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As everyone else, I've been annoyed at LJ's reliability fail lately as they're assaulted daily by DDoS attacks from Russian hackers who are supposedly targeting a handful of specific Russian bloggers who routinely speak out against corruption... in Russia. I ultimately feel petty for getting annoyed, given the alleged reason for the outages. It's kind of crazy to imagine that in another part of the world, LJ is a serious and respected blogging platform. Whereas here, I get joked on by Chris all the time in the form of snarky, sarcastic comments like "LJ still exists?" and "I thought that died" and "people still use that?" I have to jokingly correct him that, no, it's MySpace that didn't make the cut when people flocked to Facebook and Twitter. I have to admit, even I'm surprised when I find an author or an established blogger or Jackson Publick (Venture Brothers) or Dmitri Medvedev has set up shop in our little lemonade stand of a blogosphere. I've come to associate it with my flist and not with a wider, more globally respected userbase.

That's what keeps me at LJ. I have friends and connections established. I'm the maintainer of a couple of communities (mostly by default, results of spam complaints), but I don't really participate in the groups much anymore. It's more about the small group of people that I've been talking to since 2003 and the additions I've made to that list over time as I've met people and discovered they had accounts. I have seen my flist activity die down considerably over the years as most people seem to have neither the capacity nor desire to maintain multiple social networking platforms. They've disappeared into the abyss of Facebook where I simply will not follow (yes, I'm over there, but apart from having Twitter update my status and responding to comments for which I get email notifications, I can only be relied on to check FB in the event of severe boredom).

But again, I am not immune to the frustrating side effects of political strife in Russia... which is a sentence I never imagined I'd type. Like so many others, my iritation coupled with fear of losing the past 7.5-8 years of my inane drivel have lead me to set up an account at Dreamwidth to act as sort of a backup of my journal as well as a reliable platform on which I can post. I've set it up to crosspost all my entries to LJ, so, for most of you, this means nothing changes. In fact, this entry (assuming it works) is a crosspost. You can comment at LJ, log in with OpenId at Dreamwidth, whatever. I don't care. I'll get notifications on both sites and will still be reading my flist on LJ (assuming it loads).

On a related note, I've revisited my LJ setup a bit as I'm trying to decide what to do with the Dreamwidth account. I'm spread so thin already with social networking that it no longer makes sense for me to keep a separate costuming journal. Originally, it was because all the communities I joined were overwhelming for one account (and because I just like to compartmentalize). But now I no longer read my flist over there at all, so I don't see the need for both anymore. The only problem is, LJ does not offer a content importer like Dreamwidth. Therefore, I can not merge my entries from my costuming journal with my general one for the time being. I am merging them at Dreamwidth, however. So, following me at mellymell there will get you both journals from now on. Consider mellymel_cos on LJ to be strictly an archive from here on out. Who knows, if LJ lands on their feet after this mess, I might pay for an account again.

So, to recap:
1) LJ sucks because of Russian hackers... or something of that nature.
2) I feel the need to back up the last 7.5-8 years of my pointless ramblings because [reasons]. Therefore, I can now be found at Dreamwidth under mellymell, though my entries will be crossposted to LJ.
3) This changes virtually nothing for pretty much everyone but me.
4) If you followed me at mellymel_cos on LJ, consider it dead (a note to that effect will be made there as well).
5) If you didn't follow mellymel_cos on LJ, prepare to see a lot more costuming content here. Current topic: crossdressing elves.
6) The president of Russia is on LJ. o_O
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