bring!"

The weekend after that is Jonah's 4th birthday. We are thankfully not hosting that either, for once and instead are paying to have it at a nearby indoor play place called The Monkey's Treehouse. All I have to do is get drinks, ice and make a cake. DONE!

Then we have two weeks with no plans (yet) before Christmas. I've known since August that the rest of this year was going to look like this, but I had no idea it would drive me just a little bit insane like it has. Meh, what's slightly more insane on top of batshit crazy?

In other big major news, Chris started a new job yesterday. He's doing the same work he did at Vanderbilt for an insurance company. So amidst all of this, there's been that going on in the background and it's been a rather stressful transition for him (and to a lesser extent, me).

Jonah is fabulous... mostly. The potty training is pretty much the same as it's always been, on again/off again. I can't really say anything that I haven't already said on that. He wants to do another season of soccer, so we're going to sign him up for the spring.


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